10 Things Only a True Lover Can Feel

10 Things Only a True Lover Can Feel 1

Lovers are everywhere, but how do you know yours is true love?

If you’re in love, you might find yourself thinking of your partner again and again – and your life often becomes an interesting story for your peer groups. Love is a spicy mix of being childish together, making love, misunderstanding each other, and even being possessive. True love is not a tea that becomes cold and tasteless; it’s a wine that tastes better with time. So are you in true love? Let’s find out!


1. Her Smile Matters – If you see your partner happy, it brings a smile to your face.


2. Seeing her crying is painful –  Tears down her cheeks make you feel bad, terrible.


3. She is Your Best Friend – You feel that there’s no better friend in the world – spending time is easy and gossiping with her makes minutes turn into hours. Most couples share every secret. L7

4. You can become Over Possessive at Times- While not a good trait, you can act over-possessive and get easily jealous if she talks to someone else. Don’t be; if she loves you, and you’re able to woo her, she will be with you.



5. Understanding Her – With time, you’ll be able to understand her more and know what’s wrong, even when there is nothing told. It’s these untold moments that you will cherish.



6. Your hearts beat as one – As cliched as this might sound, even scientifically, it has been proved that when together, your heartbeats match at least roughly. Therefore, both your emotions are also similar in nature, and together, you create a state where you see the world through rose-colored glasses!



7. Caring for Her – When you’re in love, it is almost as if you come into possession of a seventh sense. You can immediately feel when your partner is weak or not well, and stress creeps inside you, which makes you wish all their misfortunes upon yourself. This is because, in true love, roles keep changing. Sometimes, you have to take care of her; at other times, she will become your pillar of strength.


8. Wanting to lay all the world’s treasure at her feet – Reminds you of sappy, exaggerated movies claiming they will bring down the moon from the skies? Well, that’s what love is about! The moment your partner wants something, you will feel an urgency to give it to them, and suddenly this will become your top priority. This will also make you feel important.


9. Sharing life events with your partner –  No matter where you are, whether you miss anyone else or not, you will miss your partner. Be it a vacation or a boring meeting, and you will want your partner by your side, knowing that it would be way more fun and supportive if they were there!


10. Her gifts make you break into a smile – It may seem crazy for others, but when she surprises you with the smallest of gifts, it means more than anything in the world to you, and your face breaks into a smile. Her mere presence is the solution to your stress. No one else can do what she does for you.  Her lap for you is just like your chest for her.


Although full of challenges and a roller coaster ride, love is a beautiful feeling that is worth it. It is worth the time, the commitment, and sometimes it is also worth the pain. When water, with the long continuous flow, can break rocks, why can’t we face the challenges and overcome them? True love is not something that you feel at just one moment, rather it is a collection of them loving your partner, and a true love story has no perfect ending because lovers are to live happily ever after!

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