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10 Recent Malayalam Movies That Are Worth Your Time

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Mollywood, aka Malayalam movie industry, is small but is a content and a rich movie industry. For decades, it has churned out some of the best movies India has ever seen. Many of which are also being remade in other languages too. What differentiates this industry from others is that it has got a very intelligent set of audiences who cannot be impressed either by blowing up Scorpios; yes, that’s a Rohit Shetty reference and a reference of item dances.

The audience doesn’t hit the theaters to see six-pack body of the superstars (most of them don’t have any, although they do have unmatched acting skills. Check out some of the movies of  Mohanlal and Mammotty. Those guys are born to put a dent in the universe ), or the beauty of their actresses. The audience is here for the love of cinema itself.

So that makes a really tough job for the filmmakers and writers to come up with fresh content and filming styles to keep up with them. Even a mediocre but sparingly well-made movie fails to gather an audience.

So let me introduce you to some of the most recent movies from the past 5 years that had impressed the audience with their sheer quality.

10.Traffic ( 2011) 

Genre: Thriller


In an era where filmmakers and actors stick to safe and proven formulas for their success, Rajesh Pillai’s ” TRAFFIC” was an experiment, and it was a successful one. Traffic narrated a well-crafted story by binding several storylines, with some top-notch editing. The director”s realistic approach to the subject and its ensemble cast made it into one of the best movies of 2011. But the real heroes of the movie were its scriptwriters BOBBY AND SANJAY. They wrote an intricate but nail-biting screen story.

9.Munnariyippu (2014)

Genre: Thriller, drama


If you want to see one of the greatest actors of India in his very best form, then you better watch this one. Munnariyippu (warning), as the title suggests, is one of the most bizarre psychological thrillers ever made in Malayalam. It narrates the story of C.K Raghavan, a prisoner with vaguely different views about the world. This movie is by far one of the most well-crafted, meticulously written movies, which will creep you out when you reach its climax. This one is not for the faint-hearted filmgoers. There is some serious stuff happening here. I mean some really serious stuff !!

8.Amen ( 2013) 

Genre: Comedy, romance

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It’s very hard to make someone laugh, but you will die laughing if you do watch this one. Amen is a very odd and ridiculously funny film that is made out of the same molds of Charlie Chaplin movies. Set in a vintage era and driven by some of the inane characters, Amen narrates a simple story of two lovers whose fate is being decided by the outcome of a music band competition. What ticks the movie is its ability to come up with comic scenes in the most unexpected situations. Amen is also one of the most visually stunning movies of recent times. Watch this one for the laughs!!

7.Mumbai Police (2013) 

Genre: Thriller


Have you ever seen a suspense thriller that challenges you to guess the antagonist ?? Mumbai Police is one of those movies that surely will blow you away with its one dynamite of a climax that will make your jaw drop. The story leads us through the life of ACP Antony Moses, an officer who is investigating his colleague’s murder case.

The real kick starts when Moses reaches the climax of his investigation. Prithviraj, who masterfully plays the role of ACP Moses, is the real deal of the movie. His performance really gets under the skin of the audience. Watch this and start guessing the antagonist. This movie will outsmart you in every way !!

 6.Ee Adutha Kaalathu (2012) 

Genre: Comedy, drama


Ee adutha kaalathu( in recent times) is a novel approach to tie in various elements that floated around society. It captures the very different lives of various residents living in one city. Movie skims cliches, offers a new and genuine perspective to the audience. Soulfully made with some great actors, this movie is a must-watch for all movie buffs.


5.Ayalum Njanum Thammil (2012) 

Genre: Drama

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Lal Jose is a very seasoned director who has a very keen eye for his scripts. He knows what its flaws are and what are its weakness & where his skilled narration of the story is required. So when he gets a finely tuned script, he really compresses it to make it into a diamond of a movie, and ayalum njanum thammil is a fine example of that. The movie tells the story of Dr. Ravi Tharagan, his past, and present-day situations, and the crisis that makes him a better person. It’s a feel-good film with an emotional drive that connects with the audience well.

4. Ustad Hotel (2012)

Genre: Drama, comedy


A mouth-watering piece of the movie portrays the bonding between a grandfather and his grandson, who are both passionate about food. Ustad Hotel was one of the best movies of 2012, which captured the very essence of storytelling through some great performances from star child Dulquar Salman and veteran actor Thillagan. Anjali Menon and the director Anwar Rasheed took Malayalam cinema to new heights and became one of the industry’s highest grosser’s of the industry. Must watch for all foodies out there!

3.Bangalore Days (2014)

Genre: Drama

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Another Anjali Menon, Anwar Rasheed combination that created magic in the box office. Bangalore Days was a fun ride with an ensemble cast of many young actors like Nivin Pauly, Dulquar Salman, Fahad Fasil, to mention a few. The movie captured the joyful life of a bunch of cousins during their stay in Bangalore. It also made a statement that our young generation is very mature in their own ways. Watch this one for the love of the city!

2.Premam (2015) 

Genre: Comedy, romance

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Ever seen a movie and felt immensely connected with its content? Ever had that feeling while watching a movie when you suddenly feel, “oh man ..that”s me ..it’s my story ??”. PREMAM (love) is one of that movie which we all could relate to. Written and directed by Alphonse Puthren, this movie surfed on a strong technical platform: music, cinematography, editing, sound, or design. Everything was ultra perfect, and the story was universal.

This movie is entertainment par excellence!


Genre: Drama, thriller

download (1)


When Drishyam’s first look and teasers were released, the audience believed it was just another family drama. Even the director and the actors said Drishyam is just a family film. When the industry was cluttered and fed up with many family dramas releasing every week, the movie was also judged by the audience before its release.

They thought their beliefs were true when they saw the first half of the movie too. But things got a bit interesting after that; well, things got a lot interesting after that… the second half of the movie blew the audience away with its smart narrative and cutthroat execution.

Drishyam took its audience for a roller coaster ride, and the climax was HITCHCOCK”IAN. Never in a million years would the audience be surprised by the sheer cleverness of the movie. What worked was the fact that director JEETHU JOSEPH and MOHANLAL laced a family soap with a high-concept idea that could somewhat meet the standards of David Fincher Films.

The audience was left spellbound when they came out of theaters and went for re-watches with their families.

Thrillers never get better than this …!



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