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Spice Up Your Living Space With Accent Furniture

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Just like how your accent represents who you are, it is your furniture that adds a unique personality to your home. The word “accent” refers to the emphasis you give to certain syllables and words to make your speech more expressive and impressive. In the same way, accent furniture makes a style statement by standing out from its surroundings.

In addition to providing practical uses, these furnitures also make a room visually pleasing, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and clients. So, in place of an expensive painting or antique vase, your furniture itself will provide all the eye-candy you need.

Here are some fail-safe ways to choose and use accent furniture.accent


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “furniture” is probably tables and chairs. You can have a bright yellow dining table that stands out in the middle of regular chairs, or bright blue chairs among muted colours in your living room, or a cyan coffee table. The possibilities are endless, especially since you can simply paint the wooden part of furniture you already have.

The same concept of using bright, eye-catching colours can be used for bookshelves, sofas, coat racks, nightstands, and armchairs in reading nooks. Just make sure that only one of these items in the room stand out so that the effect will not be overwhelming. Decorative wall mirrors are a great option.


Another way of directing attention to one furniture among many is to make it huge. A giant china cabinet or large shelf that holds TV, portraits, bowl of fish, and potted plants should do the trick.

Or, you could have a cute little glass coffee table in the middle of the room. The same goes for small footstools or tiny shelves at distinct corners.

The idea is to make your accent furniture either much smaller or much larger than the rest of your furniture.


Choose something that’s of a different style than the rest of the house. A cozy armchair at the head of an array of sleek, futuristic sofas and chairs, an antique wooden cabinet among metal cabinets and shelves.

For this look, old or out-of-fashion items can be easily found at second-hand stores and at end-of-season sales. These will also give you great choices without burning a hole through your wallet.


Unusual, odd designs make great accent furniture. A crescent shaped coffee table instead of a tradition circular or rectangular one, egg-shaped chairs, a bookshelf in the shape of a cat’s head, a rug printed with the picture of a vertical tunnel. Let your imagination go wild or browse through online stores for ideas.


These can be furniture that can double as a curio, for example, a large hourglass with cushions on both sides that can be used as a footstool.

These can also be furniture used for multiple purposes, like foldable metal ladders being used as a shelf for potted plants, chairs that can be fitted together to form a table or bench, and large chests that double as low tables.

You can even get a good massage chair. Now that you know all about accent furniture, go make your home a one-of-a-kind work of art. Happy furnishing!


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