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Best Of Albuquerque: 11 Albuquerque Breweries You Should Never Miss

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Relish a sip of the infamous craft beer, from one of the best Albuquerque breweries, with a view of the picturesque Sandia Mountains. You can also groove to the live music on an open roof bar while you slowly sip a local favorite in the heart of the “pretty green” of Albuquerque’s Northern Valley.

The area is boastful of the best award-winning breweries in Albuquerque and numerous wineries dotted all across the area.

It is a unique motley of Mexican, Spanish, and Latin American culinary creations. Albuquerque provides an eatery and beverage experience, unlike any other city. Albuquerque’s regional wine and beer make the city extraordinary in its approach.

Whether you drop by for the grapes and bubbles, hops, and barley, Albuquerque garnishes local wineries and craft breweries perfectly fit for all sorts of bevies.

Local Brews

To douse the thirst for sipping onto some locally curated goodness, Albuquerque is the ideal destination to go exploring!

The coveted craft beer has snowballed over a small interval, earning such awards as Travelocity’sTop 10 brewery destinations‘ and ‘One of the Best Beer spots in America‘ accoladed by Beer and Brewing Magazine. Local brewers have received prestigious medals on different occasions such as the ‘Great American Beer Festival‘.

Dozens of brewing businesses are sprawled across the city. To hit several breweries in one go, all you need to do is stop by the crowded Brewery District, situated between I-25 and Edith on Candelaria.

Albuquerque Breweries
Image by Tembela Bohle / pexels copyright 2018

What Is A Craft Beer?

A Microbrewery, in other words, Craft Breweries is a type of brewery that offers minuscule amounts of beverages like beer, usually lesser than huge breweries or production houses, and is, more often than not, owned privately.

Such kinds of craft, also known as Albuquerque breweries, gain momentum based on dishing out new flavors, having unique techniques for brewing, and unmatched enthusiasm.

Here is a list of the 11 Best Award-winning Albuquerque Breweries 

Albuquerque Breweries
Image by Louis Hansel / Unsplash copyright 2019

1. Canteen Brewhouse 

This local brewery is a favorite among the numerous Albuquerque breweries dotted across the place. It has expanded from a smaller brewing company to one of the best awardee craft brewing businesses along with 2 taprooms.

After contending in the business for more than 2 decades, Canteen Brewhouse is boastful of a huge local following, in addition to both international and national awards.

2. Marble Brewery 

Having three branches in Albuquerque, Marble Brewery(MB) is a local brewery that has gained much fame. The business serves many Albuquerque specialties, like Red Ale, hoppy IPA, and Wildflower Wheat.

3. Steel Bender Brewyard 

Steel Bender Brewyard is a family-owned restaurant that has received various awards for both its food and its special beverages.

They serve food that is delicious along with a multitude of beverages like craft beers in a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

4. Red Door Brewing Company 

Red Door provides the best beer downtown. One of the best Albuquerque Breweries, it also has a peaceful atmosphere and is renowned for its cordial service. The location makes it the only brewery downtown to have a full bar.

They also serve craft beverages and branded drinks along with delicious food.

5. Rio Bravo Brewery 

The brewery is situated in a historic warehouse. Rio Bravo serves top-notch beers in addition to amazing food. The bar-style eatery makes up the perfect meeting spot for family, friends, and visitors alike. For longer than 40 years, the restaurant has been functioning and the brewers at Rio Bravo are experts in their respective fields.

6. Tractor Brewing 

This company has four outlets throughout the entire area of Albuquerque, Tractor Brewing is like a staple for the locals and the dishes are mouthwatering, to say the least. Food trucks visit every day, and you can get a whiff of their delicious menu if you chance by.

Albuquerque Breweries
Image by Gonzalo Remy / Unsplash copyright 2018

7. La Cumbre Brewing Company 

La Cumbre Brewing Company is renowned as one of the best Albuquerque Breweries in New Mexico. This beer place in Albuquerque, NM is a must-visit for your beer voyage! They offer a taste of both seasonal and perennial brews exclusively in their taproom, famous for its Saturday Live Music shows.

Food trucks stop by frequently, and you can grab a bite of the savory snack to enjoy your beer with. Games like foosball, Pool tables, and other indoor games are present in the taproom.

8. Nexus Brewery 

The place which harbors the perfect mixture of soul food and local brews is known as Nexus Brewery. Every day, the guests are graced with delicious beers, a score of which have been awarded titles such as “Best around the Area” and “World Beer Cup”.

Once you visit the place, you will surely taste some of the most appetizing meals one has ever tasted. The menu is loaded with items like Red Chile Barbeque, Chicken and Waffles, Pork Sandwich, New Orleans gumbo, Fish and Chips, and many more.

This brewery will surely satisfy the foodie in you to the fullest.

9. Kelly’s Brew Pub

Kelly’s Brew Pub is located on the bylane of the infamous Route 66 and is a popular brew hotspot. They serve their guests’ many delectable dishes such as wraps, sandwiches, salads, & pasta.

The varied selection of their House Beers makes a popular favorite with these menu items. Kelly’s Brew Pub also has several specials, offers, and happy hours, along with other live entertainment to brew a fun and lively experience for all of their guests.

Albuquerque Breweries
Image by Louis Hansel / Unsplash copyright 2019

10. Bosque Brewing Co.

Bosque Brewing came into being in Albuquerque in 2012. The company was christened after the scenic bosque of Albuquerque, a long stretch of beautiful cottonwood thicket by the banks of the Rio Grande.

The brewery has 2 outlets or locations, situated in Albuquerque. In Bernalillo, there is one location. There are three more locations placed in Las Cruces. Make sure to try their flagship Elephants on Parade, a sweet, tart ale, essenced with raspberry puree or sauce, or the Open Space Haze, a smoked-out and hazy IPA with lush and savory tropical notes.

Along with perennial staples, Bosque also gives forth a great selection of occasional or seasonal specials, though they might vary from taproom to taproom.

11. Santa Fe Brewing

Santa Fe Brewing is not an Albuquerque-based co. but there is a taproom present in the city. Renowned as one of the best breweries in Santa Fe, this brewery came into being in 1988 and proclaims itself to be the original craft brewery of New Mexico.

The brewery has locations in Eldorado and Santa Fe, this Brewing co. serves up finger-licking beverages even in Albuquerque. Their location in Albuquerque is present in Green Jeans Farmery, a building complex exhibiting original New Mexico retail shops and restaurants. You should keep an eye out for their specialty, Santa Fe Pale Ale, or their 7KIPA.

If you want to try something a tad bit stronger, try ordering their Killer Barley Wine – a Brit Based barley wine with an ABV of 10%.


If you are a die-hard fan of craft beer, New Mexico is your holy grail. Unwind and Relax with your favorite brew at several taprooms in Albuquerque, or you can carry a beer or two to celebrate with your family or loved ones.

Breweries in New Mexico are always experimenting with various techniques to offer you the best possible product, such as hard ciders seltzers and classic craft brews.

Make sure to check out the Breweries we have listed above. Let us know about your favorite breweries in the comments section.

Cheers To Life!

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