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15 Awesome African Beaches To Visit

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What makes African beaches stand out amidst all other beaches? Wondering which one out of a whole lot of options is perfect for making your vacation fun and memorable?

Explore our list of 15 Awesome African beaches to find out.

The second-largest continent on Earth, Africa, is famous for a plethora of things. From housing a variety of wildlife and the world’s hottest desert to being the origin of the world’s longest river, the country is also known for its enchanting and picturesque beaches.

15 Awesome African Beaches To Visit

1. Muizenberg Beach

African beaches

Surrounded by captivating scenery, Muizenberg Beach is situated along a curved coastline known as False Bay in South Africa. This beach for new surfers and children.

This beach is also known to be gentle, unlike other African beaches that are filled to the brim with waves suitable for extreme sports enthusiasts. This is possible due to the tough rocks that cause the waves to break or, more likely, tame them.

People have a great time at this beach, viewing the calm waters, walking on the white sand, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere around.

2. Clifton Beach


Clifton has an array of four beautiful beaches that are separated by granite boulders. The four beaches are known as the first, second, third, and fourth, which makes them easy to remember.

Each of the beaches is known for its soothing aura due to the absence of strong winds. Beautiful sunsets make the moments spent at the beach even more memorable. The beach is surrounded by some awesome cafes and restaurants with lawns that are apt to land for paragliders.

If you are looking for a calm environment, this beach is just the right place for you.

3. Buffalo Bay Beach

Buffalo bay beach

South Africa undoubtedly has some gorgeous beaches, and Buffalo Bay Beach is just one of them. This beach is popular for surfing, swimming, canoeing, sun-tanning, and a variety of other activities.

If you are lucky, you may spot whales between May and November and dolphins around the year. Buffalo Bay beach is one of the African beaches that a small number of people visit, which in itself is a plus for those looking for a peaceful atmosphere. Thrill-seekers usually stay away from such beaches.

Along the beach road, there are a plethora of shops, cafes, and restaurants to add to the fun.

4. Boulders Beach

Boulders beach

Also known as Boulders Bay, this beach is composed of inlets between granite boulders, which led to its name’s origination. The beach is just right for kids due to the soothing water temperature for swimming and its calm waves.

Boulders Beach is located near Cape Town and is a place loved by tourists because of its resident Penguins. This is one of the African beaches that is the best place to get close to the Penguins and view them talking in their ways, which is entertaining and educational.

5. Nungwi Beach


Nungwi Beach is known for its picturesque beauty and attractions. It belongs to a large fishing village of Nungwi with a lively atmosphere, restaurants, and bars.

It is one of the African beaches that stand untroubled by the severe high and low tides and is open for water activities all day long. Apart from the attractions, Nungwi beach houses a variety of fishes and tortoises.

One can witness the challenging and inspiring lives of fishers who regularly brave the waves, only to earn their living. Many visitors enjoy deep sea fishing, knowing there is a lot of variety to catch, like Tuna, Kingfish, and Dorado.

6. Watamu Beach


It is one of the must-visit beaches in the list of African Beaches. One can spot many magnificent reptile species. Apart from that, many other creatures like tortoises can be seen in the sea as well as on the land, which is a treat for the eyes.

Watamu Beach also offers plenty of other activities for tourists to have a memorable time. Out of them all, diving and snorkeling are the most preferred ones among the tourists. Another interesting fact about this beach is that Green Turtles breed here.

Among all the African Beaches, Watamu Beach is considered to be the third-best because of its silver sand and clear water. To know more about Watamu beach, Click here.

7. Sodwana Bay


Sodwana Bay is a recreational destination in South Africa, crowded by tourists in winter. It is preferred for its warm water, beautiful trees, amazing sunsets and undoubtedly its adventures. It is also an excellent place for tourists who love fishing.

The variety of fishes that can be spotted at Sodwana Bay include kingfish, sailfish, several species of game fish, and king mackerel. The area is also famous for whale watching and bottlenose dolphins that reside in the vicinity.

Among the African beaches, Sodwana Bay is the one that can give you the required escape from the hustle-bustle of city life.

8. Sharm El-Sheikh Beach

African beaches

If you love crystal-clear water, Sharm El-Sheikh Beach is the right place for you. The beach is located in Egypt and is also known for its calm atmosphere. The diving experience at Sharm El-Sheikh is much beyond memorable because of the marine life and coral reefs.

Apart from diving, there are many other thrilling water sports for adventure lovers, including boating, parasailing, windsurfing, and canoeing. Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the African beaches that is a must-visit if you are in Egypt and looking for some thrill.

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9. Diani Beach


Situated on Kenya’s Swahili Coast, it is one of the gorgeous African beaches covering 12 miles of area. It is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and is known for its luxury hotels. Above that, it is one of Kenya’s most likable destinations because of its parties, skydiving, and fishing.

Diani Beach is famous for kite surfing. It is known to be the best place for kite surfing on the entire continent. If kite surfing interests you, make sure to take a few lessons and get the advantage of the windy season at Diani beach. It is also advised to check the weather before booking your ticket to make the most of your trip.

10. Grand Baie Public Beach

African beaches

Grand Baie is a centrally located beach in Mauritius, East Africa. Though this beach is not as lush as other beaches, it has a lot to offer to its visitors. The beach is popular for its amazing food trucks. The visitors make sure to taste the mouth-watering seafood, fresh snacks fried before them, and the French-Indian Fusion.

Adventure lovers find the beach perfect to showcase their scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing skills, which are easily booked on the beach. If you wish to see the Mauritian culture, Grand Baie beach is just the right place for it.

11. Marsa Alam

Mars Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the African beaches you would surely want to explore. Beachgoers love it for its turquoise waters and the serene atmosphere. Marsa Alam houses colorful fish, beautiful sea turtles, and dugongs.

The beach is also famous for its captivating rock formations and is known as the country’s best scuba diving spot. The marine life at Marsa Alam is so visually appealing that it attracts a lot of tourists to the beach every year.

12. Tofo Beach


Located in Mozambique, Tofo beach lies on the coast of the Indian Ocean, attracting locals as well as tourists from all over the world. The beach is also a hotspot for international artists, who relish the sea life and the Tofo culture.

Apart from the variety of activities it offers, Tofo beach is known for its wildlife.

13. Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare

Belle Mare beach is located between Point De Flacq and Belle Mare, near Mahebourg town. The beach is surrounded by white sand, turquoise waters, and picturesque casuarina trees.

There are very few luxury villas and hotels around the beach as the area has not been developed. The beach offers several activities like horseback riding, diving, windsurfing, parasailing, and swimming. Nature lovers also admire Belle Mare beach for its scenic beauty.

14. Camps Bay

Camps Bay

Surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and bars on one side and sand, calm water, and palm trees on the other, Camps Bay beach a must-visit. Most of the beach-goers enjoy playing frisbee, volleyball while others sunbathe or take a stroll on the beach.

Amidst other African beaches, this beach in Cape Town is top-rated for its lively atmosphere.

15. Cap Skirring

Cap Skirring

Located in Casamance, Senegal, Cap Skirring is one of the most beautiful African Beaches. Its vegetation is unspoiled, which adds to the beauty. The tourism sector has not developed in the area, but taxis are available.

This is our list of some stunning African beaches. While you might not think of beaches when considering Africa for a vacation at first, you might want to rethink as Africa has some top beaches that you will fall in love with. Surrounded by nature, amazing restaurants, shops, and adventure, African beaches have lots to offer.

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