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10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach

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Fort Walton Beach, the glistening green paradise of Florida, contrasts with the deep blue sky above. The emerald waters skim over the white-marble of sand, painting a picture-perfect vacation.

The Emerald Coast of Okaloosa County is endowed with statuesque places and tons of riveting water adventures.

The Hidden Story of Past

Fort Walton Beach of Northwest Florida reserves an extraordinary history of its modification.

The Gulf of Mexico holds Fort Walton Beach’s beauty on the west of Choctawhatchee Bay between Pensacola and Panama City.

It all began in 1838 when John Anderson, the first colonist, received the plot and named it Anderson. From 1838 to 1884, the name Anderson ruled the map, and in 1911, it was identified as Camp Walton on the maps of Florida.

The Seminole Wars of the United States led to the fort’s discovery, and the ongoing American Civil War of 1861 brought an army to the fort. Since then, it was recognized as Camp Walton.

Col. George Walton titled Walton County due to his great influence in the north and west Florida politics.

Camp Walton was encircled by Indian Temple Mound and Santa Rosa Sound. The Walton Guards dug up the grounds of Indian Temple Mound to excavate the prehistoric remains and exhibited them at the camp.

Later on, John Thomas Brooks purchased Santa Rosa County’s property, and Fort Walton Beach replaced Camp Walton. In 1953, the city was officially established as Fort Walton Beach.

Over the years, this place flourished to be a paradise standing as the locals’ and tourists’ main attraction.

Museums: The Storage of Past

1. Air Force Armament Museum

Air Force Armament Museum of Fort Walton Beach fastest aircraft exhibited outside the museum
SR-71 Blackbird Aircraft

Arsenals of aviation warfare from World War II to the sophisticated armaments are conserved and exhibited respectfully in the Air Force Armament Museum. Eglin Air Force Base neighbors a unique museum in the world with intriguing mementos and artifacts.

The open field of the museum holds military aircraft ranging from average to the exceptional fastest aircraft. Bomblets, bombs, guns, and missiles are now part of this museum fascinating the visitors, along with the documentaries that flashbacks through history.

The museum has captured the Air Force’s journey from past to present, making it one of the best attractions to visit in Fort Walton Beach.

2. Indian Temple Mound Museum

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 1
Indian Temple Mound Museum

Indian Temple Mound is an extravagant trip to the history of Native Americans, European Explorers, local pirates, and early pioneers that captivates the tourists with its alluring collection of prehistoric ceramics and artifacts.

The local Mississippian Culture, the Pensacola culture, had taken the initiative to build the large platform mound in 850 CE.

3. Heritage Park and Cultural Center

Stroll through the Heritage Park and Cultural Center and get a closer look at the collection of historical buildings that wings Indian Temple Mound Museum along with the follows:

a.Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum

The schoolhouse opened for children in 1911, now features the educational equipment and desks of the early 20th century. Visit the school of our 20th-century ancestors and unravel the ancient amenities used by them in school.

b.Garnier Post Office Museum

Discover the postal history of Camp Walton and Fort Walton from 1900 to the 1950s. This small ruler post office served as a voting location and was opened in 1988.

c.Civil War Exhibits Building

The Civil War Exhibit Building established in 2010 stores the remains of the American Civil War. This historical museum provides true historical facts.

4. Emerald Coast Science Center

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 2
Emerald Coast Science Center

Fort Walton Beach brews with science, technology, art, math, and engineering at its unique Emerald Coast Science Center, which has ruled this coast for a while. It offers a great learning experience and enhances pupils’ knowledge who identifies the true mystery of knowledge.

Kids’ interest is always piped up with its brilliancy in robotics, physics, color, and light the Emerald Center has reserved. The exhibition of a variety of animals in one thrilling inquisitiveness.

Marvel the 10 Best Adventures of Fort Walton Beach

1. Okaloosa Island Pier

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 3
Okaloosa Island Pier

Previously known Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier stretches into the Gulf of Mexico and offers a stunning view of the glowing Emerald Coast and the astonishing sunrise and sunset.

Island Pier of Fort Walton Beach is well-known for its fishing- Black Tin Tuna, King Mackerel, and Cobia. All the fishing equipment is available on the pier.

The fantasy of standing over the sea comes true as you settle on the pier to see the diving, floating, and flying aquatic life.

2. Water Adventures

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 4

Endless water activities are continuously sailing at Destin, Fort Walton Beach. Make your dream come true by undertaking the favorite water sport adventures – parasailing, kiteboarding, surfing, jet-skiing, waterskiing, and paddleboarding. There are more water adventures than just this top list, which are never missed by the visitors.

The adventurous coast is always in for surging adrenaline water sports. Savor the panoramic view of aquatic life and highlight your vacation.

3. Golf Courses

Emerald beach gracefully surrounds multiple golf courses of Fort Walton Beach. The cool coast-side breeze and glowing beachy sky caress both mind and soul soothingly, refreshing the championship golf experience’s spirit.

Adequate year-round weather, vivacious putting greens, dense oak and pine trees scattered all around, and besieged white sand beaches turn out to be the best golf course destination.

Golfers with ranging skills seize the opportunity to experience challenging golf on the well-designed layout, water hazards, and bunkers.

The golf courses overlooking the panoramic landscape and sparkling emerald beaches are worth one play.

4. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 5
Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

Exhilarating, adventurous center, Wild Willy’s situated at Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach is a family-oriented destination. Kids, as well as adults, spend the day engrossed in the venturesome indoors and outdoors activities. The never-ending fun and recreation include:

  • Island Grand Prix Race Tracks
  • Bumper Wars Bumper Boats
  • The 4D Movie Experience
  • Redemption Arcade
  • The Tree Top Challenge
  • T-Rex Island adventure Golf
  • The Island of Tortuga Adventure Golf
  • Hatchling Haven Kiddie Golf
  • YogoMogo’s Creamy Cool Creations
  • Salvati’s Pizza Factory
  • Urban Assault Laser Tag
  • Ptero Jump

Have a wild-eventful day at Wild Willy’s.

5. Cattywampus Aquatic Adventures

Tread on the Cattywampus catamaran eco-cruise and escape from the coastline to the wonderful view and jubilant experiences on the emerald waters. The catamaran is in for loads of surprises with its boat tours, including

1.Dolphin and Snorkel Cruises:

The exciting cruise of 3 hours anchors on the Okaloosa Island beach giving the tourists a chance to step down the Neptune Staircase. Swim over the edge of the water or dive with a snorkel to see the area’s marine creatures.

2.Sunset Cruise

As you cruise through the evening, the rustling ocean, soft breeze, and sunset whisk you into a state of relaxation.

3.Fireworks Cruise:

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 6

To make the trip memorable, the cruise works in the evening to take the passengers to the land of fireworks.

6. Destiny Water Adventures:

The most incredible thing about Destiny water adventures is that it confers excellent water sport rentals. It has unlimited access to a wide spectrum of water-based activities like kayaks, mini-water parks, paddleboards, jet skis, and much more.

Pontoon boat rentals of Fort Walton Beach is a glorious opportunity to enjoy the day in the blazing sun with family and friends, and the jet ski rentals offer a thrill to be a water superhero of your dreams as you jet ski speedily through the sparkling waves.

A trip to the bewitching Crab Island is something you don’t want to miss, so grab onto your rental pontoon boats or jet skis and sail off to discover the island on your rentals.

7. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 7

Dive through the marine world and greet the lovely marine species that you have never encountered before. Gulfarium Marine of Fort Walton Beach preserves the species for educating and enlightening the marine wildlife guests.

Greet dolphins, turtles, reptiles, sea lions, penguins, gators, and more marine life.

Grasp the huge opportunity to close up with these species and develop an extraordinary friendship with them.

8. Fort Walton Beach Landing Park

10 Best Adventures at Fort Walton Beach 8
Fort Walton Park Landing

The Landing Park of downtown Fort Walton Beach is the best place to relax.

Let yourself loose as you stroll through Santa Rosa Sound and greet new people. Lay under the stars on Friday nights for movies and amazing concerts. Saturdays are reserved for farmer markets and crackling fireworks.

9. Fort Walton Beach Flea Market

Make a collection of unique items from the market stalls to remember the memorable trip to Fort Walton Beach.

The market brims with furniture, vintage toys, antiques, and more. The collection of ancient family heirlooms, resale products, and thrift store items are in abundance here.

The best vintage souvenirs collection is available for those who admire the extraordinary items of the past. The market is open 7 days a week.

10. Lisa Jackson Park

The picnic spot beside the beach is a perfect family day out area.

This park opposite the Gulf Island National Seashore has a pier for fishing and other water activities. If you are not swimming, a stroll around the beach and your pet are relaxing.

Land of vibrant green waters and white sand, along with its ancient sites and modern, thrilling adventures, are worth experiencing. The marine life and water sports of Fort Walton Beach makes you fall in love with the aquatic world.

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