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15 Interesting Useless Facts

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Nitisha Upadhye
Life is all about good food and siestas.

Bored and looking to learn something new? Did you know these interesting useless facts?

I don’t know why, but people simply cannot help glancing and browsing through facts even though they are very useless and absurd sometimes.

Once you get hooked to reading facts, it is kind of hard to let go of the habit. Plus, they can come handy to keep a conversation going or even impress people with some random knowledge.

Whatever the case, here are some interesting useless facts, some of which you just cannot unread (you will never be the same again).

1. Vikings used Makeup.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 1
Image Courtesy- Screenrant

Yes, you read that right. The strong, muscular warriors (both men and women) wore Makeup. They had a signature eye makeup just like Cleopatra.

If you watch the series ‘Vikings,’ then you must have noticed the warriors sporting that eyeliner. Well, it is a fact that they lined their eyes with kohl to protect their eye from sun glare. It might also be to intimidate the enemy.

2. You can Sneeze with your Eyes Open

15 Interesting Useless Facts 2

One of the things that you heard the kids at your school talking about was how your eyes would roll out if you keep them open while sneezing. But nobody dared to attempt it for fear of losing eyeballs.

The famous (and icky) legend, “if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyeballs will pop out,” is not entirely true. The muscles holding your eyeballs are stronger than given credit for. Our eyes shutting is just a reflex, an autonomic action.

You can sure try sneeze with your eyes open, but you will have to concentrate on keeping them open.

3. While Counting Numbers, your Lips will never once touch each other until you reach 1 million.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 3

Okay, this fact is definitely one of the most interesting useless facts which you just need not know but here it is, anyway. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, then give this a go. And you will find out that this is true.

4. A Librocubicularist is a Person who Reads in Bed.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 4

As if English does not already have enough words in it, here’s another one for you! If you have the habit of taking your books to bed and reading them there, then you are a librocubicularist. Finally, another fancy word to add to your vocab.

5. The World’s Oldest Chewing Gum is 10,000 years old.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 5
Image Courtesy- eatthis

Humans who settled in now what is Sweden chewed some sticky glob obtained from birch trees. This ancient chewing gum was discovered in a Mesolithic settlement and still has some traces of DNA.

6. The Nails of your Dominant Hand Tend to Grow Faster.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 6

This is simply because you use your dominant hand more, duh! Also, nails grow more rapidly in summer than any other season. The growth rate of our nails declines as we age.

7. The Directors of Despicable Me movies invented a new language, ‘Minionese,’ for the Minions.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 7

We all love the cute little yellow minions, and we can watch them anytime, anywhere. What makes them even more adorable are their funny voices and vague language.

The directors of these famous movies invented the Minionese with inspiration from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian languages combined with babyish pitch and lots of Bs and Ps.

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8. Spanish National Anthem has No Lyrics.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 8

Who says you got to have words in a national anthem? The Spanish national anthem dates back to 1761. Many lyrics have been written to fit the music. The last attempt was made in 2007, but it was scrapped due to public criticism.

San Marino, Bosnia, and Kosovan are three other countries that do not have lyrical national anthems.

This is indeed a good to know interesting useless facts.

9. The Cheesiest Pizza Ever was Layered with 154 Varieties of Cheese.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 9
Image Courtesy- Guinness world records

I will get Joey’s special on this one. Pizza lovers, get ready to visit Melbourne to tick this off your bucket list.

Johnny Di Francesco, the man who created this cheesy wonder, is a chef at 400 Gradi restaurant in Australia.

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10. The Tallest Burger ever was 16 feet tall.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 10
Image courtesy- ABC news

The owner of Mehilais Pesa restaurant in a small town in Finland created this tall hamburger, which towered 16 feet and weighed 220 pounds. They used all the local ingredients.

11. Teabags were Accidentally Invented.

interesting useless facts

This is one of those interesting, useless facts that you don’t need to know. In 1908, Thomas Sullivan, a tea merchant, sent out some samples in silk pouches. The customers thought that the bags were supposed to be dipped directly.

Sullivan later received complaints of tea not being delivered with the bags. And that’s how the idea of tea bags came up. He replaced the silk with gauze as silk is expensive.

The patent for teabags lies with Moralen and Lawson, the women who had come up with the idea in 1901 to avoid tea leaves floating around in the cup.

12. ‘Wendy’ was made up for Peter Pan. Before that, there was nobody named Wendy.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 11
Image courtesy- Pinterest

This seemingly popular name did not exist before 1904. The famous playwright J.M. Barrie came up with name Wendy for his character in Peter Pan. It was inspired by his little daughter, who called Barrie ‘Fwendy’, meaning friendly, which gradually became Wendy.

13. It’s Illegal to keep just one Guinea Pig as a Pet in Switzerland.

interesting useless facts

Under the Animal Rights Law 2008, it is illegal to own one guinea pig because they get lonely. Having a companion boosts their quality of life. It is considered as “cruelty” in Switzerland. The country provides social rights to other animals as well.

14. The World’s Most Expensive Lipstick Costs 14 Million Dollars.

15 Interesting Useless Facts 12
Image courtesy- Flickr

Yes, lipstick can cost you a staggering 14 million dollars. The H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick has a hefty price tag due to its casing made of diamonds! More than the lipstick itself, the cover steals the show. The buyer gets free refills for a lifetime. This is one of those absolutely interesting useless facts that might cost you your life savings.

15. The World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar was made in the UK

15 Interesting Useless Facts 13
Image Courtesy- Pinterest

The largest chocolate bar ever was made by the Thorntons Plc in Derbyshire, UK. It weighed 5792 kgs (12,770 lbs)

These were some of the interesting, useless facts which you did not need to know, but you went through the list anyway.

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Do comment if you know some more interesting useless facts in the comment section below.

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