Technology has taken up a huge part of our life today. Most of an average individual’s life means being on the internet. With apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, one is always online.

Social networking has become a very important and crucial part of everyday life. The internet controls our life so much that there are now applications and websites that help you find your “better half,” your “soulmate” or your one true love online! People are today fixing marriages on the internet and most definitely giving all our match-making aunties a run for their money!

Today, one can make dating profiles online. With apps like Tinder, TruelyMadly, Woo and Indian Cupid, people are making profiles on the internet. One’s profile usually contains their profile picture, a list of hobbies and interests, gender, age and what qualities they would like in their partner. Based on this information, the app finds matches for them and if both individuals “like” the match given to them, they can set up a date.


This practice is not only widespread in India but over the world. According to Professor Khalid Khan, who made a documentary about online love and also took it up as a study, there are certain things which make your profile desirable. He says that the best method of optimizing an online dating profile is that, “It is like the Yellow Pages effect in that the traders listed at the top of the alphabet receive more calls for their business than those at the bottom.’” He went on to say that,”in general women prefer men who demonstrate courageousness and the ability to take risks. They don’t particularly like submissiveness or kindness.” He advised everybody to be funny as it is always a plus point and to be active on their profile.

Now with all new websites coming up and a lack of people truly going out and meeting new people, will this trend just be a trend or is it going to stay? Many feel that this method of finding your partner on the internet is more ideal and will be around for a long time. The apps help you find somebody who is similar to you in terms of opinions, thoughts, and hobbies. This factor makes couples stay together longer and also makes the relationship strong.

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