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50 First Dates:15 Things To Learn From This Great Movie

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If you fall in love with a person and later discover how flawed they are, what would you do? Leave them or stay with them and make them believe in themselves and love them despite their flaws and imperfections?

The latter is what exactly happened in ‘50 first dates‘ (2004). It is an American Romantic Comedy film. Henry falls in love with Lucy on their first date without knowing much about her. Later, he comes to know that she had met with an accident, and due to that accident, she had a brain injury, and she fails to form new long-term memories. She forgets everything whenever she sleeps and starts the new day as if nothing happened the day before. Henry was really disturbed when he comes to know that. Instead of leaving her, he makes her fall in love with him every single day.

Here are 15 things we can really learn from the movie.

1) Sometimes, being sarcastic may help – 50 First Dates

When Henry tries to converse with Lucy the next day, unaware of what Lucy is going through, he uses sarcasm as his tool, and well, it worked.

2) Confess your love.


When Henry comes to know about Lucy, he confesses his love every day and makes her fall in love with him every single day.

3) If you love someone, don’t let them go.

Henry was really tired of trying, but he never gave up on Lucy. He found new ways to impress her. He won her heart and loved her so much. It warms my heart to see his immense, selfless love for Lucy.

4) Making someone laugh can be a turn-on.

Any girl would prefer to live with a guy who can make her smile even if she doesn’t want to. Henry made sure that he gave her many reasons to smile.

5) You would automatically become happy when you see the one you love.

Lucy’s father was tough, but he knows what is right for his daughter. He realized that his daughter is deeply in love with that one whom she forgets the next day but still manages to love him all over again.

6) If you have feelings for anyone, don’t friend zone them.


Hiding away your feelings for someone in your heart won’t help you. Confessing them is always the right decision. Although Lucy doesn’t have any idea that she shares a relationship with Henry, somewhere in her heart, she knows that she is in love.

Her brain might forget him every day, but somehow her heart never gave up on him.

7) Feelings are meant to be expressed.

Each day, Henry tries to tell her how much he loves her. He knew that she would forget everything the next day, but still, he never loses hope. So, express your feeling because you never know what tomorrow holds for you.

8) It’s all about fate.

It’s always easy to quote, ‘It’s all about fate,’ but fighting for your love is not as easy as it sounds. But Henry tried really hard to achieve Lucy’s heart.

9) At times, it is imperative to say I love you to your partner.

Saying ‘ I love you’ hundred times a day will not prove that you are in love with that person. Instead, saying ‘I love you’ with a deep love and intensity in your voice does the trick!

10) The first kiss is always special.

Kissing your partner is always special. Although it wasn’t the first kiss for Henry each time, for Lucy, she had her first kiss with Henry every day.

11) Your heart knows everything when your brain stops responding.

Lucy doesn’t remember everything that happened the previous day, and yet, she dreams of Henry.

12) A first last kiss will always keep the essence of love.


For Lucy, every day is just like a clean slate. She doesn’t know what relation she shares with Henry. For her, it is just a first kiss.

13) Support your partner in their bad and good times – 50 First Dates

When your partner is in a dilemma, all they need is consolation from the person they love, and they want to hear you say that ‘Everything will be okay. Henry found a way out. He prepares a video that describes Lucy’s past and supports her by saying, ‘Everything is going to be ok.’

14) When you are in love, you really don’t care for what is right and wrong.

Henry knew that Lucy is suffering from a chronic injury, and it might be possible that she won’t be stable ever again. Despite that, he chooses to be with her.

15) Every day is a new day – 50 First Dates


Every day has a new starting. Henry prepares videos for her and keeps them near her bed. This way, she would wake up, watch the video, witness their love, and be reminded of her man’s profound love for her. Awwwww!!

If you ever find a man like Henry, never let him go. NEVER.


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