Are you fascinated by the concept of a “spiritual warrior” and wondering how to become one yourself? Maybe even wondered, “How do I begin?” Well, look no further.

Being a spiritual warrior is not about having armour and swords. It’s an exploration inside yourself to fight off ignorance so that you can find your inner light.

Get ready with your pen for this exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let’s uncover these secrets in this blog.

1. How To Be Spiritual Warrior

1.1 Light The Candle That Is Your Awareness

Becoming a spiritual warrior starts with expanding your awareness; consider it an upgrade to your mental software. Take daily moments to engage in self-observation – delve into your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Create a mental spotlight, unveiling the corners where ignorance loves to hide.

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Actionable steps:

Maintain a Journal: Take a few minutes out of your day to jot down your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. This gives you something physical to look at when identifying patterns and areas that need growth.

Daily Reflection: Set aside a specific time for introspection throughout the day. Review entries in your journal, as well as reflect on choices made based on underlying beliefs.

Mindful Moments: Pause and focus on what’s happening throughout the day. Notice everything around you without judgment or emotion; this helps build continuous awareness.

1.2 Embrace Your Inner Braveheart

Courage becomes the wind beneath your wings as a spiritual warrior. In the words of Bruce Lee believes that life’s challenges are growth opportunities. Feel fear, acknowledge it, and march forward with determination. The discomfort encountered on this cosmic journey is the price of enlightenment.

Actionable steps

Mantra Adoption: Pick one affirmation or mantra that speaks to courage and resilience for you personally. Examples include “I am strong” or “I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.”

Daily Affirmation Practice: Schedule times during the day to repeat that mantra from earlier during moments of uncertainty or challenge; this will reinforce your inner bravery.

Visualization Techniques: Picture yourself facing challenges with courage. Visualization enhances your ability to embody the braveheart spirit in real-life situations.

1.3 Master The Dance Of Discipline

Discipline has nothing to do with external rules. It’s about cultivating self-restraint and making choices propelling spiritual growth. Opt for spiritual practices and Sadhana, intentional steps elevating consciousness. The discipline you’ll develop is an internal fire, driving you towards higher states of being.

Actionable steps

Create a Spiritual Routine: Develop a daily schedule that includes spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, or yoga. Consistency is vital in forging a disciplined approach.

Set Intentions: Alongside the previous step, begin each day with clear intentions for spiritual growth. Outline specific actions that align with your higher self, fostering a sense of purpose.

Accountability Partners: Share your spiritual goals with a friend or family member. Having someone to hold you accountable adds an external layer of discipline.

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1.4. The Relentless Pursuit of Cosmic Truth

To be a spiritual warrior is to relentlessly seek truth, a cosmic game of hide and seek where your ego hides the truth from you. You must find false beliefs, understand the mind’s tricks, and destroy the 1,000-headed dragon of self-importance. This way, you will always be one step ahead of ignorance.

Actionable steps:

Question Beliefs: Actively question your beliefs and assumptions. Challenge yourself to think differently to foster a mind open to cosmic truths.

Journaling Deep Dive: Use specific journaling sessions to explore and discover the deeper layers of your own beliefs. Find out why you believe what you believe.

Seek Diverse Perspectives: Engage in conversations with individuals who hold opposing beliefs. This exposure will broaden your understanding and uncover cosmic truths.

1.5 Craftiness 101: Be as Cunning as the Cosmos

Craftiness is about outsmarting your own mind when put into a cosmic context. The more aware and disciplined you become, the faster you’ll be able to pick up on stories that your mind creates. You need to be crafty with how you stop conditioned behaviour, instead consciously choosing actions aligned with the cosmos dance.

Actionable steps:

Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness will allow you to observe thoughts objectively. With this heightened awareness, patterns can be identified and redirected towards an intention aligned with the cosmos.

Thought Interception: When conditioned behaviour becomes apparent, use mindfulness to intercept it and replace it with actions that align with your journey.

Regular Thought Audits: Schedule reviews for recurring thought patterns and narratives. Each time one pops up, actively work on dismantling it until it no longer hinders progress.

1.6 Patience – Let the Cosmic Symphony Unfold

Patience is a much-needed companion on this journey through space and time. Understand that some things won’t happen on your timeline. Sometimes, you must be okay with that and wait, allowing the cosmic symphony to play out. Opportunities are only seized when the cosmic tide aligns, so pay attention while it unfolds and take action when necessary.

Actionable steps:

Mindful Waiting: Develop a mindfulness routine centred around waiting. This can be remaining in line or moments of anticipation. The goal is to use these moments to stay present and cultivate patience.

Breathing Exercises: Breathwork has been proven to calm the mind and help navigate life’s events more easily. Incorporate deep breathing exercises into your routine to develop a better sense of patience. Participating in a yoga and meditation retreat can provide a dedicated space to explore the transformative power of breathwork. Expert instructors guide you through various breathing techniques, helping you understand the profound connection between breath, patience, and emotional well-being.

Gratitude Pause: Thinking about what we’re grateful for shifts focus from impatience to appreciation. So whenever you find yourself waiting, take a second to appreciate something in your life.

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1.7 Sweetness: Not Just for Cupcakes

In the realm of the spiritual warrior, sweetness isn’t just about being nice all day long. It’s about consistently embodying kindness through word and action. Following the Dali Lama’s wisdom, compassion and tolerance are signs of strength, not weakness. Being sweet is truly a force that benefits everyone around you.

Actionable steps:

Kindness Calendar: Make a calendar that schedules acts of compassion throughout your week. With practice, it’ll become a habit for you to take action with sweetness.

Daily Compassion Reflection: Reflect on moments where you showed compassion each day. Acknowledge instances where your words or actions positively impacted others.

Empathy Exercises: Work on enhancing your empathy by putting yourself in others’ shoes more often than not.

1.8 Love – The Cosmic Elixir

The secret sauce to everything is love, but veils of anger, trauma, or suffering have left us unable to see how true this statement is. As a spiritual warrior, bring love into the darkness of ignorance to be transmuted into knowledge. Love is the ultimate power to transform.

Actionable steps:

Self-Love Rituals: Design daily rituals that allow you to express self-love. Examples include affirmations, taking care of yourself, or moments where you appreciate the person that you are.

Love Journal: Create a journal where you can write about the moments of love—both given and received—in your life. Reflect on how these moments transformed your energy.

Love Radiance Meditation: Include meditation in your practice where you visualize love radiating from your being, surrounding you, and then expanding to the world.

Embarking on the path of a spiritual warrior requires incorporating these principles into your daily life. It will be a journey of self-discovery and, with each step forward, a transformation. The actionable steps serve as cosmic weaponry for this radiant existence so that you may bring forth the light within.

2. Frequently Asked Questions for Late Bloomers

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2.1. Is it too late to start a spiritual journey later in life?

No. The spiritual journey is personal and timeless. People find profound meaning at any age. Start now or whenever the universe tells you to.

2.2. I feel overwhelmed by all of the teachings out there! Where do I start?

Start small! You don’t have to make total commitments just yet—start with some philosophy basics and gradually work your way up to what resonates with you at that moment in time. Also, consider seeking guidance from mentors or joining supportive communities.

Consider visiting a spiritual retreat or holiday to embark on this transformative journey. It’s an opportunity to delve deep into self-discovery and connect with your spiritual essence, fostering personal growth and inner peace.

2.3. Am I too old for enlightenment?

It’s never too late to start, but no one ever has achieved it either—at least not fully! Enlightenment is continuous growth regardless of when it began or when it ended!

2.4. How do I get rid of scepticism? Doubts??

Take it slow, dear friend! Approach spirituality slowly—you can question and explore it all at your own pace! Seek evidence within yourself first and then tip-toe into practices aligning with your beliefs.

2.5. Daily practices first before continuous growth!

The best essential advice is to implement small things such as gratitude journaling, meditation, or practising mindfulness. If you’re busy, take it a day at a time. If you’re not busy, great! Take it an hour at a time! That’s how easy continuous growth can be. You can also join a mindfulness retreat, which provides a dedicated space to delve deeper into these practices.

2.6. I don’t even know where to start in finding a community or mentor!

No worries, we gotcha! Look for local religious and spiritual centres or any community events. There’s always the internet, too. But only find mentors and teachers who share the same values as you.

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2.7. How do I keep myself motivated?

Take small wins and just be patient with yourself—so what if it took you 10 years to realize what you want? Surrounding yourself with people who share similar interests will help, too. You must also ensure that the things that make up your routine align with your evolving needs.

2.8. Any book recommendations?

Of course! Start with books that make spiritual concepts easy to understand—authors like Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, or Deepak Chopra are all good starts. But also don’t just stop there—explore!

Closing Thoughts

So, here’s your guide on how to become a spiritual warrior! Whether you want to follow it or teach others, remember you’re not alone.

The path to cosmic awareness awaits you. It will require discipline, but most importantly, love. You are the warrior bringing forth light from within in your beautiful and radiant dawn.

Do you have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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