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25 Surprising Facts about Waynesville Fall fest

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Natives, as well as tourists, should visit one of the intriguing festivals in the United States of America, Haywood County, North Carolina, named after the small town Waneysville, “Waynesville Fall fest,” there are various event and fun things to do in different parts of Waynesville with your friends and family.

Waynesville Fall Fest Getaway:-

Fall is the spooky-season with cozy vibes. The best way to enjoy your time during the fall is not limited to watching movies or reading novels. Step out and explore the various Waynesville Fall Fest activities.


Waynesville Fall Fest

The exact location of Waynesville is about 30 miles Southwest of Ashville between the Great Smoky and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Since the early 1800s, it’s been an ideal mountain retreat for visitors. Waynesville is the largest town in Haywood County.

The Folkmoot USA attracts people and entertainers across the world. Waynesville is the biggest town in Haywood county. The population is about 10,000 residents.

People mostly came here during the fall to escape city lights and to breathe cold and fresh air. You will find a bakery here for dogs as well. The majority of tourists flock here during the Waynesville Fall Fest.


All about Waneysville Fall Fest:-

  • The historic town Waynesville was founded in 1797 as part of the Northwest Territory; statehood was granted six-year before. Many early 19th-century downtown of the town are now housing residences, restaurants, and shops.
  • Apple harvest fest, which comes under Waynesville Fall Fest, had been named as ’10 best fall harvest festivals in the National’.
  • It is one of the fall favorite festivals of locals.
  • Waynesville town is occupied by various fall fest during October. Some of them are the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Hisey Fall Festival, Country Apple Fest, Lebanon Antiques Show, Iron Fruit Farms Corn Maze, and Spooktacular Fall Hayride.

25 Surprising facts about Waynesville Fall Fest:-

Waynesville Fall Fest

1) Ohio Sauerkraut Festival:-

Nowadays village bills itself as the antique capital of the Midwest and is well known for the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival.

2)Overwhelming audience-

During Waynesville Fall Fest, Sauerkraut is served up to 7 tons to masses more than 300,000 every year in mid-October.

3) German-cuisine in the Midwest-

This fest has the best German-influenced cuisine in the region during the Waynesville Fall Fest.

4)People came to Sauerkraut only to taste some food-

People don’t miss the chance to eat Ruebens, Kraut Dogs, and Cabbage rolls. While grubbing on your favorite food, walkthrough the festival streets and explore the arts and crafts section.

5) More than 450 artisans come from across the USA and Hawaii-

Ohio Sauerkraut Festival is one of the largest arts and crafts fairs in the country. Take a glance at the crafts during Waynesville Fall Fest.

6) One more annual festival, the Hisey Fall Festival-

Held in the southern part of Waynesville in October at Hisey Park. The Hisey Fest was first held in 2006 and was arranged by the Warren County Park District. A bonus for the friends of Warren County Park District is that they can enjoy free admissions and parking.

7) Hisey Fall Festival is a one-day event-

It is mostly held on Saturday in late October at Hisey park, which is located alongside the Little Miami River banks, 3 miles south of Waynesville and less than 25 miles southwest of Dayton.

8) You will find an imitation of Native American and Civil War camps-

The Hisey fall fest is suitable for families and filled with many activities to do, including live music and if you got hungry, just grab a bite from any food vendor in the area

 10) Contests for children and dogs-

There are plenty of other activities to do as well, like hayrides, a bonfire, car cruising, pumpkin decorating, a petting zoo, birds of prey demonstration, and contests for children and dogs.

 11)T0p five renaissance festivals in the region-

One of the top five renaissance festivals in the region, with full enclosure of history. Live the 16th century at the times of Queen Elizabeth with full enclosure of history. Live the 16th century at the times of Queen Elizabeth.

12) Don’t miss out on the turkey legs in the event-

13) Country Applefest-

Filled with lots of apples, this Southwest Waynesville Fall Fest is full of lots of hot apple cider drinks and apples.

14) Enjoy live concerts in autumn-

On the other hand, it’s home to many tremendous artisan’s work, and one can also enjoy live concerts in autumn.

15) Lebanon Antiques Show-

It’s been more than 60 years since the fall antique event has offered the Midwest’s finest antiques. Each year, the show demonstrates  50 plus antique holders and dealers.

16)Fall Farms Days at bonnybrook Farms-

Fall is the most anticipated season in the town. The best thing about this fall fest is that it is free. In crisp and cold weather, a family can take the crazy Corn Maze challenge; pumpkins are ready to get picked.

17) Another bustle in the Bonnybrook Farms-

includes a petting zoo, coloring contests, campfires, hayrides, pumpkins hunts, and a farmyard play area.

18) Hidden Valley Fruits Farms-

In mid of Warren County’s natural beauty sits Hidden Valley Fruits Farm. Every year in the fall, different themed events are organized for kids and parents.

19) Center of attraction is ‘Thriller’ caramel apple-

Besides, the Hidden Valley offers an ice-cream parlor, bakery, gift-shop and their center of attraction is ‘Thriller’ caramel apple, a 5-6 inch tart apple covered in caramel, topped with light chocolate and spattered with crushed peanuts

20) Irons Fruit Farms Corn Maze-

It is famous for the largest corn maze at Irons Fruit Farm. The Irons come-up with their unique theme and representations into more than 10 acres for visitors to have fun every fall.

21 Halloween pumpkin everywhere-

Waynesville Fall Fest is all about pumpkins. It is artsy, and after you finished the maze run, hop on hayrides, grab that perfect Halloween pumpkin.

22) Apple butter-

Don’t miss the chance in Waynesville Fall fest to take away the signature Irons’s apple butter in a canned container.

23) Spooktacular Fall Hayride-

Waynesville Fall Fest is incomplete without the hayrides. As the name suggests, the fest will give you spooky and cozy vibes. Filled with fall colors, corn stalks, gourds, and pumpkins are set forth.

24) Face painting and haunted house-

If you want to do something bold, go for face painting in the windmill farm market area.

25) Adventure on hayrides-

Adventurous and educational hayrides of 30 minutes in a windmill farm market’s spooktacular fall hayrides have been attracting children and elders in Waynesville Fall Fest.

Other things to Explore in Waynesville Town:-

Downtown Waynesville is home to reimposed historic buildings and brick pavement. There are plenty of things to do here and remarkable events to attend. Filled with many galleries and peculiar shops.

Additionally, here is the popular Mast General Store, an abundance of galleries, antique outlets, gift shops, home furnishing centers, and many food outlets for you to munch on.

In Shelton street, there is a museum named The Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts. The grand Shelton is built in the mid 19th century, and now it’s home to handicrafts.

The historic house is on the National Register of Historic Places’ list, and it’s filled with all antique objects. You can visit here from April to October. Spare 1-2 hours for the tour of the house.

Huddled between Main street and the Richardson River in Waynesville is the famous Frog level neighborhood with Frog Level Brewing Company situated at 56 commerce street.

Nearby Shelton House, you will find notable HART theatre, a semi-professional community theatre. The great Street shows and concerts are their specialties.

There is a 10-day celebration in western North Carolina named Folkmoot (meeting of the people) the USA; it’s an international folklore festival where international groups perform in July.

Performance can be seen in several cities, namely Ashville, Cherokee, Franklin, Lake Junaluska, Maggie Valley, and Hendersonville. The performers of Folkmoot is mostly the college students who serve as cultural ambassadors for their nation.

Junaluska lake abounds with scenic views, and it’s an area of 200 acres with 16 gardens and a golf area, and you can take a boat tour as well.

Waynesville Fall Fest

It is was opened as a mountain retreat for the Methodist church in the 1900s.

Bird watching and losing is another thing to do when around the area.

For winters in Waynesville, visit Cataloochee Ski Area and Tube World in Maggie Valley. The valley is 35 miles west of downtown Asheville, a popular family resort town in the North Carolina mountains for various years.

The Maggie Valley will give you old-fashioned, vintage vibes. It is perfect for those who love vintage things. Skiing, snowboarding, and the tube are well-known activities one can do in the winter holidays. Don’t forget to see Wheels Through Time, an amazing motorcycle and car museum, open from April-November.

Haywood County is another cozy mountain part of Waynesville to spend fall-winter holidays. 13 peaks above 6000ft, including a humongous cold mountain. According to facts, it has the highest average elevation of any country in the east.

The highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway is Richland Balsam.

Outdoor escapade you can do here is, Waterfalls include Soco Falls, Skinny Dip Falls, and Sunburst falls, you can hike in Graveyard fields, Max Patch, Cold Mountain, Black Balsam, Knob, and Purchase Knob.

Cataloochee Valley is a scenic area with the Great Smoky Mountains comprised of the famous elk, historic buildings, camping, and hiking.

Waynesville Fall Fest is a must-see, pumpkin to apple to butter and challenging maze; if you like antiques and crafts, it is best to visit the best outlets in the Waynesville Fall Fest. Eateries and furnishing shops too occupied the fest with live concerts.

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A DU graduate who is working on her writing, capturing, and researching skills. I can read up to 30 books (if its's fiction) in a year. According to me, art in any form is an exquisite way to express itself.

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