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3 TV Shows To Binge-Watch this Holi Weekend

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Holi is a festival of color to celebrate with your friends and your family. An extended weekend for this festival is what you need at the moment to chill out from your week-long schedule.

So, you start planning either a weekend getaway or just to hang out with your family and friends. But are you one of those people who hate colors or planning to just stay inside your room with a packet of Nachos and good TV shows to binge-watch because you don’t want to waste your long weekend?

Well then, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 TV shows that might brighten up your otherwise boring weekend :

1. The End of the F***ing World

3 TV Shows To Binge-Watch this Holi Weekend 1

If you don’t want to involve yourself in a very long series that requires your full time and devotion, this one is perfect to fit your mood. You can binge watch this series in just one day as it currently consists of one season with 8 episodes of around 20 minutes.

This Netflix drama about two high school kids on the journey of total madness and unexpected incidents might depress you to some extent but the emotions behind the extremely beautiful dialogues are sure to remain in your mind for days. Someone rightly said “Once sad, you cherish everything”.

The gloomy weather, the poetry, the songs, the blanket and a good cry. Is it too much for you to handle? Because this is not all, the breathtaking performances by two amazing young actors will make sure that you are convinced by the end of the last episode that being weird and a psych shows you the deeper side of life. The soundtrack is like a cherry on the top of a big beautiful yum cake.

2. Fleabag3 TV Shows To Binge-Watch this Holi Weekend 2

This Amazon original series with only a season of 6 episodes is another one which won’t require more than a day. Pheobe Waller-Bridge beautifully wrote this story about a witty,lonely,sexually attractive and angry woman who tries to cope up with financial issues and a tragedy. It seems the writer must have felt the urge to act in her story herself to show the actual emotional breakthrough of the protagonist.

With the fear of turning up as sad and weak lady in front of her family, Fleabag tends to reject anybody who offers to help her emotionally and financially. The show definitely has some funny moments with Fleabag’s good sense of humor.

This is not another family drama to bore you, women masturbation and weird sexual desires of the characters might interest you enough to hope for another season.

3. Good Girls Revolt

3 TV Shows To Binge-Watch this Holi Weekend 3

An Amazon original series focusing on women rights. Set in New York in the late 1960s, Good Girls Revolt is about a group of women working in a leading magazine of America who demands equal rights.

They are a group of researchers assigned to each reporters consisting of all men. The women in the magazine are meant for just to help the reporters to write and fulfill their manly desires. They seek the help of a woman lawyer and gathers to sue the magazine, demanding their right to write and equal wages.

This show is not only about women rights movement, the mixed personal and professional issues of every female cast somewhat provide a rough picture of the struggle every woman, even from different races had to face.

A good show with good soundtrack lights up everything. From classic rock tracks like CCR’s “Long As I Can See The Light” to artistic jazz piece by Otis Redding, the makers definitely made an effort to count up every special moment of the show.

Calm down!

This won’t make you a pretentious feminist. But it might make you think about the purpose of many writers and directors coming up with a lot of women-oriented shows nowadays.

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