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4 Infectiously Funny Faces Behind Brooke and Jubal and How They Made Our Mornings Different

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Brooke and Jubal, Marconi award-winning program owned by Hubbard Radio of Seattle’s Movin 92.5, has a place in the hearts of most residents of Seattle. Do you want to know more about not only Brooke and Jubal but the rest of the cast members of the favorite morning radio show of Seattle? Brooke and Jubal aired for the first time in 2011, and nine years later, it still cracks up people.

Brooke and Jubal entertain Chicago residents from 5.30 to 9 am every day. Hubbard radio and premiere networks syndicate Brooke and Jubal to more than 50 networks, as of April 2020. The flagship station of the show is KQMV (Movin’92.5) and distributed by Premier networks. The show made its debut on “Movin 92.5”. And now it is one of the most loved and appreciated syndicated shows of Seattle.

With the clever sense of humor of Brooke and Jubal and the rest of the cast, we surely forgot to count the years. How has the show evolved, and what are the stories of the people behind it? How does it still deliver such infectious positivity and laughter every day, one after the other? What are the changes listeners can expect? What makes Brooke and Jubal so funny through all these years? Keep reading to find these answers.

4 Infectiously Funny Faces Behind Brooke and Jubal and How They Made Our Mornings Different

Since 2011, the mornings of Seattle and many radio listeners around the world have not been the same, and a major part of the reason for it is Brooke and Jubal. You are rushing for your office and worried about the work you haven’t got done, and life seems as if it is stuck in one place, but then you switch on the radio, and there is a guy who is prank calling and making people laugh. You laugh your stomach out, impressed by his clever sense of humor, and it all falls into place. At Least it seems like it.

So Who All Are Behind The Scenes?

  1. Jubal – A comedy writer, known radio and Television personality, who also happens to be a stand up comic, Jubal is a clever artist. Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, Television personality, and comic writer. He is known to love the craft of comedy so much that he writes Jokes for his “competitive counterparts” as well. Born to two ministers, Jubal has something we all yearn for, and he will be known for it. Doing something, you love so dearly and doing it every day. Jubal changed his name from Jubal Flagg to Jubal Fresh, taking the last name of his wife. He continues to host a podcast show with Alex Fresh, his wife. Jubal can be best described as someone who is very persistent in his work of making people laugh. Actually, wait, let me correct. That is not his work; it is his art. His humor can never be described as mean spirited. In fact, it lifts you like upbeat music. With a dose of another set of amazing anchoring from Brooke, the morning show feels like the best -pick me up- option easily accessible on the go.4 Infectiously Funny Faces Behind Brooke and Jubal and How They Made Our Mornings Different 1
  2. Brooke Fox-
    Brooke Fox is known as a woman who uses her platform for good, and that is the least that could be said. She ranked number 1 in the list of top 40 first all-female morning shows early in her career.  While her Instagram bio shows how proud she is to be a small-town girl, she really has made a lot of changes in the comic radio industry while creating many firsts. She says her First plan was to be a live television director. The Morning radio show was just an opportunity that worked for her, and we are glad she continued it!4 Infectiously Funny Faces Behind Brooke and Jubal and How They Made Our Mornings Different 2Brooke Fox was awarded the recognition of the “Best Market Personality” of the year in 2016. She has also been the host of Fox TV’s “Dish Nation.” She has also been the spokesperson for the Komen Foundation and American Heart Association. Brooke definitely has come a long way from coming from a town that still does not have any stoplight. Mother to two toddlers, Fox is humbled to earth by all her achievements and is still moving up the ladder, and we couldn’t admire her more!
  3. Jose – Jose is their partner, and there are a few loyal listeners who have been consistent and so patient with the show only for Jose. His story has inspired many young people wanting to follow their dreams. Having an early and unavoidable start to his career in the restaurant industry and grabbing that one opportunity to do a standup, Jose is the guy you will remember for a long time for his unique character. Jose Bolanos is someone you should know about from the show as well. Like his talented counterparts, Jose grew up in the restaurant industry as well. He took up his passion for stand-up comedy at 23 and now is a co-host of the morning show. He has co-hosted Brooke and Jubal and will do so with Brooke and Jeffrey as well. Brooke, Jubal and JoseHe is known for his “infectious laugh” and his clever yet accurate impressions. Listeners find him very hard to miss because of his crazy stunts and his way of sharing stories from his very own life. He has also picked up some accents in the course, and you will have a hearty laugh when this guy is around for sure. He has also been featured in several tv networks such as the Fox network, USA Network, NBC, and others.Listeners look forward to the work of Bolanos for various reasons. Some of his segments that have continued to grab listener attention are- “Whatcha doin’ at the courthouse “and the “Drunk Movie reviews.” His fans have often called him the “Butt of the joke,” and he is also identified as the stunt man. It all bears good reason as he appears for his special segments.
  4. Jeffrey Dubow-Jeffrey Dobow’s story is as inspiring and worth mentioning as the rest of the cast. We cannot miss how this man, who is now called “the soul” of the show, has continued to bring pleasant humor and sarcasm to the show. He is originally from Los Angeles and moved to Seattle for college. Once he did listen to his calling, and now there is no looking back. Young Jeffrey is known very popularly for his parody songs. He calls it “song of the week” and performs every Friday morning. After writing more than 300 songs, it was out of the question of how people wouldn’t enjoy his energy and abundance of humor. He has been very widely appreciated all through his journey.4 Infectiously Funny Faces Behind Brooke and Jubal and How They Made Our Mornings Different 3The show has changed to “Brooke and Jeffrey” in the morning in the course of the last six months. Dubow, also known as Young Jeffrey, will take on a more active role in the morning show, replacing Jubal fresh. He has been an assistant producer and, later on, an executive producer for the show. 

    Brooke and Jeffrey is a show that has new paradigms of content to explore. All the listeners and most employees of Hubbard Radio themselves are very excited about the new show. It will talk about the recent trends and latest news of the pop culture and entertainment industry. As the saying goes, “we are in the golden era of entertainment,” and what is better than having our favorite Brooke and Jeffrey have conversations about something we all collectively love.

    The show promises outstanding and engaging entertainment. Brooke and Jeffrey have hilarious skits, and listener interaction lined up the way. The skits are about the conversation surrounding the recent trends in Pop culture and the entertainment industry. Listeners can expect a lot of engagement. It definitely will be a fun morning show where the many talented personalities talk about our ever so favorite Pop Culture and Entertainment. 

 How Has the Morning Show Been Funny Over the Years?

Every listener was a bit confused when the people’s favorite, Jubal Fresh, disappeared from the show. Listeners have been trying to figure out where Jubal is for more than half a year now. The news was made official earlier this year on April 20. Brooke and Jubal are now rebranded as Brooke and Jeffrey. The new show comes into the market with a lot of expectations and hopes. 

The new show will attempt to explore the various trends of Pop culture. Teenagers and pop lovers of all age groups are looking forward to what all the show is willing to offer after this. The thrill and excitement of the new show can be seen even in the Hubbard studio. The Market Manager, Jeff, has made a statement revealing how excited the whole team is about the show. He also promised to provide outstanding and engaging entertainment. 

Here is an excerpt from the show, where the topic of the conversation is icecreams. If you haven’t had the chance to know Brooke and Jeffrey, and Jose till now, you will definitely reach out to this highly treatable content after reading the excerpt.


Jeffrey- You know what, in times like this, when you are feeling blue, you grab a spoon and go for that ice cream. 

Jose- oooooh yeah! I even just discovered low cal ice cream.

Fox- I actually started using my hands last week. The spoon wasn’t available. 

Jeffrey- Doesn’t matter, It is the one thing that is always there for you no matter what.

Fox- Oh my god, yes, we have two gallons in our freezer right now. Cookies and cream and strawberry.

Jose- Dude, invite me! What is up!

Jeffrey- We all have that one. It is close to our hearts; it is there for us in our time of need. I don’t think I have to say anymore because that is what I am going to be singing about. Icecream!

Young Jeffrey’s Covered in sprinkles-


When I feel sad and lost,

Both of my lips are glossed.

With her, she is chocolate sauce.

I try to save her, each and every bite. 

But two seconds later, I finished off the point.

Grab a spoon down a rocky-road

Feeling french with my pies-al-Amor

Frozen treats give my tummy a tickle.

Lick away, lick away


As you saw, Jeffrey’s parody had a clever sense of humor that made us all laugh even when it was about a supremely common thing. This is what the show aims to do. Make you laugh!

The show started to firm its ground in the market of various other radio shows that use Prank calls. Those prank calls were never meant to demean a person or their values. Many old listeners know for a fact that most of these calls were fake and recorded in the studio. But with changing times, the library of content grew in the show. 

All the cast members of the show collectively contribute to the humor with their different segments. Each member has a sense of individuality that sets them apart. The clever listeners really appreciate this. In the course of the nine years, the show has earned the honest and consistent support of listeners. This audience has stuck with the show through various ups and downs. 

It can be safely said that the reason this audience has stuck with the show through all these years is the earnest effort to provide quality content without moving away from the original genre of the show. In most ways, the show is still the same as it was in the year 2011. 

Brooke and Jubal have won many appreciations and awards for being the most loved morning show. The show gives listeners a hearty laugh with its various new segments performed by different cast members. More than that, what holds the listeners close to the show is far more than those waves of laughter. 

The inspiring stories of these celebrities make the audience’s attraction stick to the show. The connection established between the audience and cast members is exceptional. Brooke and Jeffrey are living up to the expectations so far with all the new content library. 

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