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5 Powerful Dating Rules to Follow

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Talking about dating rules to follow, let’s dive into the controversial topic in our life!

In modern times, the entire definition of dating has changed. It although never meant moving to long-lasting relationships from dating, but it was much more different than what our gray humans followed. 

If you have cellphones and a social media account, you would be deep down in the world of instant gratification. But you might need dating rules to follow.

When a dating site like Tinder is on a high flare, you do not need to follow the antique methods of carrying flowers and gifts on your date. Does it teach you dating rules to follow?

No, they will never talk about the dating rules you need to follow. Well, speaking about rules, you should never stick to them when it comes to handling your emotions, but if you are trying to stay on the surface, some rules might work.

These “dating rules to follow “are nothing but a gentle reminder when you need to look out for the red flags while taking the high roads. You need to learn to walk out of a sexless marriage when there is time. 

You might have made up your mind not to look out for true love and started off swiping, but you never know what awaits for you! 

Dating is very much our inner selves, not wanting to be emotionally involved and being casual about the entire thing. Much of it means only physical intimacy in our tech-ruled new age living. You might need some easy dating rules to follow.

Dating through cell phones is now much more straightforward than actually doing a thorough background check.

Many of you would think why not jump into a one night stand or a hook-up or fling?

Honestly, nothing is there to stop you, but there might be problems you are encountering while wanting to do so. These rules might help.

5 Dating Rules You Need To Follow

1. Do not expect sympathy

dating rules to follow

If you want to make your own dating rules to follow, you cannot wait for pity. You invited a casual relationship yourself. You cannot just sit and wait for the other person’s sympathy.

I read it somewhere. We are our choices. So it is you who will define how you want to be treated. Do not just keep crying gulping down the packets of chips. You are sure better than that.

And if you do not stand up for yourself, this will keep happening like a chain. You need to break the loop yourself.

Nobody can walk the right path for you. So just get off the pity train and hold yourself in a piece.

You can get another guy if one leaves. It does not imply you need to demotivate yourself with self-deprecating remarks like I was not worth his time; I am ugly and many bags of unnecessary thoughts. Confidence is a game-changer. Remember that!

2. Do not be too mysterious

dating rules to follow

When you think about dating rules to follow, you will often make the mistake of leaving an air of mystery, but that no longer helps. It is 2020, the new age where everyone spends more time at their work with their cellphones and laptops you are not on the right track about dating rules to follow.

It is always worse to be open-book and reveal everything on the first meet, but you should not also try to be too out of place.

In today’s world of instant pleasures, no man will give in enough efforts to know you if you do not already give him a rough sketch about yourself, he is gone.

The time for doing a detailed analysis of the personality when he is just in for casual dating is too much to expect. You should be straightforward and clear enough to reveal enough about yourself only to keep it going.

You can tumble out other facts with passing the time.

If you avoid apparent questions, you might also come off as arrogant or avoidant. That can be a major turn off in the first place.

Take an example where you have just started a conversation with the guy, and he asks about your sexual innuendos either be clear about your discomfort to discuss it or talk about it don’t let the conversation go unfinished or leave it mid-air. 

That way, he won’t understand what you want to talk about. It will just be a bitter end.

3. Do not wait for them to come to you

dating rules to follow

It is high time that we just brush off the gender norms and pull up our sleeves. Do not stick to your grandmother’s or mom’s “dating rules to follow.”

There is no such thing as men approaching first. Women can be clear about their desires and be the first one to make a move.

If you want to have a chat that goes too far in terms of obnoxious stereotypes, then just leave all those thoughts which are holding you back and go ahead.

There is no such belief as waiting or the first text. It might happen so that they are busy or stuck. Just make an effort to ask.

If you wait for them, always it might just make them feel it is a one-sided effort, and you are not into it. Conveying wrong messages is, of course, the last option while choosing dating rules to follow.

It is a hard job to maintain a perfect dating relationship, so don’t let awkward rocket science ruin your own choices!

The age-old, dating rules to follow should be boxed up and thrown away. There is no “wait for him to come to you.”You might just come off as a self-absorbed person being that way.

He might be shy to confront or confess you can just make it easier for him by stepping up.

He might be thinking he would come off as a creep if he makes the first move letting out how you feel the same about him might just make it a smooth ride for you both.

4.The myth of not having physical intimacy

dating rules to follow

When it comes to dating rules, you should follow if somebody tells you not to have sex during the dating-period, never follow that rule.

Be sure if you want it or not. There is no such pressure as you must do it on some date. Do not throw yourself on him or be too clingy. But if you want it, then be very practical to talk about it.

Shed of the thoughts about judgments and society, you have the right to choose what you need and want. Most of the time, men approach you when they need to come clean about their fetishes. But you can reveal about your own to him too.

Dating is somewhat made to feel good about yourself, so it is essential while knowing dating rules to follow you follow your well-being.

No such myth like having too much intimacy exists. It solely depends on you both how you want to go about it. You should beware if he wants to stop, but do not pull yourself away.

It will just portray your lack of interest in the thing and draw him away.

Being physically intimate is of no harm if it satisfies you. You can talk about it and move ahead with it whenever you both want to. 

It never makes you stoop down when you are apparent to the other person. Leaving hints is never a good option.

If your friend is telling you sexual intimacy might invite trouble, you should just not listen to it. Because bottling up your desires will give you more pain.

5. You should not avoid talking about their draw-backs

dating rules to follow

So while noting down the dating rules to follow. I just came across surveys where most women tend to avoid serious conversations that mostly include talking about the flaws in their date because they tend to think it will only make them leave. 

This is not at all true. Because not being able to come to terms with how untidy the guy you are dating is to facing irritation in cleaning up his room every day. You will just get bored yourself, or there might be an ugly turn in the process of dating, which might make it only worse than you expected.

It is a personal tidbit when you are trying to date someone to be comfortable speaking about serious matters. Because he will be a stranger during the first couple of conversations, and if you are an overthinker, you will have lesser chances of putting second thoughts about judgments.

Since certain odd things about him might be new to you, you can just tell him how you feel about it. Do not keep on encouraging something which is against your interest.

Now every rule I spoke about is not the dating rules to follow. They are just some clues and hints. You make your own rules and figure them out for yourself.

I heard somewhere that casual dating could affect you if you are trying to get yourself detached from the emotional part. Because human beings’ bodies remember, and they have all the memories stored so it can never happen that you just be physically intimate for one night with a person and then forget about it. Movies have reminded us time and again, how love has been an essential part of every intimacy.

But it is entirely up to you how you want to go about it.

The comments section below is all open for you. You can let me know what you think about the dating rules in our Tinder-driven generation. Is it worth it?


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