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Rooms of Your House Define Your Lifestyle

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The world today is not only focused on our clothing as a part of our lifestyle but also our house and the space we work in. The design and intricacies of the areas we spend most of our time in says a lot about how welcoming we are of other people, and how meticulous we are at planning things in real life as well.Bathroom

Thus, every room in the house indicates a lot about our lifestyle and our personality. Apart from the room, even the smallest of areas like the color of the door of your bedroom and the walls in your living room or even your Blindstyle can say a lot about you.

Here’s how the rooms of your house define your lifestyle.

  1. Living Room

The first place where you and your guests settle in, the living room can be easily referred to as the main room of the house. The living room I the most visible part of the house and area you hang out in with your friends, or just settle down to watch some TV.

Thus, lighter tones around the room or patterns like stripes announce you as a sophisticated and elegant person. However, brighter and darker tones give an edgy and social vibe to the person. Apart from that, a piece of furniture too comfortable for the living room may give a peek of your lazy lifestyle whereas the focal point of your furniture can reveal your interests and things you like to talk about.

  1. Bedroom

The most intimate part of your house reveals the most about your personality. Things in your display section, like books, old antiques, etc. are identity claims which tell about the things you like to talk about and the kind of luxuries you take interest in.

Photos of yourself tend to reveal your age and the color of the walls say how peaceful you like your personal space to be. Apart from this, things like flower pots, candles, etc. reveal how much you like to take care of yourself as well. And yes, the busiest people in the world often have the messiest sock drawers.

  1. Bathroom

Labeled more as the thinking room of the house, how you design your bathroom says a lot about your lifestyle. A well-designed bathroom with minimalistic but classy look says that you admire luxury whereas it also says that you’re a high achiever and a control freak.

If you have more than three different mirrors in your bathroom, it indicates that you may be vain. However, introducing a feature wall in the bathroom describes your need to have something new in your life and dislike for anything that’s too plain. A nice set of candles also indicates that you enjoy the company and spend too much of your time thinking in the room. You can get the top of the line shower heads, and have a bathroom you’ll fall in love with.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the rooms that we don’t put too much effort into while designing our house and rely on what would be the most comfortable design for us. This, in turn, tends to say the most about the kind of lifestyle you lead and believe in.

A traditional kitchen shows you as a grounded and welcoming person whereas a contemporary design indicates confidence and control. People with eccentric choices of colors for the kitchen believe in adding some personality to everyday things and the ones with a modern style are seemed as the most organized of all. Look to invest in high-quality copper cookware.

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