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5 Super Things About Prairie Peddler Festival

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Prairie peddler festival is one of the most lively and beautiful festivals in Butler, Ohio, in the United States of America. It is basically an outdoor marketplace that features almost 200 artisan booths, including food, artifacts, entertainment, and much more.

This festival is normally held from September end to October. Being the winter season, it becomes the spot for college students during their winter holidays.

This peddler festival is family-friendly and is the perfect place to spend the whole day having fun with your loved ones.

people having fun
Priscilla Du Preez

So, let’s find out more about this amazing prairie peddler festival, shall we?

 Things To Know About The Prairie Peddler Festival

Imagining a perfect festival, what are the things that come to your mind? I know what comes to my mind is entering a beautiful, fun-filled, full of energy place with all kinds of activities around me.

Entering through the gates, you first want to start your day by looking around the place to know what all you can do before getting into it right away, so you walk around finding people singing, showcasing their talents and doing extremely admirable things.

It just makes you so happy, you slowly go on shopping, buying things, exploring the traditional things finding out about things that you never really knew were there, or maybe you had a list in mind, and you want to buy some of those.

Shopping will definitely make you tired and hungry, so you find places to eat, and you find interesting things to eat. All these things, combined with the hint of nature, makes the day more beautiful. So let’s start from the beginning as to how the prairie peddler festival goes.

1. A Walk 

A walk through the hills

Before reaching the entrance of this festival, visitors have to walk through the grassy hill, which leads to this place. Despite it being a long walk, people enjoy it to the fullest as they are surrounded by beautiful nature. This makes it an amazing scenery for all the photographers and nature lovers.

The winds blowing puts your mind at ease and makes it a happy start to the amazing day that awaits you at the prairie peddler festival. And the moment you enter the fun-filled festival, it makes you forget all about the long walk.

2.Shopping Haul

Street shopping
Kevin Martin Jose

People worldwide set up their carts or shops in the prairie peddler festival displaying all kinds of artifacts and clothes.

  1. Tradition – Different kinds of people come together at this one place to showcase their history and tradition. Buying their artifacts also helps you to know more about their heritage and help them do business. 
  2. Clothes – One can never get enough of outfits, can they? From A to Z, you will find all kinds of clothes you are looking for, and you may even get surprised as to what new things people can offer from their homeland.
  3. Accessories – From head to toe, you will find all kinds of headbands, earrings, bracelets, sandals, and the list goes on. Knowing the specialty of one country makes you more of a curious shopper.

3.Kill Your Hunger

Eating street food
Matthieu Joannon

Walking around the prairie peddler festival, looking for things to shop, clicking pictures, it is bound to happen that your stomach calls out for you, and what is a festival without absolutely delicious items to make you happy? Like shopping stalls, there are all kinds of food booths with different cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Chinese and others.

There is a small place with a stage called the food court, which includes foods like pork rinds, fudges, and even fritters. The bakery up there is the cutest and a very yummy place offering cakes and sweets. This place is definitely a treat for everyone.


wood carver
Bradford Zak

For the people just wanting to roam around and not shop, walking through the trails to enjoy the vibe and clear up your mind, the prairie peddler festival offers entertainment of such sort.

Concerts are going on at a place at the festival where people can listen to it, dance and have fun.

Apart from the concerts, artists showcase their talents, like a woodcarver and a wood chainsaw artist. These talented people are to be admired for their amazing work. Like these, there are quite a few entertainments that the prairie peddler festival offers.

5. For The Kids

face painting
Austin Pacheco

I think we all know that after a certain amount of time, kids do not like to roam around and shop; they like to have fun of their own and to keep them busy; the prairie peddler festival organizes some of the best fun-filled events for kids of all ages. 

The biggest attraction being the 

  1. Petting zoo – This is located in the woods and has horses, chickens, goats, and rabbits. They are under the guidance of instructors who are present to take care of the animals and supervise the kids while they play with them.
  2. Ride a horse – Not only does this allow the kids to pet the horse, but it also allows them to ride one. Yes! The kids are taken around the festival riding on a horse.
  3. Face painting – Kids have their own fun imagination, don’t they? Someone wants to be a cat, while someone wants to be a princess. Face painting is the closest thing that lets their imagination come true. This festival offers this fun face painting session for kids where they can become what they want.
  4. Craft activities – Along with these fun sessions, the kids can showcase their creativity through different activities. Some of the activities which this festival holds are candle making, sand art and more.
petting zoo
Sydney Rae

All of these activities, shops and booths that the prairie peddler festival offers is the perfect combination for your winter break, so all college students, a family looking for a place to go or spend a day with your loved ones, this festival welcomes you all to enjoy and make unforgettable memories.

I hope that reading this gives you the help you wanted to plan a trip and experience this amazing prairie peddler festival in Ohio.



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