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6 Smart Tips to get the best Experience from Traveling

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Most people who travel do not get the best experience possible for many different reasons. Some are in the rush, some don’t like to spend money, and some are just too lazy. Traveling is not always easy and cheap but your efforts and expenses are always rewarded. Read the following traveling tips from to know what to do to take more from traveling.

6 Smart Tips to get the best Experience from Traveling 1

Time Management

Even if you went to, for example, Bali to swim in the sea, don’t focus exclusively on the sea. There are hundreds of different beaches around the world that all has seaside. But there is only one place in the world like Bali. So, spend your time wisely. Spend some time at the beach drinking a cocktail but also visit the historical sites, temples, go to the jungles, up the mountains, etc. Yes, lying on the beach is enjoyable because it is a relaxation. Hiking up the mountains is difficult. But even though you’re on your vacation, don’t be lazy and pay some effort to see more of, for example, Bali than just the beach. You’re definitely going to like it.




One of the best traveling tips is to focus on culture. It means that you should go to at least a couple of museums or galleries. It helps you to get the feeling of a country you’re visiting. Different countries have different culture. Ethnic music, literature, art, cinema, and other stuff all help you to better understand the ways of a particular country. So, it is not the beaches and the cocktails that make the traveling experience because they are all alike everywhere. It is cultural diversity thanks to which our world is so rich and wonderful.




Meeting people is among the greatest tips for traveling internationally. You can and should meet people from all around the world. You should meet the native people who represent the country you’re visiting. Usually, travelers make a common mistake by sticking together and not getting closer with other travelers or the residents of a country they visit. It deprives them of many benefits. By talking to different people from across the world you become smarter feeling the multiplicity of different attitudes presented in the world. The best way to avoid wars and conflicts is for people of all countries to talk and become friends.


Goods vs. Experiences


Remember this: it is always better to buy a ride, a journey, a dish than a thing which you’re going to carry back home as a souvenir. When you travel you should spend money to buy yourself unforgettable memories. Don’t stick to things which you can buy on Amazon or order via DHL. Experiences and memories are better than goods. So, one of the greatest traveling abroad tips is to focus on experience rather than on shopping. Consider it your golden rule of traveling.




You cannot reveal a country by yourself in a week or even in a month. It takes seasons and even years. So, narrow your focus to one particular region or city to know it better. It is best to know less for sure than to know much only superficially.   


Different transportation provides you with different perspectives on the things you want to see. Don’t think that the fastest way is the best way. It is never about the destination, it is always about the journey. You can meet people on the way, see unexpectedly wonderful things, and obtain more experience from a ride than from a fly. So, choose your transportation wisely. Don’t go for the fastest or the cheapest option.

Okay, now you know what to do to get the best experience possible from traveling. Spend your time wisely and don’t forget about culture. Meet people and prefer experience to shopping. Pay an effort and don’t just stay at the beach all day.


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