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Top 7 Best Ikea Closet Ideas

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A guide to Ikea closet ideas!!

If you want to buy or customize a closet for your home, choose Ikea. Read this article to know why you should choose an Ikea closet!

Ikea is the one-stop destination for all your furniture, kitchen, and home decor needs. This store sells you ready to assemble furniture. This DIY is a mind-blowing concept. Ikea was founded in Sweden. Since 2008, it has been the world’s largest furniture retailer.

Their eco-friendly simplicity of designs is always used in their interior designs, making them unique and top-seller.

Ikea uses the method of assembling by the customers to reduce the cost of shipping. It is considered that unassembled parts cost lesser to deliver when compared to the assembled parts.

This company recently launched the Ikea studio where customers were allowed to create a full-scale room with Ikea furniture in an apple only project on their mobile phones.

You can customize your closet with various ideas in Ikea.

Ikea is known for its modernized and unique designs. Ikea products are very affordable, and they are considered their finest quality. Ikea has now expanded its stores all over the world with many outlets.

Visit the website: https://www.ikea.com/

Let’s hear some Ikea closet ideas:

Custom Ikea Pax closet

Tired of opening and closing the doors of your wardrobe? Who wouldn’t love to have a walk-in Closet? That is why Ikea has brought before you the pax closet!

Are you a messy person? Are you done with hearing people’s comments on your messy wardrobe? Then you would need an IKEA pax closet.

Everyone is bored with old closets with doors and handles. Most rooms have different wardrobes for separate storage facilities like a sock drawer, undergarments drawer, shoe shelf, and so on.

Whereas the Ikea pax closet is in one solution that provides you with anything you need.

While doing your home renovation, you can also create a pax closet to organize your belongings and stylishly hang clothes.

A pax closet can be made to two heights or even more according to your choice to store more clothes.

The number of shelves can be increased or decreased based on the wall where your closet is probably about to be located and also depends on your clothing, size of the room, and budget.

Isn’t this Ikea pax closet everyone’s dream pax closet?!?!

Here are some tips on customizing and designing your very own Ikea pax closet:

Wonder how Ikea creates your dream closet?

De-cluttered your clothes? Do you have pretty things to store in your closet? Can’t think of a better design for your Ikea closet? Just google it and get flexible ideas! Ikea Pax closet can also be customized at your very own location with pre-made options under one wall and floor.

To set up your Ikea pax closet system, the first step you need to do is, measure your floor, ceiling, and wall space. Ikea also has online design tools that help you create your dream design (Ikea Closet).

If you wish to have a dressing table, the Ikea pax closet got you covered. You can customize mirrors and certain dividing doors based on your budget.

Note the floor and walls before saving a lot of money and space.

Ikea pax closet system:

The first step to building your Ikea pax closet is taking accurate measurements. One should note down the number of boxes, shelves, doors, holders to hang stuff.

Plugin your closet measurements and start designing!!

To initiate creating your own Ikea pax closet system for clothes storage, begin by choosing the required frames.

They come in two depths: 13 3/4″ and 22 7/8″, as well as three lengths: 19 5/8″, 29 1/2″, and 39 3/8″ for a master closet which is about 2 feet deep and has 2 sliding doors. Choosing the 22 7/8″ depth frames won’t work if you want drawers. Just start designing with 13 3/4″ frames.

Ikea master closet has its unique way of modifying the closet accordingly by drilling holes and using it as needed. You can also add cloth rails to your Ikea pax system and hang them in your clothes. If you need cloth rails, you have to design prior with 22 7/8″ deep frames.

Another unique quality of Ikea wardrobes is that they are not closed storage, unlike the common one with closed space. You can add shelves, storage space, boxes, stuff according to your budget. The classic pax wardrobe gives you easy access to your belongings, and your lifestyle would be made much more accessible.

It makes sense that the pax system is an open Ikea pax wardrobe so that it is a bit comfortable to install. The Ikea pax wardrobe can handle tons of your clothes and other stuff to save your place, and it would inspire you.

Would a few extra drawers free up space and hide accessories or clothing you don’t need on display? Yes, it would do its magic.

After customizing your Ikea pax system, you have to decide on the method of installing.


Putting up Ikea furniture is tiresome and difficult. But not anymore! You must assemble the parts according to the customization instruction while purchasing your Ikea products. This Pax wardrobe is effortless.

Constructing and installing your IKEA pax system is a two-person job. Yet you can not do it single-handedly as the frame boxes are heavy. While setting up, go through instructions carefully and set your Ikea pax in a few hours to avoid any accidents.

First arrange the frames accordingly, then install the interior organizers, if any. Frame divider has to be inserted in the space provided to be easy to organize the drawers and shelves. The pax system closet gives your room a complete look. This DIY pax can be set up using tools available at your place.

Let us see a few fantastic Ikea pax wardrobe storage designs below.

Work Office Closet

Possibly for your room, this work office closet would be the best space-saving option set up at your own home for those working from home days. This design does not take much of your house’s area as it is conventional.

This pax closet is functional for people of all ages. It can be either used as a closet space on one side or a work from the home office on the other side. You can also store your work belongings in one drawer or box.

Ikea pax simple closet

This is for the minimalists out there! No more unwanted colors and designs.

Top 7 Best Ikea Closet Ideas 1
Image by Ulka Flickr | Copyrights 2007

You can keep your wardrobe simple yet elegant. Customize your pax closet according to your simplified or minimalistic ideas. You can reduce the number of frames and drawers to keep it unique.

Functional pax Closet

This kind of pax closet uses the maximum space to store all your belongings in one place.

It can be made compact depending upon your choice. The main motive of this closet is not to waste any space unnecessarily.

It accommodates all your clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and other mandatory accessories without piling them up.

Pax divider closet

If you have a small bedroom without any dressing room, this pax divider closet is the best choice for you.

You can use it to divide your bedroom into two, where you can set up a modular wardrobe on one side and a bedroom on the other. This type of closet is a space-saving one.

Dedicated Space closet

If you have your own room space entirely for your wardrobe, build your closet using every nook and corner of the room.

You can add a mirror in the center and 2 cabinets on the sides with a storage facility to contain your shoes, bags, clothes, and other essentials according to your wants and needs.

Styling the Ikea Pax

Your wardrobe is uniquely yours because of the personal styling that you’re capable of doing.

You can place your decor items in there to make them personal, featuring open shelving and drawers. In addition, you can add some art prints, your most treasured shopping purchases, and Fashion books or journals.

You can add a color theme to your wardrobe too. By adding art prints, your wardrobe gives an artistic look, and it is said to give out good vibes. Assembling your most luxurious jewelry pieces in the drawers would give the cabinet a rich look.

The Emerald pax closet

The glorious color itself symbolizes its value. The emerald-coated closets would look so fine, and it would give your wardrobe a spectacular, luxurious look. This walk-in closet can be used to store suits and dresses.

Along with it, storing your watched in compartmented glass drawers and your shoes on the shelves would give the closet itself a vibrant look.

So, these were some amazing Ikea closet ideas just for you. If you are thinking of redoing your closet or your room, you can take help from this guide and of course Ikea to get the best look for your room.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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