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7 Indians Who Helped Save Our Environment

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While most of us curse other humans for degrading the environment by deforestation, global warming, water, air, and noise pollution; here are few people who zealously worked to make the environment greener and cleaner. Here is a list of 7 Indians Who helped Save Our Environment, and to be quite frank, it gives me a sense of pride in sharing this list with you.


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1. Chandni Prasad Bhatt 


7 Indians Who Helped Save Our Environment 2
Sunderlal Bahuguna

Chandni Prasad Bhatt and Sunderlal Bahuguna led the Chipko Movement (1973) in Garhwal Himalayas to revolt against deforestation. This movement is unique because of the simplicity of the method of revolt. Deforestation was encumbered by hugging trees when the woodmen came to ax them.

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2.Tribals of Singhbhum district



The tribals of the Singhbhum district led the Jungle Bachao Andolan in the 1980s. This protest started when the government decided to replace the natural sal forests with highly-priced teak, a move that was termed “a greed game,  for political populism

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    Vandana Shiva

3. Vandana Shiva

Vandhana Shiva empowered women through the Navdanya Movement in1982. Her ecofeminist movement reinstated a farming system centered on engaging women and changing the current system. She founded Navdanya in 1982, an organization promoting biodiversity conservation and organic farming.

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Ashok Khosla

4. Ashok Khosla

He empowered people by creating jobs through Development Alternatives, an NGO that he found in 1983, he began work towards financial, social, and environmental sustainability at the grass-root level. Over the years, his 15 environmentally-sound and commercially-viable technologies have generated more than three lakh jobs across India.

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Rajinder Singh

5. Rajinder Singh

He is famously known as “the waterman of India” he founded Tarun Bharat Sangh in 1985 and motivated Alwar’s Hamirpur villagers to harvest rainwater. His initiative helped in bringing water to 850 parched villages in Rajasthan

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6. K. Pachauri

K. Pachauri through The Research and Energy Institute stands at the forefront of international campaigns to reduce the debilitating climatic changes sweeping across the globe. While he did get embroiled in a sexual harassment complaint earlier this year, that may be a different part of his personality that we are talking about.

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Salim Ali


7. Salim Ali

He was an Indian ornithologist and naturalist; known as the “birdman of India”, Salim Ali was among the first Indians to conduct systematic bird surveys across India. He was instrumental in creating the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo National Park) and prevents the destruction of what is now the Silent Valley National Park



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