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7 Things Only A Rock & Metal Fan Can Understand!

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“Would you please turn the volume down or just switch it off?”

“What is wrong with your taste in music? Why can’t you listen to music that sounds more human-like and not all this beastly screaming and noise?”

Are you one of those who get to hear these things on a regular basis from the people around you? Does your choice of music, which gives you pleasure, become the cause of a headache for the people you live with? Then in all probability, you are a fan of one those starkly ‘different’ genres of music, Rock&Metal.


As a rock & metal fan, your taste in music is greatly misunderstood. But don’t stop yourself from doing your own thing. Standing out from the crowd isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So here are 7 things you would definitely relate to as an R&M fan:

1.Most of your friends can’t stand your playlist for more than 20 seconds

At the other end of the soft, deceptive intro, there’s a mix of everything you love – guttural vocals, screaming electric guitars, beats soaring at 250 beats per minute, singers with insane vocal ranges, and more. Heaven for you, “What-on-earth-is-going-on” for others.


2.And you can’t stand theirs for even a second

The regular mainstream music, the same old auto-tuned Pop and EDM irritates the heck out of you. You don’t understand why people like songs that use the word ‘Baby’ almost 3214 times. Where has all the lyrical & musical sensibility gone, you wonder? We prefer Metallica over Justin Bieber any day.


3. You can name more bands and artists than any of your friends

R&M is a not a single genre to be precise, but a collection of several sub-genres. Alternative rock, punk rock, metal, death metal, and the list goes on. And hence, new bands keep coming up every now and then. Which is brilliant for you ‘cause you can never get bored.


4. You have a soft corner for the colors black & blue

You like it bold. You like it gothic. You like the way your favorite artists dress up and accessorize. Hence, you will always love black & blue clothing, Gothic make-up, black nail-paint, and everything related to it.


5. Your introduction to English rock music, in all probability, was Linkin Park

That’s just how people in India learn to appreciate this genre. Most of us started listening to Linkin Park because our ‘bhaiya-didis’ or friends listened to it. We love the band even today, even if we have some more great bands in the R&M scene today. Chester Bennington’s vocals=Heaven, don’t argue with me.


6. You tend to appreciate natural rawness over artificial perfection

You understand the hard work that goes into performing at those R&M concerts. The technical difficulty of playing an instrument as well as singing in this genre is high. And this is why you appreciate the effortless switching between normal and guttural vocals, the blink-and-miss movement of their fingers on their guitars, the insane and almost superhuman playing of their super-complex drum-kits. You appreciate that honest rawness over auto-tune.


7. Your parents & neighbors believe that something is definitely wrong with you

When you blast that heavy metal music on your speakers, that belief is only strengthened. They secretly fear that you might just turn into a hippie or something, with tattoos and piercings all over your body and drugs in your pockets. They don’t need to worry though, ‘cause we all know it doesn’t work that way.

Your taste of music means a lot more to you than it does to most people. It isn’t just about something you can dance to at a party or sing along to when you are drunk. It is a way of life for you, because R&M has a song for almost every human emotion, which matches the intensity with which you feel it. So keep rocking, people, and listen to whatever on earth you want to!

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