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Airtel 4G VoLTE Service Up And Running

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Since the introduction of Jio services, the entire Telecom industry has been in turmoil. Jio, the new trendsetter in the Telecom industry, has miraculously risen to high levels of membership in a span of just a few short months. Leading telecom companies witnessed a drastic shrinkage in their market shares to the newcomer Reliance Jio. However, they are fighting back. They are coming up with new and innovative ideas to increase their customer base.

Airtel 4G VoLTE Service Up And Running 1

Recently, Airtel has introduced 4G VoLTE service in Mumbai. This feature will soon be released all over the country. This service works on the 4G network and offers high definition voice quality calls. A few advantages of using this feature is high-quality voice calls, faster connection, rich communication services, improved battery life, just to name a few.

This service was offered by Jio last year and their sales were through the roof. Now Airtel has also entered the VoLTE business and we can expect other telecom giants to enter too. One amazing feature to make note of is that calls will be charged according to your existing plan that is no extra cost will be incurred by the customer.

Airtel 4G VoLTE Service Up And Running 2

So if you want to start using this service, the first and foremost you must have a 4G sim. If you don’t, then please visit your nearby Airtel store and upgrade your sim. You can also check the list of phones compatible with the 4G network.  This list is put up on their site.

  • Once you have a 4G compatible phone and a 4G Airtel sim, you need to change your settings.
  • In an Android phone, go to Settings->Mobile Network->Turn on VoLTE calls.
  • Similarly, for a phone on the iOS platform, go to Settings-> Mobile Data ->Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G->Turn on voice and data.

However, before doing such changes make sure that you have updated your device as this is necessary for 4G VoLTE support.  Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you are good to go. Use the amazing feature and reap the benefits of VoLTE at standardized prices.

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