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An Amazing Guide To Marco Island

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Spending a weekend on Marco Island that is far from the main cities and is surrounded by water, is the best we can think of if given the option to describe our holiday destination. With Marco Island, we are here to open a wide range of possibilities and adventures that you would be undoubtedly be tempted by when on Marco Island.

Marco Island is a part of southwest Florida and covers the Gulf of Mexico from its sides. The south of Naples’ place can easily be reached through the fastest transportation mode, which is airways. The Marco Island Executive Airport has it all sorted.

Visiting Marco Islands without any guidance and pre-plan can cost you a lot, which is also true if you interact with people who have been to the place before. This possibility has high chances to ruin the overall experience, but we would not let anything take away your smiles.


Ultimate Guide to Marco Island For You

Where to Stay in Marco Islands

Figuring out where to stay in the first heavy task you have to overcome upon arriving at a new destination. Comparing the nearest places’ prices and amenities and comparing their reviews is quite hectic when all you came for is to relax.

Leave all the worries for a while and read out our mentions that have places in their descending order of price, all of them overlooking the beautiful beasts and the gulf coasts.

JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

Those of you who are blessed would definitely like to go for the best, and all of us know that what could be the best other than the facilities provided by this group of a hotel chain as famous as the JW Marriott.

The experience that would resonate for months and the luxury that is displayed in each move would make your stay super comfortable when you don’t even need to pick even a glass. Stay at the Marriott f your budget permits, as this is one of the most expensive places to stay on Marco Island.

Marco Island

Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa

Something for a medium budget is here while we descend down the ladder. The Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa is a beautifully relaxing place near the beach where all the spa, pool, and dining facilities are available for you at just one call.

With a comfortable and well-furnished room, the place has all things build massive and spacious.

Hilton Garden Inn Fort Myers

This would easily fit your budget and meet all your expectations without you compromising on any of them. Don’t go about the place’s price as it has all the facilities mentioned above—one of the best options to stay and enjoy at Marco Island.

Almost everyone really appreciates the food of this place, and all it calls for is a good dinner after a day that is well spent at Marco Island.

Marco Island

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Places to visit in Marco Island

Visiting such an amazing place won’t go well until you discover some of the best places to visit.

Tigertail Beach

When coming with an aim to spend time on the beautiful beaches, then not starting with a beach would not be justifiable in any case. So start your trip to Marco Islands with its all-time famous Tigertail Beach.

The leveled and plain tiger tail beach offers its tourists to go for kayaking and Paddleboat. Other activities that you can indulge in would be seeing dolphins by riding a cruise that takes you to the central point. Other water activities would include visiting the Cape Romano Shelling via a sightseeing boat.

Marco Island Historical Museum

Maintaining the fun and leisure vibe of Marco Island, the place would not burden you with loads of information that would b tough for you to digest but would present it all in a palatable form like a movie or a small workshop.

The place is interestingly informative, along with being a kid’s friendly and loving place. No one visiting the Marco Island Historical Museum ever gets bored or exhausted. You can complete the tour of the Museum in an hour or two and then can carry on by visiting other sites.

Marco Island

Frank E. Mackle Park

With a lake in between, the park is the best tourist spot for recreational purposes and walks at Marco Island. Much loved by the locals, the place is free to visit and remains open throughout.

You would always find people playing basketball, volleyball, or walking their digs around at the Frank E. Mackle Park.

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Cape Romano

Take a boat tour and visit this interesting and mysterious structure that happens to stand just in between the water with only its upper domes protruding out.

With the help of a guided tour, you can gather more information about the place along with knowing its history. The people who would be assisting you with the tour are super friendly and interactive and would give you first-hand information about Cape Romano.

Some unknown facts about the nearby islands and the shells that lie on them can also be discovered. The guides that are hired know almost everything about the place and its geography and amuse the visitors by sharing some.

Marco Island Farmers Market

This is an annual event that is mostly lined up for the month of December. Farmers and fishers get along and organize this event, which some of the fortunate tourists visit that happen to be at Marco Island. The event is a kind of food festival in which people sell many varieties of seafood, including some rare and common ones as well.

Exotic fruits and vegetables are also sold, and stalls are also put up for instant dishes.

Marco Island

Isles of Capri Marina

This is a place that can be visited in case you are looking out to explore the Gulf of Mexico on a boat. Boats ranging from all types and varieties are available. Depending upon your budget, you can hire vacation rentals for a day or some hours. These boats are super clean and hygienic and are cleaned after every trip.

Things to do in Marco Island

Sunset Cruise

Watching the sunset is the most awaited part of the day at Marco Island, which is fully filled with local cruises that people hire to witness the event while staying in water and peace.

Private cruises are also available that take you to the Gulf of Mexico to bless your eyes with such a beautiful sight. Sometimes dolphins also come out to witness the end of the day and add some special features to it.


Explore the mangrove areas of Marco Island with your kayaks. Observe the interactive and dependent nature of these trees that strongly support each other while also seeing flora and fauna in an unthinkable way. Let your thoughts get entwined with the surreal mystery of the place.

All of this is possible just at Marco Island that plans all of this exclusively for their visitors.

Marco Island

Jet Skiing

Chose your motorbike and ride the water in style with several tours that are available at Marco Island just for the purpose of jet skiing.

Jet Skiing is becoming popular day by day among the tourist as n inexpensive adventure activity and indeed is something worth going for.

Since the tour is made just for a limited number of people, so it is well planned and managed accordingly. If you want to opt for jet skiing, you can, of course, compare the prices and offers by different tour companies and pick the one that is the most suitable.


Fishing is something that most people symbolize as relaxing and recreational, and when at such a beautiful place, then no wonder you can crave for this activity all along.

Marco Island has planned it for you as well with Marco Island Inshore Fishing Charters. Pay a stipulated fee, and you can go on hunting the biggest fish in the pond.

Places to Eat in Marco Island

Please take into account some of the best places to eat at Marco Island as hunger can tighten its fist anytime.

Mango’s Dockside Bistro

A very friendly family restaurant that offers sushi as its signature dish is a place that you can go to in case you want to have your breakfast or lunch or crave something different to eat.

To know more about Mango’s Dockside Bistro or to book a table for yourself, visit their official website.

CJ’s on the Bay

With delicious food and chilled beverages, the CJ’s on the Bay is one of the best places to eat in Marco Island.

They keep a dish for the day, which is impressive for the day. Try out their food and return to your hotel with its taste lingering all along.

The place can be crowded at times, especially during the evenings.

The SpeakEasy Marco Island

The sophisticated place of SpeakEasy Marco Island offers waterfall dining and is a place near water.

The place loved by people looking for some unique and interesting setting and is the best place for a dinner date.

So this was the ultimate guide to Marco Island. The list includes all the things that you need to have handy when you visit the place. Try them out, and I can ensure you that all the choices are the best and are thoroughly compared and evaluated.

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