Angabam: Moving Story of 1 Man Who Saved Lives

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Angabam is the result of the efforts taken by Mr. Mohammad Rafi to serve the needy people without any self-benefit.

“It’s not a herculean task to help people if you decide not to give up on your own faith and courage”.

Here, is a story of someone who intended to make it big by helping the homeless mentally ill people lying roadside without any fortune.

All About The Beginning Of Angabam: A Miracle Place

With hope for helping people with mental disorders, Mr. Mohammad Rafi came as a savior for many mentally retired folks. He took the initiative to serve the people with mental disorders and illnesses by taking them to his own premises (home). The belief to help others was bigger and larger than his home. And the same brings the idea of establishing Angabam in Mr. Rafi’s mind. The whole journey of establishing Angabam started from various streets of Chennai the place where Mr. Mohammad Rafi cared for these needy people left with no hope.

He started this journey of helping people all alone without any help. Then after, all the care and needful for few people with a mental disorder he decided to give a broad vision to many other people out there.  There the idea of establishing an organization to help all the people in need of therapy and various other scientific treatments with an altruistic intention. The organization is also providing rehabilitation and all other facilities for making someone stand strong out of health disorders. In a world where people have nothing to deal with someone else’s interest, and help is just a word fixed in a dictionary. Angabam is doing something worth billions of smiles that makes a huge inspiration for the whole world.


What Do They Do?

Angabam helps people in need of physical and symmetrical therapy and provides rehabilitation to people with abnormal functioning. Sometimes, this organization goes beyond its criteria and helps every people to their fullest. From rescuing more than 4000 people to reuniting more than 3500 people with their families. The Angabam rehabilitation center established by Mr. Mohammad Rafi in 2002 is for roadside people begging for help that needs proper care to recover.

This center rescues those people from the roadside with the help of police officials and gets them to the center providing all the treatment for them to heal. The organization tries to provide good accommodation and a spacious environment to the people for making them feel more comfortable. By providing adequate food, clothes, and other essentials, they help these people to meet their families if possible in the future.

Here, you could definitely call this organization a savior for all the people living their life with any support and don’t have the option to do better.  This center doesn’t have any specific strategy behind its purpose of serving people but they try to limit their service to the city of Chennai only.

Angabam is not only home to mentally ill people but a great initiative to lighten the power of humanity for every human out there. The organization is running like a dream of Mr. Mohammad Rafi and his daughter with lots of emotions and hard work. The staff of the place is also trying their best to help all the homeless mentally ill people and to keep them under the shade of happiness.

Angabam is also supported by some donors and volunteers who intend to help these people with mental illness. It not false to say that this initiative taken by Mr. Mohammad Rafi will not only bring happiness in the life of the orphans but great respect for himself by the whole nation.

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Never Hesitate To Serve People And Dream Big: By A Philanthropic Human

Mr. Mohammad Rafi showed courage to bring orphans (mentally ill) to their homes and served them to the fullest by his part. He never hesitated to show kindness and always tried to do his best for the homeless people. He believed that helping others is the most impressive sign of humanity. He did all these without any self-centered or egotistical attitude. His daughter came up as a companion for Mr. Mohammad Rafi showing the same unflinching and plucky attitude to help others. From establishing Angabam to keep it running to date, Mr. Mohammad Rafi never loses heart.

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Dedication Leads To Success

It’s never late to big bream even if you feel that’s beyond your capacity, this thought of Mr. Mohammad Rafi is now named as “Angabam”. The center is the hard work, dedication, and not giving up the attitude of Mr. Mohammad Rafi. Mr. Rafi’s dreams are now shared by his daughter Rafiya who is working hard to give a smile on the face of many people dying every other day. Initially, not everything was in the favor of Mr. Mohammad Rafi, but dedication started supporting his success.

Mr. Mohammad Rafi took the courage to help others to make a statement for every individual not willing to serve others. The dream of Mr. Mohammad Rafi is now gained much popularity to include many other dreamers in their team. There are many other people, associations, and organizations willing to help this organization with its great work.

This organization grew with time with the help of many angels associated with the organization in the name of the trustee. The organization is now blessed with the support of many social workers willing to serve humanity on the plate of needy people.

Help Is The Key To Humanity

Help is the real definition of humanity, and it would make an impact on someone else’s life. Help is not only about dreaming but making an effort by trying out Mr.Mohammad Rafi made all the effort singlehandedly just with a sign of humanity called “help”.

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Pave Your Way Towards Humanity By Helping Others

Mr. Mohammad Rafi, with his work ethics and organization, is deepening the understanding of what it means to be a self-sacrificing and public-spirited human.

Angabam has raised the values and morality of every citizen by becoming an outstanding inspiration for them. Angabam proves that success begins with a positive attitude and the hope to achieve the best.

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