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Apple Picking NC : 10 Best Orchards

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Apple picking NC is a frolicking and fun activity, which is a must-do when you go to North Carolina. There are multiple orchards strewed across North Carolina, which offers sweet to tart apples according to your choice and taste. Many of these orchards offer apple picking NC, or they will pick apples for you.

Seasons of apple picking NC starts from late-august through September and ends in October. There are forty varieties of  NC apples with distinct features, including the difference in taste, crunchiness, and size. Apple picking NC is also celebrated as an apple festival too.

Let’s look into the different apple orchards you must visit for apple picking NC while you are a resident of North Carolina or visiting the city.

Orchards to visit:

1. Knob Creek Orchards, Lawndale NC

Knob Creek Orchards is one of the best options for apple picking NC if you don’t want to venture out into the apple fields. The orchard will pick apples for their visitors and put them in large bins. You can choose and freshly picked apples that are organic and environment friendly.

You can mix and match the apple you want, which is sold by kilos rather than specific apples’ price. As you visit this orchard, don’t forget to try their delicious range of delicacies like apple butter, apple cider, apple jelly, and apple ice-cream.

Accompanying all that, they also offer a whole range of handmade ice-cream. All of the items they make are fresh and home-made.

apple picking nc

2. Millstone Creek Orchards, Ramseur NC

Millstone Creek Orchards should be one of the must-visit places for apple picking NC. The orchard offers to pick your own apples. They also hold their own Apple fest that you can enjoy. There you can enjoy a good demonstration on cider pressing or ride on a tractor for a hayride that will take you around the orchard farm.

Visitors are also encouraged to participate in apple bobbing and join Mr. Appleseed to join a tale. You can also binge on tasty apple cider doughnuts and apple cider slushies. The orchard can also be booked for private ceremonies like weddings or other celebrations.

If you miss the apple picking NC season, don’t freight. You can join Millstone in their fall festivities and Christmas.

apple picking nc

3.  Creasman Farms, Hendersonville NC

Creasman Farms grows forty types of apples and many other hybrids. They only open on Sunday for apple picking NC, where you can get native North Carolina apples from 1 PM to 5 PM. This farm is owned and run by a family who is passionate about apples and farming.

Rest of the week, they sell fresh apples, vegetables, and other seasonal fruits in the local markets. Hence you can get apples if you miss the Sunday u-pick. You can also buy other fruits and vegetables along with fresh NC apples.

You can also buy apple butter, fried apple pies, and other lip-smacking food items that they make using their harvest. You can also pick strawberries, pumpkins, sunflowers, and asparagus from their farm.

apple picking nc

4. Carrigan Farms, Mooresville NC

Carrigan Farms has one of the best apple picking NC experience; you can take a half-peck size bag which you can fill with apples you can take from trees. You can get any type of NC apple Carrigan grows. They have a variety of red and yellow apples.

Visitors need to take a hayride to the apple orchard; you can pick apples of your choice. You can also buy apple cider there. The farm also has a corn maze where they grow Indian corn. In their local market, you can buy corn, strawberries, vegetables, and local honey.

Besides apple picking NC, you can also go for strawberry and pumpkin picking. Interested people can book the farm for weddings and other events.

apple picking nc

5. The Orchard at Altapass, Spruce Pine NC

Near Blue Ridge Parkway, The Orchard at Altapass is a vital location not only for apple picking NC but is a historically famous face. This orchard is renowned for their Heirloom Apples, which are apples from trees which were grown by original owners. This makes the apple heirloom of the orchard.

You can buy and pick various types of apples which can be used in cooking, baking, or just eating it like that. Just buy a half-peck bag, and then you can go for apple picking. Visitors can choose and pluck any of your favorites.

In their general store, you can buy a hot apple pie and other food items like jams, dips, salsas, honey, and jellies made from their apples, other fruits, and vegetables.

apple picking nc

6. Apple Hill Orchard and Cider Mill, Morganton NC

Apple Hill Orchard and Cider Mill have over 22 varieties of apples, but only 18 types available for public apple picking in NC. While they allow u-pick of apples and peaches, they get the best of their harvest in the local market.

If you go there for apple picking NC or just buy the apples from their local market or order, do not miss out on their fresh apple cider. The orchard specializes in homemade apple cider, which is appreciated by the locals and guests.

Their bakery also offers homemade baked delicacies like apple cider donuts, apple donuts, apple bread. Many different apple pies like apple fried pies, crumb-top-pie, and apple pie brittle are also available. Apple cakes, muffins, and crisp is something to try.

apple picking nc

7. Top Orchard, Flat Rock NC

Being one of the best orchards for apple picking NC, Sky Top Orchard provides various types of apples to choose from. Plan your visit around the time of the peak season of the apple you like. A tractor will take the visitors to the orchards.

They also offer a demonstration on pressing to make apple cider. You can buy hot apple cider, caramel apples, and fudge apples. Sky Top Orchards also has a bamboo forest which you can go for a walk.

apple picking nc

If apple picking NC is not your idea of a good weekend, then North Carolina has got your back. Two amazing festivals happen to celebrate apple harvesting and products made from those same apples. So let’s get into the two apple festivals.

Apple Festivals You Can not Miss

1. The NC Apple Festival, Hendersonville NC

The festival is all about the enjoyment of their visitors and the sale of all the vendors who come to this festival. The duration of the festival is four days and usually takes place in September when apple picking NC is at its peak.

The festival has a street fair where you can buy and appreciate food, crafts, superior apple products, apples, and exhibits. You can get a glimpse of the King Apple Parade, which is a spectacular march around the festival. The parade has impressive floats, cars, and other things that are expertly made and move in unison.

While you go around the festival, live music will accompany you throughout the whole day. Many events occur like the mineral show, cars show, a mini-marathon, nearby apple orchard tours, bike tours, and fun recipes made from apple competition.

During the weekends, in the NC Apple Festival, the street fair increases with more apple orchards participating. They have an apple tasting booth and small spots to sell their apples and apple products like apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, fried apple pies, caramel apples, and many others.

WNC Museum has also opened a particular segment during the festival. They give a tour on antique planes which cost around 15$ per seat. Not only is it an excellent experience, but it also drives your adrenaline to high levels.

The festival is held to celebrate and honor the apple crops around it.

apple picking nc

2. Apple Harvest Festival, Waynesville NC

One of the best fall harvest festivals in the Nation, the Apple Harvest Festival, lives up to its name. This one-day festival takes place in October and has an ever-increasing number of vendors and visitors coming to their festival every year.

The festival is all about celebrating the variety of apples grown in North Carolina. When you get to Main Street, where many vendors have apple tasting booths, you should buy some local apples, the star of this apple festival.

Other events that take place are arts and crafts event which celebrates the culture of Smoky Mountains. Various exhibitions and live entertainment are also present. Main Street has lots of breweries, restaurants, and other shops to go through.

The orchards that participate also bring their special delicacies like fresh apple tarts, pies, caramel apples, apple ice cream, and cider. You can also have a hand-on experience with pressing apple cider.

apple picking nc

Apple Picking Nc

Well, those were all the things you could do during the apple picking NC. So, plan your trip according to the season in which your favorite apples are available. If you are confused when your favorites are available for apple picking NC, you can always contact the orchard you want to visit.

You can contact the orchard via email or contact number or through their website. Try to book your spot early too. The festivals are a must when you go to North Carolina, so try to go around that time. Enjoy your apple picking NC trip if you go there.

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