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12 Best Beaufort NC Restaurants

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You don’t need to make a tough choice when it comes to the Best of Beaufort NC restaurants any longer now as we have got your back this time and would be assisting you throughout.

Making food choices could be really difficult at times and especially when you have to decide for the group and reach a unanimous decision. Still, by just following our simple suggestion and going through the list of best Beaufort NC restaurants, you can gain a lot of credit because of the tremendously good selection you would make later.

All the mentions made are just the ones that you can blindly follow without browsing the web for any longer. Some of them are located beside crystal shores, while others in the main town. Read further to know more.

Best Beaufort NC Restaurants

City Kitchen

With a superb rating, City Kitchen brags a spot in the list of best Beaufort Nc restaurants. The restaurant specialises in American cuisines with the freshest seafood being liked by all. As it is said that the food served should first please the eyes, City Kitchen with its premium cutlery makes the food presented stand out. The food is presented with utmost precision each thing is properly placed in its place.

To add more variety to the menu, the restaurant has a range of fresh local dishes to be served along. Vegetarian and gluten-free options can also be availed. With impressive customer service and staff that would recommend the best of words would help you out in every way. Don’t forget to have some dessert and choose from the bewildering options available.

The outer staff and the inner kitchen staff are very much humble, and the executive chef pays exclusive visits outside to check customer satisfaction. Special requests of the guests are met soon leaving no room for any complaint or grievance.

The location that serves the best overlooking the marina has the prettiest sunset ever. City Kitchen’s Appetizers and salads have made a place in the hearts of the people.

Beaufort NC restaurants

Aqua Restaurant

This international origin Beaufort Nc restaurant located at 114 middle Ln, Beaufort would serve the best purpose for a date night with its perfect dining experience.

Probably one of the best among the Beaufort NC restaurants, Aqua Restaurant has local Seafood and American cuisine to serve.

Called a Foodie paradise, the place is specially decorated with a different theme each weekend. People praise the way they serve pepper hummus and blackened shrimps and grits. Aqua restaurants have some of the most splendid restaurant features that are appreciated by all.

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Beaufort Grocery Co

One of the best dining destinations among the Beaufort NC restaurants with crab cake being the soul of the place. With a wooden setting and fantastic seating arrangements are restaurants manage their space well in a systematic manner, making it look spacious and arranged.

With all the breakfast lunch options available, its soups steal all the limelight. Enjoy its crispy and freshly baked buns and croissants that would compliment any dish that is served at the Beaufort Grocery Co earning a rightful name in the list of best Beaufort NC restaurants.

34 North Restaurant

A lavish mention on the list of the best Beaufort NC restaurants as the place is vast, spacious, and is of course filled with some natural daylight during the day.

Visiting one of the Beaufort NC restaurants could be a bit heavy on your pockets as such experiences cost a bit high. A perfect place for thanksgiving and for meetings and conferences over dinner. With well dressed and well-behaved staff, the 34 degree North Restaurant calls for a sure visit.

Beaufort NC restaurants

Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant

Located in the historic district, right in the front street, one of the Beaufort NC restaurants offers a United states TV show appeal. With inner bricked walls and old school designing the Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant could possibly be your lunch and dinner solution with great food that can go with every mood and occasion.

The authentic bar serves as the best place to hang out with minimum pricing that would not hinder your budget in any way.

Front Street Grill at Stillwater

With an exotic and chilled outdoor setting, having your lunch or dinner beside water would be a fun experience. Such an upgraded dining facility is the specialty of only the Beaufort NC Restaurants. The Front Street Grill’s inner seating arrangements at Stillwater are nothing less than the outside with adjacently arranged tables covered with heavy clothing with all the necessary cutlery placed on top of it representing the best of fine dining.

The restaurant ranks medium in budget and pricing, please call them in case of any query or reservation-related issues or information. The courteous staff would be at their foot to help you out.

Having grilled present in its name how can such a place not serve the best of grilled food in Beaufort NC. The Front Street Grill at Stillwater would plate the freshly grilled and barbequed food on the table.

Beaufort NC restaurants

Black Sheep Beaufort NC

The Eastern North Carolina restaurant has a foppish name with a nicely done interior which is plain and subtle. This eccentric Beaufort NC restaurant is just the right place to show up anytime for a crispy pizza, chilled beverages, or some healthy salads. Inspired by the rustic charms, the Beaufort NC restaurants believe in catering the same food with its own personal touch and with the vision of doing so, it has come a long way through.

Its pizzas are baked in a brick oven, a technique that was used in the earlier times to make the pizza crisp and its toppings cooked at just the right temperature, making it retain its juicy flavour.

Do try their signature cocktail that is served with all the love and passion. Talking about the salads which are made from freshly chopped and vegetables seasoned with exotic toppings and dressings.

Frinz Grill and Bar

Specializing in local cuisines and American dinner, this one of the best Beaufort NC restaurants is located at 330 Front St, Beaufort NC.

Being the locals favourite the Frinz Grill and Bar has a lovely staff and servicing the made available as soon as you take a step inside the Frinz Grill and Bar. The Bar would be a leisurely place with a variety of drinks to choose from. The place never seems overcrowded and maintains the proper distancing between each customer.

No Name Pizza and Subs

Located at 408 Live Oak Street, Beaufort NC, the no-name Pizza and Subs calls for multiple visits. With all the facilities of take away and dine in, the No Name Pizza and subs have a wide menu to choose from. With easy to reach location, the combo platters are offered, but they are just irresistible.

This one of the best Beaufort NC restaurants is working successfully since 1962 and hence specifically know what to serve. Customer satisfaction and guaranteed revisit are their promises and open to all the suggestions and comments.

Floyd’s 1921 Restaurant

If there is something that would please you to the core with its brightly coloured dishes that serve the right way making so go insane after tasting them. There delicate platting looks like the work of some profession with the food cooked just the right.

It is not just the Food that makes Floyd’s 1921 One of the best Beaufort NC Restaurant but several other factors contribute extensively towards making it the best, one of which is the live music. Spending evenings at Floyd’s could be one of the most memorable experiences and evenings spent in Beaufort, NC.

A great place to celebrate birthday parties with all the arrangements made according to your requirements from their side.

Beaufort NC restaurants

Cru Wine Bar and Beaufort Coffee Shop

Providing the best view until now on the list of best Beaufort NC restaurants which opens up to the scene of water with several boats and cruises parked. Located at 120, Turner Street, Beaufort NC, the place has huge cupboards with their wine collection on display. All the walls are lined by such cupboards carrying the unknown and exclusive variety.

The place won’t cost much but would definitely give you an experience that would be worth much more.

Parrott’s on 11th

One of the best places to visit and dine in at Morehead City. Make the perfect plan to dine in here in its front open porch that is made wholly comfortable and colourful contrasting with the subtle grey and soothing white of the walls.

Optimal for a day or evening visit with food that is extremely tasty and mouth-watering.

These are all the best Beaufort NC Restaurants that are fully reliable to trust and visit them on our assurance. We can assure you that you won’t feel that you have wasted even a single dollar by following this complete list of the best places to eat and you are going to love the experience and cherish the food served.

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