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Become Vintage Photography Expert:11 Helpful Tips

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Vintage photography is nostalgia! Even with all the advancements in photography, we can see vintage images everywhere, from fashion to social media.

Vintage is making its way back. People are going crazy about vintage photos. Young couples often choose vintage photography styles for their pre-wedding shoot as they look glamorous & timeless.

Vintage photography has a very loud & distinct attribute in it. This attribute is so powerful that it can trigger everyone’s memories fully loaded with emotions and feelings.

It has got into everyone’s nerves, from hobbyists to professional photographers. Vintage photography isn’t about applying a retro filter on your cell. Besides, it’s an incredibly fun and gifted experience to take &  much more than that. So, how do you go about creating vintage photography?

Are you’re interested in vintage photography? Keep reading for some cool ways to create your amazing vintage pictures!

Editing Apps/Filters for Vintage Photography

Life has gone so more comfortable with the arrival of applications. We have got almost every app for a physical tool that ever existed, and every day there’s a new app for our convenience. As a photography hobbyist, I use a bunch of different apps that not only make my pictures more vibrant but also, make them stand out in the crowd.

1. Huji Cam:

Vintage Photography
Image Source: photo.maahalai.com

As of today, most of the smartphone companies are mainly focusing on better camera smartphones for everyone, so that, you can click very crisp and clear photographs. But the problem is, back in the ’90s, taking a picture used to felt like capturing a memory.

Still, as of today, it does not feel like that! So people started looking for alternatives, and they found Huji Cam, which is an excellent app for taking photographs as if old school.

One of my classmates started using this app, and he loved it! Because the photograph felt like keeping memory and it stood out among his other pictures on his social profile. However, the app’s interface is flawed.

They’ve tried too much to make the interface look like an exact copy of the camera. I would’ve preferred more options and varieties for the users, not the replica of the camera because it’s a phone’s app!


(Google Play Store)- “It’s a great app. I like the look of this effect, which is not found anywhere else. I hope there will be more effects on future updates! Also, I just bought the premium pack, so now I can have this effect on my older photos too!”

2. VSCO:

vintage photography
Image Source: iphonemod.net

Taking the high-resolution pictures is not enough. You need to make them stand out and bring out all their vibrant colors. It cannot be done with an ordinary photo editing app because of the lack of options.

But, VSCO is no ordinary photo editing app, its more like a combination of the best photo & video editing app. I’ve been using VSCO since 2014, and I haven’t stopped loving. It’s always the go tool for editing photographs.

It adds such a crisp detail in photographs that are not easily found. It is so simple to use. Click a filter, and there you go, and not only that, but it also offers many editing options.

However, it not mainly focused on vintage photography. But, there are so many filters available for creating a vintage look not just for your photographs, but also for your videos.

The community of VSCO is so big that there are hundreds of recipes out there to make your photographs and videos look best. However, VSCO mainly focuses on filtering pictures and videos, making them look best but does not offer any tools for creativity as compared to its competition Picsart.


(Google Play Store)- “I love VSCO! I think it is such a freeing and creative platform that fosters growth with visual media such as photos and videos.

I love the design and simplicity of the app. It’s very easy for anyone to use.

I do have a few critiques. Sometimes it has a few glitches in it (example: changing the thumbnail.) ”

3. 1998 Cam:

As I love taking photographs with a vintage vibe, I always keep a separate camera application for that. Unlike the Huji Cam, the 1998 cam has a modern look and the interface is just like phone applications should have.

But, what differs it even more from the other camera apps is the date stamp on every photograph taken from this app, thereby giving your photographs an even more vintage vibe.

The 1998 Camera is a trendy camera app. It’s useful for young people and even professional photographers who like taking, editing, and sharing photos and videos on social media.


(Google Play Store)- “I have never written a review before, but I HAVE TO for this app! I love the filters and edit options!

The price is great for a lifetime ability to use. I also haven’t had any glitches. Five stars.”

Vintage Cameras:

Remember the time when people used to take pictures of spending time with their families or playing with their pets? Feels like you’ve lost that feeling? Well, there are cameras available out there that will definitely give you that nostalgic vibe of taking pictures as an old school photographer with today’s technology.

1. Fujifilm X100F:

vintage photography
Image Source: live.staticflickr.com

Fujifilm X100F should be the first choice when it comes to a vintage camera. The whole camera gives you the vibes of a retro-style camera, but the quality being of today’s camera.

The camera comes with a classic rangefinder build, 16-megapixel sensor, advanced hybrid viewfinder, and a 3-inch LCD screen. All these combine to give you that feeling of having a retro-style camera in 2020.

Thee pictures taken by this camera are sharp, and the button on the camera has been placed as you would find on a 90’s camera. I would recommend Fujifilm X100F to all the professionals and hobbyists.

It’s an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t care about the technical aspect but enjoys more having a camera with a vintage vibe to it. However, it’s too expensive for someone who is just going to keep it on a shelf in the bedroom.


(Amazon.com)- “The product was well packaged and delivered in great condition- zero reasons to complain. As far as the product itself goes, The Fuji X100F is just an amazing camera. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery, created to a very high standard of workmanship.

Easily as good, if not better than a Leica, at a fraction of the price. Amazing colors, very easy to use, and great controls for adjusting everything on the fly.”

2. Sony RX1R II:

Let’s shout out to Sony for returning to the field of compact cameras. Sony RX1R II has been given the title of the luxury compact camera due to its price tag of $3,300 on amazon.

However, if you’re an art enthusiast, it is worth every penny. It comes with a 35mm lens with the adjustable sensors for capturing 43 megapixels photographs, making it a perfect camera for street photography.

The camera gives you all the vintage vibe you need from the outside and from the inside. It gives you all the features you can expect from a camera of today’s time.


(Amazon.com)- “Ironically, I went to multiple lenses from the point-and-shoot, and now have to relearn old habits. The color depth and sharpness and the uncompressed ARW raw files are impressive. I use this as a ‘toss in the bag’ pro-quality camera when I’m just running around in the urban environment that I usually shoot in. I’m tempted to look at the Sony a7RIII now.”

3. Mint InstantFlex TL70 2.0:

Vintage Photography
Image Source: Wikimedia

The Mint IntantFlex TL70 2.0 is like no other vintage camera I’ve seen before to this day. It looks so vintage, and it’s an instant camera. The most favorable quality of this camera its antique look even after being manufactured in today’s times.

It offers features like aperture control and full focus to give you more control while capturing an instant photo, and it also comes with an inbuilt flash for low light photography. However, people have found some issues related to exposure control. However, it’s definitely a great option for standing out from the crowd.


(Amazon.com)- “Really impressed with what you can get out of the instant film with this. The 5.6 aperture has a very usable focus plane that takes great portraits. Focusing is tricky, so be willing to waste a few rolls while you learn the quirks.

Fun to shoot with, and people love being able to take the pictures with them. Because of the high price of admission, I feel like I’m more inclined to create opportunities to put it to use.”

DIY Clothes & Accessories for Vintage Photography:

Clicking some high-quality photographs from the camera, applying some amazing filters from the smartphone to make it appear like vintage photography, all this would never fill the gap that clothing has.

We’ve talked about the apps that can help you with vintage photography. We’ve talked about some fantastic cameras that you can hold and feel that nostalgic vibe of doing vintage photography.

Let’s talk about one factor that completes your vintage photography treat! It is re-creating clothes and accessories having vintage appeal from regular clothes.

1. Add Lace to Lengthen That Old Skirt:

Do you have an old skirt that you think is too short because you used to wear that when you were in high school or perhaps you think it fits you but looks too plain?

I think that skirt is still worth wearing, or rather Elemental Carbon believes it’s still worth it. Because all it needs is little work from your side! At the bottom edge of the skirt, take the measurements and then sew 2-3 pretty laces of the exact inches all along. It will give the skirt an extra length and would look even more appealing.

2. Necklace From a Necktie:

vintage photography
Image Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Some fabric materials are so that good that it gets tough to resist and throw them, even if you think, you would never wear them.

Neckties can be one good example. They come in so many neat patterns and colors. Here’s a suggestion to check this article and learn turning the clothing material like a necktie into a necklace, to get the vintage vibe.

3. Fabric Flower Embellished Cardigan:

Imagine a vintage cardigan that fits you properly. How happy you would be!

But, sometimes there’s a stockpile of plain, simple cardigans in the same colors and yet you neither wear them nor put them away. It is because you like them so much. Check out this article to know how to recreate your old and vintage cardigan.

A cute solution to the plain counterparts of vintage cardigans is that you can give it a little extra flair by putting flurry flowers near the collar.

4. Vintage Dress Shirt Tote Bag:

We all have got an old shirt that we don’t like because it fits loosely or the wrong size was purchased! Every clothing material has a beauty, and with little sewing experience, you turn cloth like a large shirt into a vintage style clothing piece.

To do that, check out this article. It will tell you how to do that perfectly!

5. Men’s Shirt Turned Into a Skirt:

vintage photography

Believe me or not, somewhere women love men’s clothing with some modifications. You can turn a men’s outfit into a whole different piece. How about men’s shirt changed into a skirt instead?

Check out some lovely designs here. See, how the beautiful patterns and style of a shirt have been changed in a whole new stylish way. It would suit your vintage vibe.

We live in the digital age, where taking photographs has gotten so easy for anyone. We might have lost the real motive of taking a photograph, and by doing vintage photography, we might get it back.

Now, you know what to opt for bringing the vintage looks to any picture on your smartphone, which professional cameras to choose for vintage photography, and also some tips for the girls to dress like a vintage one? Combine all these and find your vintage look and shock everyone with your vintage photography skills!

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