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Being Homosexual: Next To A Crime In India.

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The sense of homosexuality is such a debated topic associated with hatred, fear, prejudice, and disgust. It is quite shocking to see so many stereotypes regarding homosexuals prevalent among our country’s people despite so much development and education. Humiliation, exploitation, and torture are what most homosexuals face in their life.

It feels so disgusting to hear that the WHO, until a few decades ago, mentioned homosexuality as a disease, but we need to understand that homosexuality is not an option one can choose; it is a natural tendency. Even some of the leaders of our nation have quite narrow-minded opinions on this topic.

Homosexuality In Ancient India

Homosexuality and sexual tolerance have been an integral part of Indian history. Homosexuality has an ancient history in India, and it was only British colonialism that brought the current prejudice to India.

Ancient texts like Rig Veda and sculptures depict sexual acts between women as revelations of a feminine-hood where sexuality was based on pleasure and fertility.

The presence of homosexuality is also well documented in relics from ancient times. Khajuraho Monuments and the Kama sutra are the greatest artifacts from India’s past, which depict homosexuality. The sexual postures portrayed in the Khajuraho Monuments are visual guides to Kama Sutra.

The Kama Sutra is a group of people who lived in southern India and practiced unnatural sexual practices. Apart from these pieces of evidence, Babur’s autobiography is another remnant containing shreds of evidence of Indians’ homosexual past.

Contemporary Problems Faced By Homosexual In Our Country

  • Homelessness-This is one of the biggest issues concerning homosexuals. As soon as homosexual kids declare their identity to their parents, they are not accepted, and to use a harsh term, and they are kicked out of their houses. Most people also do not give their houses on rent to homosexual people.
  • Health issues- Homosexuality leads to many health problems that non-homosexual people definitely do not have to face. Homosexuals possess a greater risk of gynecological health problems; on the other hand, medical facilities for this group of people are meager as the doctors who cater to the problems of homosexuality are rarely available in the country.
  • Economic inequality¬†Homosexual people face marginalization and discrimination as far as economic opportunities are concerned. Homosexual families are more likely to be living below the poverty line than heterosexual families.
  • Other miscellaneous problems– There are a whole lot of other problems which homosexuals face. People judge them as thieves or murderers and treat them as a curse, They laugh at them, and the list is endless.

The way forward

India is on its way to become a developed country shortly. But this cannot be made possible unless and until people get rid of their narrow-minded views regarding a group of our countrymen Рthe gay community. We should all strive to create an all-inclusive society where homosexuals are treated as part of society. This would definitely be a great leap forward in this direction. 

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