10 Most Bizarre Sexual Cultures And Practices

10 Most Bizarre Sexual Cultures And Practices 1

Sex is considered a symbol of love, excitement, and bonding between the two lovers. For centuries, the word SEX itself makes people crazy and creates a feeling of kinkiness. Though the customs may vary from one culture to other certain weird sexual activities are being carried out but to think about them only will make you go WTF


1. The Trobriand


The Trobriander Tribe from Papua, New Guinea are very liberal while considering their sexual activities. From a very tender age, they are subjected to sexuality i.e girls from the age of 6-8, and boys start engaging in sexual activities at the age of 10-12.

Isn’t that strange??

2. Boys & girls of the Sambian tribe have to drink semen


Boys of the Zambian tribe to prove their masculinity has to undergo a HOMOSEXUALITY TEST i.e. they have to drink the semen of their elders. When the boys of this tribe reach the age of 6-10, they are separated from the presence of all females, body piercings and nose bleeding, vomiting, etc.. are the stages of their test.

3-The Nepalese


Brothers share a common wife in remote areas of Nepal, brothers of a family often marry one woman so that they can keep family wealth together.

Things are easier this way because everything we have stays in one family. It doesn’t get divided among many wives and it is me in charge,” said Sangmo.

4. Cambodian fathers build sex huts for their 9 to 13-year-old daughters

People of the kreung tribe believe that women of their tribe can be empowered if they are let to spend a night with different men of their own country. For this, fathers of this tribe build sex huts for their daughters where women of every age can have sex until the time they find ONE TRUE LOVE.

5. Women of the Guajiro tribe must make a man ‘fall’ to make love 


Guajiro tribe of Columbia participates in ceremonial dance, if during the dance a woman can trip a man then they must have sex.

6. Pon Celebration


People of Indonesia have a holiday celebration seven times a year called pon. In this celebration, participants have intercourse with some other person i.e other than their wife and husband. This is considered a sign of fortune and good luck, only if you have sex with the same person every time.

7. Wife stealing festival 


Wadeable tribe in South Africa to impress women put on a spectacular show where they apply large amounts of makeup and dress up in the hope of stealing another man’s wife. Women of this tribe have the whole power as they can have sex with as many men they want before marriage and even can have more than one husband.

8. Ancient Greece


Sex is not identified by gender instead men consider young boys as lovers. People of Ancient Greece have defined particular roles by which they give preference that is the active penetrator and passive penetrator. Each role has a particular meaning associated with it. Active penetrator defines high social status while passive defines boy loves or youth and feminity.

9.  Modern Iranian culture


Muslims of Iran can have a temporary marriage based on money and time for which the couple wants to get married. Muslims are considered strictest in terms of sexual intercourse, for instance, couples are only allowed to have sex in missionary position.

But in countries like Iran, they can dictate a short ceremony and pay for their temporary marriage and after that can have sex like bunnies.

10. Rural Austria


During a ritual dance in Austria, girls keep apple slices crammed in their armpits. After the dance, girls give their used apple slice to a boy whom they liked most. If the feeling is mutual boy needs to wolf down the slice.

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