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Best 10 Hikes In Bend Oregon

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If you are searching for the best hikes in Bend Oregon, you have come to the right place. Here you will get all the information about where you should go for a trek in Bend Oregon.

Bend is Central Oregon’s largest city; it is considered the region’s metropolis despite its modest size. The name “Bend” was derived from “Farewell Bend.” It’s the designation used by early pioneers to refer to the location along the Deschutes River trail.

Tourism and hiking in Bend Oregon, are one of Bend’s largest sectors of the economy. Bend has also hosted one of the top Indie festivals in the nation, The Bend Film Festival.

It is the home to International Basketball League, West Coast Collegiate Baseball League, Soccer League, and many other regionally, nationally, and internationally played sports.

hikes in bend oregon
Bend Oregon

Top 10 Hikes In Bend Oregon For You To Explore

Here is the list of 10 wonderful and must-see hikes in Bend Oregon.

1. Misery Ridge Trail Loop

Hikes in bend oregon
Misery Ridge Trail Loop

This route joins many other segments of this trail, which are Mesa Verde trail and River trail, to make a loop. This trail starts when hikers cross the Crooked River at the park’s entry point. The course actually starts at the bridge, which has three ways to get on it.

One of the binding sites on the backside is a colossal rock pinnacle resembling Monkeyface, where you can often see the hikers. There are beautiful wildlife and scenic beauty near the riverside. The total distance of the loop is about 3.7 miles.

2. Obsidian Trail

hikes in bend oregon
Obsidian Trail

This trail is located in the three sisters’ wilderness. It consists of dense forest, alpine meadows, streams, swampy lakes, waterfalls, lava fields, and the sparkling sunshine from the obsidian rocks. It is considered the most beautiful hikes in Bend Oregon.

It is about 19 kilometers long, and the back trail is located near Blue River. Its elevation is about 1800 feet, so it needs a bit of planning for hikers to hike in this place. It opens in the mid of July until the snow-packed mountains get melted. This is one of the most visited hikes in Bend Oregon.

3. Pilot Butte

hikes in bend oregon
Pilot Butte

The Pilot Butte is one of the top attractions of the hikes in Bend Oregon. It rises nearly 500 feet(150m) above the ground and a 2.9-kilometer-long trail around the base of Pilot Butte. From the top of this volcano, the entire city of Bend Oregon, including the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Mount Bachelor.

It is believed that this volcano is less than 78000 years old due to the rocks having normal polarity. Locals use this trail for their morning walks and joggings.

4. Green Lakes Trail

hikes in bend oregon
Green Lakes Trail

Green Lakes is a 14.6-kilometer long trail around the base and 1100feet above the ground. The best time to hike and offer several activities is from June to October. It leads to tremendous waterfalls, a gigantic obsidian lava flow, and colorful wildflowers when they are in season by hiking.

The trail is mostly busy on the weekends in the time of summers to spring. People explore this trail, the wildlife, the vegetation, etc., with their dogs. This trail continues between the South Sister and Broken Top above the green lakes.

5. Black Butte

hikes in bend oregon
Black Butte

It is a part of Deschutes National Forest. It also comes under the Cascade volcanic arc. It lies in the south of Metolius spring, and its river basin sustains a wide variety of flora, large and small mammals, and about 100 species of birds. It is about 13.8 kilometers long, with an elevation of 6436 feet.

It offers many thrill activities like horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding, and the winters, including the nordic skiing and snowshoeing. It is the most beautiful volcano in the country of Oregon.

6. Tumalo Falls

hikes in bend oregon
Tumalo Falls

It is a 97 feet waterfall on Tumalo Creek, which is also part of Deschutes National Forest. It uses the area of 14 miles from bend by forest paths. The trail falls directly to the middle Tumalo falls, which are about 65metre in elevation.

On entering the forest, several squirrels, deer, hawks, etc., are seen. Parking of the vehicles can be challenging on weekend days as the falls’ parking lot is relatively small. The falls offer many activities for hiking trails like fishing, biking, picnicking around the falls.

7. Paulina Peak

hikes of bend oregon
Paulina Peak

It is a summit in Oregon formed by the Newberry volcano and also is a part of the Newberry Volcanic Monument. It is about 7984 feet above the ground. It would open from May to the end of September with 5 dollars /vehicle/day fees. The trail extends from Mount Adams to Mount Shastra.

From the summit, there are many unique sites to notice. The Three Sisters Range, Oregon’s High desert to the Southeast, Paulina lake, East lake, Big Obsidian Flow, etc., are the prominent places from the height.

8. Lava River Cave

hikes in bend oregon
Lava River Cave

The lava river cave is also a part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, which is about 5211feet in length. The cave’s northwest section is the most extended lava tube in Oregon. The eruption of this cave occurred 80000 years ago.

The cave is surrounded by a large number of large Oregon grapes, small willow trees, etc. Chipmunks, mule deer, grey squirrels, porcupines, etc., are commonly seen here.

9. Sparks Lake Trail

hikes of bend oregon
Sparks Lake Trail

It’s a 42-kilometer long Lake in Deschutes National Forest. From the lake, many peaks like Mount Bachelor, Three Sisters, and Broken Top are visible. This lake and its basin are believed to be a part of the Deschutes River drainage area. The whole lava field is filled with crevices, extruded formations, and natural rocks.

Fishing is allowed in the lake, and the motorboats are only allowed for transportation. The lake was formed around 10000 years ago when lava from Mt. Bachelor Volcanic Chain blocked the Deschutes River. The best time to use this trail is from April to September. Dogs are also entitled to use this trail, and hikers to explore this place with their pets.

10. Dillon Falls

hikes of bend oregon
Dillon Falls

It’s a dramatic 15 feet drop with a pitch of 76.5 degrees. It was named after Leander Dillon, who died in 1907, a nearby homesteader. There’s a bend to the Deschutes River, which is very calm and also is a little dangerous.

This place offers a great picnic spot and hiking in the Dillon Falls trail. There’s a horse trailer parking along the river. It is open from mid of May to mid-September. This is one of the most accessible spots for hiking in Bend Oregon.

                       Where To Stay In Bend Oregon?

The places to stay if you want to do hikes in Bend Oregon are:

  • Luxury hotels-  The Oxford Hotel offers the pampering of beautiful rooms along with one of the bend’s best restaurants. Another one can be perfect for large groups and families, The Wall Street Suites, which is known for large suites and common areas. The best luxurious place to stay for them to experience the hikes in Bend Oregon would be Tetherow Lodges, where you can float in the pool and watch the mountains you hiked.
  • Mid-range hotels- DoubleTree by Hilton is one of the low-priced stays where there are views of the cascade mountains from the rooms, and free bikes are also available for the guests. Two more options have recently been built: Hilton Garden Inn Bend and Hampton Inn and Suites Bend, which have large rooms with featured indoor pools. They also serve with the best quality of food in their restaurants.
  • Budget hotels- The Red Lion Inn and Suites Bend is a low budget hotel with an outdoor pool and large rooms. Econo Lodge Bend also has outdoor pools with clean and comfortable rooms. There are very less low budget hotels in bend Oregon.

There are more than ten different hikes in Bend Oregon, with beautiful vegetation, wildlife, and many water bodies. If you are a real traveler and are very keen to explore more hiking and trekking places, you should read 7 Awesome Hikes for Adventurous Souls.

Many people like to photograph their memories of hiking or trekking or do shoot a blog of it. If you are one of them, it would be very beneficial for you to increase your viewers. If you like to watch some blogs about the hikes in Bend Oregon, do watch this video.

If you’re someone who likes exploring food and restaurants, here is a suggestion to read 12 jaw-dropping restaurants in Bend Oregon.

In my view, if you are a traveler and want to explore the mountains and learn all hiking techniques, you should go for hikes in Bend Oregon. It’s a place where one can see their dreamland mountains, vegetation, wildlife, waterfall, etc.

Everything would be there to make you feel entirely astonished. However, you should capture and make videos of those beautiful places and feel their beauty even after returning. People make their dogs their companions in the hikes of Bend Oregon, as they are loyal and would always save you from the life-risking places.

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