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Things To Do in Mackinaw City: Explore 10 Frenzy Places

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Wondering about things to do in Mackinaw City? Keep reading to kn0w more about the adventurous places of this city.

1. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Discover Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry

Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry (Image source:

Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry is one of the two island ferry companies that serve Mackinac Island. This company has docks in St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. This company provides freight service and ferries to Mackinac Island.

2. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Visit Michilimackinac

Colonial Michilimackinac, Guard House.

It is situated on the site of Fort Michilimackinac. The fort covers an area of 27 acres. The French built this fort in the year 1715 and later by the British forces around 1761- 1781. There are about 13 buildings that have been reconstructed, including a priest’s house, barracks, a storehouse, a blacksmith shop, a guardhouse, a British trader’s house, and a French church.

Mackinac State Historic Parks.

Archaeological excavations are done regularly during mid-June following Labor Day. Other than that. an audiovisual program to exhibit the history of the fort, cooking and blacksmithing demonstration, colonial dance and wedding, an encampment of Native Americans and more, can be seen in Colonial Michilimackinac.

3. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Discover Headlands International Dark Sky Park

Dark sky
Headlands International Dark Sky Park (Image source:

Headlands Dark Sky Park is the world’s ninth dark sky park, situated in Mackinaw City. This vast area expands to Lake Michigan in the west, and in the east, 600 acres of pristine and old forest.
You can enjoy the New Waterfront Observatory Center, which includes an outdoor seating arena and an arrangement of an indoor program. This park is always open to the public and free.
So, what is special about Headlands Dark Sky Park? Just 16% of the whole population resides in zones that are dark enough to be designated under International Dark Sky Park.

4. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Discover Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry

Island ferry
Star Line Ferry on Lake Huron.

This hydro-jet ferry is the newest one to serve in the Mackinac Island of Michigan. At present, they take care of the daily departures to the island. This ferry boat company has two docks at St. Ignace and one at Mackinaw City.
This company has its largest fleet in Michigan, including six hydro jet ferries named La Salle, Radisson, Cadillac, Joliet, Mackinac Express Catamaran, and Marquette II. Moreover, they own the Anna May freight boat, Rose Mary workboat, and classic ferries of the former Arnold Transit Company named Huron, Ottawa, Straits of Mackinac II, and Chippewa; they offer classic rides to the island of Mackinac at a discounted rate during the season of most visitors.

5. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Visit Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

Mackinaw point is located at the junction of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse was founded in the year 1889. It is adjacent to the Mackinac Bridge, that place presents a great view of the bridge and the boat traffic. Due to its exposure and prime location, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse is a good subject for photographers and even drawing artists.

The McGulpin Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse is situated within the State Park of Michilimackinac. To enter, you have to give an admission charge. Pets are welcome in the Mackinac Point Lighthouse.

6. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Visit Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park



This park was previously known as Historic Mill Creek State Park which is a state park, and environment conservation park, and a historic location in the US state of Michigan. The park is 625 acres in size; the park is situated 5 miles southeast of Mackinaw City, Michigan, on U.S. Highway 23.

In the summer season, costumed analysts use traditional woodworking tools and exhibit various other odd jobs that were common in the 1820s, and show the process of the sawpit and sawmill.

7. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Visit Wawatam Park

things to do in MAckinaw City

Location: 300 N Huron Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

This is one of the few parks in Mackinaw City, with benches, picnic tables, and grills. Paddling about the waterfront of Mackinaw City presents an attractive mix of Historic Sites and Parks. Be cautious of Heavy Boat and Ferry Traffic paddling across the Mackinaw City waterfront. Waters in the passages are difficult with waves and currents.

8. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Visit McGulpin Point Lighthouse & Historic Site


It was built as navigational assistance throughout the Straits of Mackinac. The operation began in 1869, making it one of the oldest existing lighthouses in the Straits. The light is situated on McGulpin Point, approximately 3 miles west of Fort Michilimackinac.

Emmet County has possessed this site since 2008. Tours were obtainable during the 2019 season for a nominal charge.

The design was so unique that the Lighthouse Board selected to apply this 1868 design to create Eagle Harbor Light in 1871, Sand Island Light in 1881, and White River Light in 1875.

In 1906, the McGulpin Point Light was closed due to the Lighthouse Board’s decision that the nearby Old Mackinac Point Light was doing a sufficient job of spotting the Straits of Mackinac. At a certain point after closing, the lantern space was detached, and the house passed into confidential ownership.

9. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – Garlyn Zoo


The zoo began when Lynn and Gary established some possessions for a deal near Naubinway. They started it with very few animals that they had previously been raising, like pygmy goats, pheasants, pot-bellied pigs, peacocks, and sika deer. They existed in an uncompleted garage for six years and sold their motor vehicle to compensate for food.

Since then, the zoo has grown to hold more exotic animals, including a bear, tigers, lions, many reptiles and a bison, hyenas, amphibians, alpacas, alligators, fruit bats, bobcats, koi, cougars, tortoises and much more.

It is located between Naubinway, Michigan, and Epoufette, Michigan. It sits just across the street from Lake Michigan and beaches.

10. Things To Do In Mackinaw City – The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum


It is situated at the Whitefish Point Light Station about 11 miles north of Paradise in Chippewa County of Michigan. The entry to the museum includes exploring momentous buildings with shows that tell us about the Great Lakes marine,  US Life-Saving Service history, and United States Coast Guard.

Some of its important features are-

  • Light tower: The first light tower was created with stone in the year 1848, and to produce light in the lens, they used whale oil. The stone tower was inadequate to experience a storm. In 1861, it was replaced with a steel tower under the authority of President Lincoln.
  • Fog signal building: The initial fog signal building was damaged due to a storm in 1935. The building was substituted with a brick arrangement in 1937. It was utilized to house steam boilers, clock timing equipment, radio apparatus, diesel generators, and tools to function 3 big diaphone horns until 1982.
  • The Coast Guard substituted the diaphone horns with an electronic foghorn in the year 1983 that sounded from the tower. The Coast Guard blocked fog signal from Whitefish Point in the year 1995. The GLSHS deserted their 1996 strategy to pull down the fog signal building and commenced restoration of the external building in 2002. The GLSHS utilizes the fog signal building as a land preservation facility not open to the visitors.
  • Lookout tower: It was created at the Whitefish Lifesaving Station in 1923 for a one-day timepiece during the shipping period. The Coast Guard deserted it in the year 1955. The GLSHS shifted the tower to its current spot and re-established it in 1998. It is closed to the public.
  • Light keeper’s quarters: This two-story structure building was initially created in 1861 for the keeper and his people. Its inside was later renovated as two-family. It housed Coast Guard workers until the year 1970.
  • In the year 1996, the GLSHS reinstated the building to its 1920 era form. It is open to the public with payment for admission to the museum.
  • Crew’s quarters: The initial site of this two-story building was endangered by shore corrosion. It was sold to personal possessors and shifted from the Whitefish Point Light Station.
  • GLSHS began repairing the building in 2002. GLSHS proclaimed that it would utilize the building as overnight hire housing for membership growth that would not struggle with the lodging organization in Paradise. The building is closed for the general public.
  • Boathouse: The Coast Guard built three boathouses at Whitefish Point. GLSHS finished reinstatement of the boathouse in the year 2001.
  • Frame storage building: The Coast Guard established this building as a wood storeroom. GLSHS utilizes it as a gift store.
  • Chief’s garage: The Coast Guard created a 3-car garage in 1940 that has stood in the same spot. The WPBO makes use of the building as the “Owls Roost” gift store, a base for enlightening tours, and a bird banding lab.
  • Other historic structures: An 1861 steel lamp oil house and an alcohol house made in 1910 have continued to be on the spot since they were established. They were utilized to store fuel resources to gain light before the structure was electrified in 1931.

Are you familiar with any top visiting spots in Mackinaw City? Let us know in the comment section below – THINGS TO DO IN MACKINAW CITY.

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