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7 Best and Basic Peripherals for Your Gaming Laptop

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You have pulled all the stops for a high-quality gaming laptop: it is incredibly efficient, fast, and built for your favorite MOBA or what’s hot on Steam. The computing machine, no matter how powerful, can still take advantage of accessories that will complement and complete the gaming experience.

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The following peripherals will boost comfort and style when you play for hours on end.  

  1. Monitor 

Visuals have always been a top-selling point of video games that get more graphics-intensive by the day. While your laptop screen is big, you can always go bigger with a screen that spans at least 20 inches and offers a crystal-clear display resolution of 1080p.

What do you look for in a gaming monitor? Aside from resolution and screen size, consider refresh rate, adaptive sync, response time, and the type of connectors (e.g., DisplayPort and HDMI) available for and compatible with your device or adapter. 

  1. Keyboard

Laptop keyboards are not ideal for gaming. Because of their compact design, the keys are cramped and usually incomplete without the dedicated number pad.

First off, a proper gaming keyboard is generally ergonomic and responsive. It gives the touch, noise, and feel of clicking and typing, although the soft-touch type remains an option. The gaming keyboard provides a full array of alphanumeric keys, as well as macro keys and media controls. Some of, if not all, these accessories have programmable keys for creating shortcuts and reducing response time when playing. 

  1. Mouse

Specs make an invincible mouse for gamers. One gauge of performance is CPI (counts per inch), which is the mouse’s sensitivity, as one Quora user puts it. The gaming mouse can have this dedicated CPI button along with other buttons that provide adequate control for the hand. It ought to be lightweight so it is quicker to move, and backlit like the keyboard.  

  1. Headset

Sound design completes gaming because it helps the player connect to the environment. The theme and game sounds create a mood conducive for playing.

Enhance the quality of music with a quality headset. Because you will be wearing this item for hours, consider the comfort level of your ears, your neck, and even your head. Sweat and the ensuing icky feeling point to a pair of breathable and soft ear pads.

  1. Webcam 

Live streaming and recording the game level the playing field for professional and amateur gamers. Because video quality is an utmost priority for whoever is following the stream, it pays to invest in a webcam that provides high resolution, color correction, and autofocus, among other features. Colors in the video ought to be rich and the picture far from grainy and pixelated.  

  1. Microphone  

Some webcams and even your laptop, for that matter, have a built-in mic. But you may need a better-quality microphone, one that is made for Twitch and YouTube vloggers and streamers in mind.

One standout feature to look for in external mics is noise cancelation or reduction. If possible, the mic must not pick up the background noise or ambient sound that can ruin your video presentation.

  1. Docking Station 

Can you count the number of cables that your gaming setup will entail? There’s a more pressing issue of whether your laptop can accommodate all the connectors. Multiport laptop docking stations such as a 3.0 USB hub clear your desk of encroaching wires and multiply the number of ports that can be used for your activities. The adapter can have many features, including, but not limited to, its ability to charge another device with a compatible output. 

You did well in expanding the power of your laptop to support your gaming-centered endeavors. Do your legwork on each accessory that can boost your performance, give the bang for your buck, and maximize your potential as a gamer.  

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