5 Things About the Indian v/s Foreign Television Soaps Debate

5 Things About the Indian v/s Foreign Television Soaps Debate 1


‘Friends’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Game of Thrones’,  ‘How I met your Mother’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Suits’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’so on and so forth. Do these names ring a bell to you? I am sure they do if you are a school/college student or a recent pass-out.


What if I ask you about ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ or ‘Balika Vadhu’?  Well, “Boring!” might be the first word you speak out, isn’t it?



Indian v/s foreign TV series is a trending topic for debate nowadays. Here goes a list of ‘for’ and ‘against’ for this trending topic!

1. Discuss and Laugh or Wrap up and Escape!

You might spring up and get into a heated discussion with your amigos on the latest suspense wrapped episodes of ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ or laugh out loud sharing the funniest scenes of ‘Friends’ and of Barney Stinson in ‘How I met your Mother’. Well, at the same time you might cover yourself under a veil and run away as fast as you can if anyone switches the topic off to Indian serials like ‘Diya Aur Baati’ or ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ or ‘Sasural Simar Ka’! You might certainly ask that why would anyone watch the boring stuff when you have these:

bigThe Walking Dead

 2. Are you annoyed of watching the Indian daily soaps?

A sudden increase in the habit of watching foreign TV series among the Indian youth in the past few years serves as a blind proof of the fact that the youngsters today are in no mood to watch the mundane Indian TV soaps. A recent survey among college students and working youngsters reveal that most of them switched their interest to watching foreign TV series long back leaving behind the usual Saas-Bahu serials. And not surprisingly, there is a range of reasons for doing so. Many youngsters opined that foreign TV series are a complete package foiled with thrill, suspense, intrigue and emotions as they showcase different genres like science fiction, corporate, suspense thrillers, family or teenage entertainment and humour (where none of them failed to specify the word ’standard’ as a prefix to humour).

3. The same Saas-Bahu stuff starting at forever and ending at never. Why this Kolaveri to us?

During the survey, the students also pointed out that most of the foreign TV series are practical and relatable with a minimum number of episodes, unlike the Indian daily soaps that just concentrate on genres like love, relationships and a lot of drama. These Indian serials go around the monotonous love story with those typical clichés or in-law (Saas-Bahu) fights after marriage, which sometimes the creators stretch along to celebrate the glory of at least a 900th episode! Another annoying reason for youngsters to detest Indian sitcoms is the presence of characters loaded with gold ornaments and bright lipsticks, despite the “poverty” of the character. This how Indian serials be like:

Balika Vadhu

“Glorious 1000 episodes!”

4. The only thing we demand is Quality!

But all hope is not yet lost! It is not that the youth is against the Indian TV soaps, or they are sprinting behind the western culture; it’s just that they find it all lame because suspense in Indian soaps be like:


They do agree that a housewife spending all day at her house might relate herself with an Indian serial character than a foreign TV series character. Also, they agree that not everyone in India is capable of understanding English.  At the same time, they stress that this isn’t what their young minds want – to get bored when they sit before the television for entertainment! They look for good quality direction from which they can gain knowledge about new things, few relatable life lessons, a bit of good humour, a pinch of suspense and thrill all along with one lot of entertainment. And they find it all in the foreign TV series which the Indian soaps lack.

5. As the proverb goes, “Every coin has two sides”.

During the survey, one thing that came as a surprise was that majority of the young students revealed that the foreign TV series are extremely helping them to build up their vocabulary and in improving their communication skills. On the other hand, they also agreed to the point that these series are at times very addictive and hence a lot of productive time is being wasted. While some students denied that the foreign TV series don’t have a detrimental impact on the young minds, some “upholders of society” blame the foreign sitcoms for ‘wrongly’ influencing the Indian youth.


But the impending question that remains is that if one finds the youth getting too westernised then why are only the foreign TV series or the Hollywood movies held culprits? Why can’t one count the Bollywood movies too in the culprit list? 

Well, as they say, some questions are best left unanswered…





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