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11 Best Denver Suburbs To Live In

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The people of Denver constantly thrive on making a place for themselves in the best Denver Suburbs areas. Many areas are regarded as the best Denver Suburbs for various reasons you will discover in this blog.

The focus is to list out the best areas that are equipped with all the necessary day-to-day facilities. Open space, public schools and high schools, bike paths, and a family-friendly area for outdoor activities top the list.

The suburbs are often the most thickly populated because of the nearness to all the facilities. These places provide the best living experience. It is also seen that these areas have a high per capita income because of the extra expenses and lifestyle changes that people observe.

Let’s quickly start our countdown of the best Denver Suburbs without any delay.

Best Denver Suburbs Guide For You

1.Highland Ranch

The Highland Ranch ranks high among the best Denver Suburbs and is also one of the most populated areas in Denver. The area is known for some of the best schools. Facilities for shopping and restaurants serving the best food make the place even more likely.

The people living here do not have any difficulty in reaching their offices or places of work as it is at a minimum distance. The place can be easily explored on foot.

Walking through the Highland Ranch is a delightful time spent during the day. You would always find people walking through the streets or riding a bike because of its smooth and traffic-free roads. Its clean and pollution-free roads serve as one of the reasons for people walking throughout.

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2.Greenwood Village

The sparsely populated area of Greenwood Village is loaded with greenery and parks at equal intervals. The place is a heaven to live in, with nicely paved roads that connect the entire locality. You would also find thick and high trees in the area. Some of the side paths are also lined by trees.

Fountains are all placed at equal distances to make the city look more presentable. The even height of all the houses and the buildings gives a more planned overall view. Due to the spacious living concept in Greenwood Village, houses are also equipped with a porch and garden.

If you really want to enjoy spacious living and want to surround yourself with such closeness to nature, then Greenwood Village might prove to be the best Denver Suburb for you on the list.


Centennial has become one of the most populated best Denver Suburbs to live in. Most of the people of Denver prefer to live in this part of the town.

The Centennial is well equipped with distinct features such as Trails and parks. The place is the best for people who want to live in a sophisticated and adventurous area. The centennial provides for a million opportunities like these, rafting being one of them.


The friendly town of Littleton invites everybody to live in. One of the best Denver Suburbs has a meager rate of crime that can be counted as negligible. The place is well defined and looks quite sublime. Littleton always boosts in history and culture and also holds it on top.

Anyone would instantly fall in love with the setting of the place that is surrounded by overlooking mountains and trees all around. The place is medium in population and never gets too crowded. People always swear by their opinion that the place is just as they have always thought about.

The roads are all lined with street lamps that always remain functional. The cleanliness and hygiene of the place are also duly maintained. Littleton also offers a wide range of housing options, from little ones to luxurious ones.

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This one of the best Denver Suburbs is gold because of its living standards. The place has some of the best stores with a proper town planning system in effect.

The place welcomes you with a giant board sparkling with colors, also serving as the entrance. You would always find this place calm and subtle.

People are usually in a relaxed and friendly mood showing courteous behavior. The roads are wide; hence parking issues and traffic is out of context. The place offers ample outdoor activities like hiking. The golden also provides some of the best views of mountains.

6.Ken Caryl

Ken Caryl is one of the best Denver Suburbs for the rich and affluent. Most people want to have a permanent residence in one of the best Denver Suburbs, but only a few can afford the cost of living in this area.

This can undoubtedly be one of the most expensive and opulent places among all that have been mentioned on the list.

Since the living standards and expectations from this one of the best Denver Suburbs are high, the place doesn’t disappoint any. People living here are always in need of some exceptional services that are exclusive to them. Denver’s Botanic Gardens Chatfields Farm is one of the best places that you can visit.

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This one of the best Denver Suburbs is exclusive and most beautiful when it comes to festivities. The place is always in the mood for some celebrations and never lets any moment slip out of hands.

On various occasions, the streets are well decorated with lights throughout the place. The place resembles a town straight from a Hollywood show. The place always comes up with the best decorative ideas to make Lakewood stand out.

Talking about the good vibes that prevail throughout, the place has plenty of parks. The number of parks and playgrounds that Lakewood has the rank top on the best Denver Suburbs list.

The place also looks after everyone’s entertainment and leisure activities. It has many more beautiful theatres and shopping complexes.

Living in this one of the best Denver Suburbs would be one of the best decisions ever made.

8. Boomfield

Boomfield one of the best Denver Suburbs that is mostly preferred by young professionals and people who are aspiring for a successful career. As it is evident that the place has some of the best educational institutions and great schools that also have a good ranking.

 Families with kids often choose to settle in this part of the town. The place also attracts people who love history and want to spend time observing traditions and culture.

Many multi-national companies also have selected Boomfield and have constructed many new offices in the place. The place is also said to give rise to many new employment opportunities in the near future when more such companies join.

In such a case, the cost of living and schooling in this particular area can rise considerably. Moving to Boomsfield now would be wise.

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Maintaining all its charm, Arvada is the next on the list of the best Denver Suburbs. The place populated with the cost of living somewhat higher. The place is surely spacious and well cut out roads and parks. The place also has easy access and miles of trails.


If you have always aspired to have a house of your own, then Boulder can the best Denver suburbs you can go for. This place in the north of Denver has an urban and rural mix.

With green yards and ample fresh air, Boulder is becoming the next best choice for the people of Denver. The place also offers some of the best hiking and biking options. Hence people who like spending weekends in closeness to nature go for this one.

11.Cherry Creek

The place has plenty of gorgeous homes that are loaded with the best modern amenities. The crime rates are meager in this part of the town; hence, people make Cherry Creek their first choice. After all, who isn’t in search of security and loads of peace with some serenity to rely upon?

Cherry Creek is also known all around for its best cafes and restaurants.

They provide the best of food with many variations. You would find all sorts of places to eat at Cherry Creek like Italian, Mexican or Thai. People from nearby places also come to Cherry Creek just to taste the famous Sushi and coffee that is served in one of its restaurants.

These were some of the best Denver Suburbs that are remarkable to live in. These places have provided the best amenities. All the places that have been mentioned are duly checked and compared with one another. Their best features are also highlighted so that you don’t miss out on any detailing involved.

Choosing the best place to live is definitely a cost tough decision as most of the things depend on it but with the right research, you can make the process a bit easier. Picking out one the best was also a task for us as we didn’t want to miss out on even a single thing that can be considered.

Well, we’ll now sum up the list of the best Denver Suburbs and hope that you are able to find the best one from the ones mentioned above.

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