Best Destinations In America For Students To Travel

Best Destinations In America For Students To Travel 1

As a student swamped with work almost every week, the opportunity to travel to incredible destinations is often grasped fast with both hands. When it comes to travelling during your gap year or academic holiday, you’ll want to find a destination that will really open your eyes and provide you with unforgettable experiences – and that’s exactly what America will do.

Best Destinations In America For Students To Travel 2

College students on campus.

With 50 states and even more cities, there are several incredible destinations in America just waiting for students. Once you’ve handed in your final assignment and applied for your ESTA, these are the places you’ll want to visit.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re simply looking for a good time when travelling as a student, there’s no better place than New Orleans. Known as the ultimate jazz district, New Orleans is bubbling with community and a friendly atmosphere, providing tourists with an unforgettable experience. With the unofficial motto of “let the good times roll”, you can rest assured that there’ll never be a dull moment when visiting New Orleans as a student.

Despite being victim to the disastrous Hurricane Katrina several years ago, the city hasn’t lost its spirit, and you can rest assured that you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

New York

If there’s an American destination that needs to be visited by every human on the earth, it’s New York City. Naturally, as a first-time tourist, visiting and marvelling at the city’s famous landmarks is essential, so ensure you make some time to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty, as well as the Met and Times Square. Been here before, though?

Make the absolute most of it, exploring some of the city’s unknown hidden gems, with several great delis and quirky shops just waiting for your arrival. By going off the beaten track a little, you’ll be sure to stumble across many amazing attractions that you never even knew about before.

Chicago, Illinois

While the above destinations are fantastic for those looking for a trip full of atmosphere and rich culture, a trip to Chicago is excellent for students who delve deeply into history. There are many walking tours available in Chicago, guiding you through all of the most stunning architectural buildings, but if that isn’t enough, you can also marvel at the exhibitions available at the Museum of Science and Industry. Needless to say, there’s plenty to do when taking a trip to Chicago as a student, and the best part? Most museums are free!

Maui, Hawaii

Or perhaps you’re a lover of nature? A trip to Maui will be exactly what you need, with stunning volcanos and captivating waterfalls, perfect for a trip full of serenity to escape the stresses of student life. There has never been a more Instagram-worthy place, as Maui is completely filled with colour, from the vibrant turquoise oceans to the red sand beaches. To make the most out of your trip to Maui, you simply have to participate in some of the breath-taking activities, from surfing on the still oceans to scuba diving on Molokini Island.

As a student, finding a place that’s affordable yet bursting with life and excitement can be a challenge, but there are many fantastic places in America perfect for students. Whether you simply want to relax, or you want to spend your time discovering as many attractions as possible, there’s a destination in America for everyone.


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