Student Life- the Greatest Teacher

Student Life- the Greatest Teacher 1

Student life is something where we learn a lot of lessons which would help us throughout our life. There might be several ups and downs in our life- but student life gives us a solution to each and every problem. Here are few of those valuable lessons, student life teaches us:

1. You cannot please everyone

student life First of all, you are not born to please everyone. It is very important not to hurt your self-esteem. But it is even essential to be nice to everyone. You realize that some things do not happen even though you put up your best. It is not necessary that all the people think like you. It’s not necessary that something which seems correct and proper to you is seen with the same vision by others too. Conflicts of opinion may arise, and you might not be able to convince them. This might happen at any time in your life.

  1. Your first crush

89902987This is the most exciting part you discover in your student life. New emotions towards new people arise during your student life. It might be a temporary feeling, but it happens. And who knows, you might even continue with it and make it a stronger and a permanent one. It would be a different feeling once you realize you have a crush on someone. Enjoy those moments!

  1. Real friends

friendship-background-images-jumping-1024x640You build a friendship with so many students while you grow up. Starting with the kindergarten to the high school or graduation, you come across different people with different tastes and mannerisms. But as you grow up, you realize who your real friends are. A friend praises the good in you.  But only a true friend points out your mistakes and prevents you from doing them. You collect your friends for life during this period.

  1. Importance of family

Familiy-With-Grandparents-You realize that your family is the most important part of your life. The moral support your family can provide cannot be provided by anyone else. You realize that it is only your family members who remain the same in all circumstances. and your family shall never leave your side. It shall always share your bad and good times.  Those who shower praises when you are in a good position and kick you out when you are not are not going to stay in your life.

  1. Passion

passionAll your friends, relatives shall be asking you, what is your aim in life? It might be a new question to you for the first time. But it is the most important issue you need to answer. It is in your student life you discover what your passion is, what your interests are and what your goal in life is. Your career plans start at this age and decide your entire life. So, it is very important to think and decide what you want to do in your life and which path are you going to choose. Do consider your family’s or friends’ suggestions. But don’t follow them blindly. They might suggest you to become an engineer or a doctor. But you might be interested in becoming a lawyer. Then go for it. Don’t be afraid to express your views to your family. Create a belief in them that you are going to be a good lawyer. Don’t think about what others might think. Because, in the end, it is you who is going to live your life.


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