Best Practices to Learn How to Code Machine Learning Fast

Best Practices to Learn How to Code Machine Learning Fast 1

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning has been a big part of its development. To be more precise, machine learning is a programed application applied in artificial intelligence technologies, in which it provided machines the ability to learn from experiences and adjusting its response without additional programming.


Learning to code machine learning is a completely different story, however, you don’t need a diploma or a Ph.D. in math for you to understand and code a similar program. Due to the availability of technology and information on the internet, learning to code machine learning has become conveniently fast easy that anyone can do it nowadays.

Why Study Machine Learning?

Technology has become a big part of the world today and in our lives that we practically experience it every day from the comfort of our own home to the office where we work. Learning how to code got a lot simpler as there are many guides in this regard at, moreover, there are astonishing reasons as to why you should start learning as early as today.

The Global Demand Is Massive

The global demand for people who know how to code machine learning has been booming because technology has been evolving exponentially throughout the years. It’s so in demand that the salary for an entry-level position is above a hundred thousand dollars, and software engineers and data scientists also benefit from learning Machine Learning.

The Power Of Data

Because of the power of data, it has evolved how humans do everything because all of the organizations are dashing towards harnessing their data. From tech giants, startups, to Fortune 500 corporations. Data, no matter how small or big will carry on transforming businesses and technology.

It’s Also Fun

If you’ve finally understood even a little about machine learning and what can you do with it, it’s no doubt that you would get excited by the fascinating applications machine learning brings. The field of a programmer in machine learning is fun and vibrant as it has an exceptional mix of engineering, discovery, and business applications.

Start Learning It Independently

The most traditional way students learn how to code machine learning is to dedicate a few months or years on theories about mathematics about machine learning. As time passes by, students would get stressed and frustrated by the number of formulas and arcane symbols exhibited during the course, thus resulting in students getting discouraged by it.

All That You Need

When starting to learn the program independently, there are a few things to learn and comprehend. One is that you have to learn what is Python because the programming of machine learning is based on that programming language. Another is to understand statistics as it is essential to coding the algorithms. And lastly, math for the general algorithms needed.

The Sponge Mode

When starting to learn Machine Learning independently, the first step towards that is called Sponge Mode, because you soak in all of the information and resources available to provide yourself a sturdy infrastructure. 

Moreover, there are 2 available online courses from the best schools there is, one is from Harvard and the other is from Stanford, not to mention that it’s free. Pick either of the two courses as it provides you with lecture slides and videos, homework assignments, and an outline of the course.

Targeted Practice

After you have done the Sponge Mode, you’ve already gotten a decent amount of practice and understanding about machine learning. The next best action to take is to do some targeted practices as the exercises may harness your skills even more in data collection, model building, tuning, evaluation, preprocessing, and all that is related to Machine Learning.


It all starts from the Sponge Mode as there would be theories flying around in your imagination that you want to create, thus executing into code. However, Machine Learning is a vast learning curve as there are applications for countless industries as the majority of the subject lies in numerous micro-decisions in making and solving problems.

Machine Learning Projects

The next action to make is to do practice sets of Machine Learning projects, the primary objective of this is to assimilate techniques on Machine Learning to produce a completed output of end-to-end analyses.


Also, nothing pushes you harder than actually creating an algorithm from the ground up. Moreover, it’s recommended that you should start on something easy and simple and work your way up to the more complicated projects.


If you’ve done all of the best practices above, you’re now applied to the understanding of Machine Learning than almost 90 percent of people who claim to be a data scientist. However, there’s still so much more to learn in this regard, moreover, you must never stop learning everything about Machine Learning to be the best version of yourself.

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