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Latest: Google Changes Its Logo For A Brand New One!

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The most significant update that just happened a few hours back is about the renowned “Google “. Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. We all know Google as our knowledge grab but never realised that the company’s logo is the same for the last 16 years! Now, Google has changed it, which was perhaps necessary after the company underwent a radical restructuring last month.

Google just updated its logo. It’s one of the biggest update that happened in 16 years. The new logo of the Search Giant is sleeker, brighter, and more animated for the first time. Like other brands, Google just changed from paper fist to a dynamic animated logo. The idea of changing the logo is that the company doesn’t need a logo anymore – instead, it needs a constant similar identity.

Changes :-

The word Google is more thicker and rounder in sans serif typeface with a large G featuring all four colours, which replaces its little blue “g” icon and has a colourful Google mic, re arranging four coloured dots.

The immediate change in the logo is the typeface itself. Since 1999, Google used Serif wordmark. Now google updated the logo with sans-serif typeface which is Google’s own creation and we got the first look in the company’s logo itself.San serif typeface is the term that comes from the French word sans, meaning “without” and “serif” from the Dutch word schreef meaning “line”. Sans-serif fonts tend to have less line width variation than serif fonts.The new logo also rendered in the four colors of the full Google logo.Along that the company also removed the dropping effect but other than that the logo of 2015 is as same it was before.

So now when Google is called into action,  “Google transforms into series of four dots that morph ” – not only in the visual but also on voice search when you call Google, it turns into the dot form, the dots are like equalisers reacting to your sound. And when the results are presented, the dots return to good old Google again .

The company shared this news on twitter as well as YouTube !!!

Tweet – We’ve changed a lot over the last 17 years, and today we’re changing things up again…

YouTube link :

Because it’s “Google” and it is different from other companies, the company did something really unique and rare. In one behind-the-scenes photo, the company mentioned all the alternate logos that had been considered. Those logos were different in typefaces. In few the “G” was comparatively more curvy and circular than the other logos. Few of them had more than 7 dots in it. Another one was with lower case alphabets and many more designs . The team actually manipulated many designs to find the great one .

The new change is very attractive and the new dot format is fantastic. The number 1 search engine of the world just beautified its logo by changing it, with a new heart throbbing one. The change is a sign that the Search Giant is modifying and improving its technology… Do you like the new logo? Let us know!

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