Dawn of Google Inbox: Google Replacing Gmail?

Dawn of Google Inbox: Google Replacing Gmail? 1

Google’s 11-year-old service is getting replaced??
The company has not announced any such news and nor it would, but there’s something new cooking up at Google.
This week, Google introduced an invitation-only service of Inbox. It is yet another attempt by the company to mediate our dumb email pipe i.e. Gmail. Earlier attempts made to replace this “dumb pipe” were Google Wave and Google+, both failed miserably.

Although there were tabs that separated important from not-so-important emails, namely “Primary”, “Social” and “Promotions” but it was not a very efficient form of mediation as hundreds of spam messages were still there, just their positions were shaken up.

A Beta release of Google Inbox has been made available for some of its users. It started several months ago notifying a small number of users, and the responses were so positive that now the migration of users from Gmail to Inbox has expanded to a larger number.

Google Inbox does not require starting over with a new account.

This pop-up message appears when the Inbox user logs in.Dawn of Google Inbox: Google Replacing Gmail? 2

Which means that the standalone inbox.google.com address disappears, and Inbox instead resides in Gmail, providing an alternative interface.

Inbox has some exciting new features.

Color-coded :
Instead of grouping the emails in various tabs, this groups the messages together with labels and color-codes messages according to the category.

Content-based searching:
An another feature includes the generation of search results based on the content of user’s messages, and this additional info is added to our in-box. So in shorter words, Google Now cards are now available directly in our in-boxes.

Just like a “snooze” button on an alarm clock comes in handy when we can afford to sleep in for some extra 5-10 minutes before the alarm buzzes again, similarly, Google Inbox also has a snoozing option that makes the messages to go away and come back at some specified time in future.

Identifies the links:
Inbox recognizes the other side of a link from addresses, phone numbers, items and additional information. Only then it makes those links live so you can take quick action on them.

Prevents emails from getting buried under ‘Mail-Tsunami’:
We can “pin” our emails so that they stick around, and we can find them quickly.google inbox

Inbox brings way more intelligence to our “in-box”.

Automated features including smart recognition of images, tickets, reminders and more. It just gets better.

Negative spin

It also has some drawbacks. As it takes the control away from the user and makes the emails unpredictable, unclear and non-linear.

The good news is any user who doesn’t want Inbox to replace Gmail has the option to “Turn it Off”. They can do so by making changes in the “Settings” or to make things easier, there is a “Go-back” icon on the homepage itself to go back to the dedicated domain.New_Logo_Gmail.svg

There are rumours that Inbox and Gmail won’t continue to survive separately

as it has been until this point. After 14 months of the testing phase, Google is planning to completely replace Gmail by Inbox.

These rumors may have some truth in them

as Google doesn’t create major services for them to remain niche. If we go few years back, the same happened with the much loved Google Reader when it was shut down in 2013. 

Hopefully, Google does not go wrong with this move; it can’t afford to.

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