Friday, July 30, 2021

Black Goat in Malaysia Causes Delays at Adelaide Airport

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A black goat that was bound for Malaysia tried to escape from the Adelaide Airport, and it caused momentary chaos for the passengers waiting for flights. The goat’s antics led to a 15 minute chase around the tarmac of the airport. The goat was scheduled to be moved from a truck that arrived at the airport to a crate for export to Malaysia, and it had escaped at approximately 7.30 am.


The goat was captured after the authorities thwarted the escape as the goat ran into a dead end. The flight in which the goat was supposed to be carried was delayed by a few minutes. Adelaide is the fifth busiest airport in Australia but the incident did not lead to any major air traffic delays. An ABC radio broadcast posted multiple photos of the goat on Twitter and the images have gone viral on the social media website. No one was hurt in the incident and the goat has been carried away safely.

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