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12 Breakup Survival Tips for You

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Who in the world has not experienced a breakup or simply cutting ties with the person you once loved so much? No one. Every one of us has our own fair share of heartbreaks and sad goodbyes. We all know how it feels. The pain, the tears, and the devastation are emotions that can’t be hide and healed in just one snap. 

We all need to go through the suffering that makes us all helpless. However, we need to remember that breakup can be survived with the right things to do and with the right amount of time. Furthermore, we have listed all the tips that you need to know and execute in order for you to start moving on from all the pain and find happiness again. Check them out below!


  • Cry it all out.


You to embrace the pain. Cry if you feel like crying. You need to let go as this will be part of the breakup stages you are going through. Letting go of the pain and tears will help you wash away the grief you feel inside your heart. In moving on, crying yourself is a big help for you to finally take a step back from your past relationship. 

No matter the reason might be for your break up, it is essential to grieve for the love you lose. Yes, you lose the relationship and the person and that’s enough reason to release your tears. Your family and friends might stop you from grieving because they think that your ex is no good for you, however, you probably know for sure that there are good things and memories you have both shared. So, grieve for the memories. You can even read best love failure quotes to trigger more tears and cry until it hurts no more. One day, you’ll wake up and you no longer feel like crying and that’s when you know you are finally moving on from a heartbreak.


  • Block all his or her numbers and social media accounts.


You can’t just say that you are moving on from a breakup but still checks your ex’s social media accounts. It is part of the breakup stages that you cut ties with everything that reminds you of him or her. Stop texting your ex or replying to his messages once it’s over. So, block him or her on every social media site or even delete your pictures together. Leave no trace of things that will remind you of the love you both shared in the past. 

You need to start fresh in moving on from a breakup. So the old must be deleted and your focus must only be with the person who loves and choose to stay with you. These people are worth to be part of the future you plan to rebuild.


  • Keep yourself busy.


If your thoughts are not pre-occupied with other things, big chances are, you will end up thinking of your ex. So, make sure to keep yourself busy as part of the breakup stages that you have to take on. You can set a schedule and even a timer to set your to-do-lists every day, which can lead you to have a series of works. 

One of the things you can do while going through different breakup stages is by jogging or taking a walk. As you take on a new hobby, you will practice having a peaceful mind, that can think clearly. You have to free yourself from things that will make you feel sad so that your heart can heal.


  • Travel to new places.


You need to have fun and enjoy the company of your family and friends. You can even do this alone. Go places you have never been to, use the loving sight of nature for your moving on stage. You need to find a place that will heal you. You can visit a forest, a garden, a hill, a beach, or any new place that will let you enjoy life. 

If you want to travel to a different country, the better. In this way, you’ll be presented to a new environment that will help you forget the break up you have. You can even learn a new language which could be refreshing for you as you’ll be busy learning new things while forgetting the past.


  • Connect with friends and family.


Just because the person who promised to love you forever, stop loving you, it doesn’t mean that no one loves you. Your family and friends are the ones who will never leave your side during tough times such as break up, and they are very willing to help you with your goal of moving on. If you know how to spend time with your family and friends, the missing piece in your heart will be filled with love from these people. 

This is the reason why you should not stop having a friend with you while going through breakup stages. They are the ones who can keep you entertain and can make you smile again. If you learn to spend time with them, the pain will be easy to endure. Remember that you need to be happy, and sometimes happiness can be found from the people you less expected would offer extreme happiness.


  • Stay active and healthy.


Anxiety and depression might happen after a breakup. You might be thinking that the loss of one makes you less of a person and that you are not worth it. It’s normal to feel that way as pain can be very deceiving to the way we think things while moving on. However, this can be reprimanded by staying active and healthy.

Remember that it is through exercise which can help you release endorphin that is beneficial for you. The same goes for tears. If you let it all out, it will make you feel good. You can do an everyday exercise so that you’ll stay fit, giving you the shape you wanted. It will also help you boost confidence if you look good and feel good about yourself. 


  • Choose a new hobby.


Engage yourself into something that will awaken another interest inside you. Try out the things you’ve never done before. If you could try on the things that you are afraid of doing, the better. Remember that you have to keep yourself busy, and extra time to think about your ex is not beneficial for you. 

Do the things that you haven’t done before while you are together. You have to keep grinding for yourself to improve which also means that you have to add new skill sets that can boost your confidence after a breakup. 


  • Love yourself more.


If you are asking yourself if you are loveable or not, it’s time for you to find out that the answer is yes. However, this love needs to come from within. Yes! You’ve read that right. It is very essential to love yourself more than you ever do while going through some breakup stages. 

You have probably put a lot of love to your ex which results in loving yourself less. It is time to take that love back! You can go back to the things that make you feel happy with yourself and use them as a springboard to pamper yourself and heal from a breakup. 


  • Accept the fact that it’s over.


Whatever tips we have mentioned above will go to waste if you still haven’t accepted the fact that it’s finally over. You have to remind yourself that your ex is not coming back and moving on is your only choice. Acceptance is the key to everything. You might have a lot of “what ifs” in your mind but that can only destroy you more. 

The actions they’ve shown you while being together is enough proof to the answers of your “what ifs”. If they truly care about you, you should have not been in a situation where you have to question your self-worth. Remember that we don’t destroy the person we love. So, if your ex destroyed you, there’s no way he will become better. Moving on is a battle between you and the memories of your ex, so make sure to lose everything but never yourself. If you find it hard to accept the fact about your break up, you can help yourself by reading powerful women empowerment quotes which can help you feel better and think clearly. 


  • Don’t jump into another relationship.


A break up is not a license for you to jump to another relationship. You may find it as the quick thing to do in order to move on from a breakup, however, this is just a temporary solution that can also lead to another heartbreak. If you’re not moving on from an ex, don’t use another person to fill the empty spaces missing in your heart. 

You need to understand that your next relationship must be something you like to have and expect so that it will not lead to another breakup. Only meet new people when you’re ready to commit again without the memories of the past.


  • Stop being a loner.


While going through breakup stages, it is not advisable that you go alone taking every pain by yourself. It is important that you have someone to share the pain with so that you can express the things you feel inside. You need support, and that means you need to have a helping hand. 


  • Let time heal you.


The healing time process of a break up can’t be measured with days, months, and even years. Don’t rush. You will heal in the exact time God wants you to. Yes, it is not easy to go through pain without knowing when will it all end. However, when the time is right, everything will finally fall into place and that includes a new love for you. 


Above anything else, breakups can be dealt with in different ways aside from the things mentioned above. The most important to survive a break up is by doing all your best to keep going and living life once again. Do you have other ways of dealing with a breakup? Which one of the things mentioned above works best for you? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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