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The Top 10 Epic Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know

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Have you suddenly got up at night due to some weird nightmare? Felt sweaty, thirsty, or restless due to it, even after being in your comfortable bed with proper ventilation? Have you felt like falling down while asleep and woke up just to realize you are fine?

You might have woken up in the morning with a blush on your face, just because you saw yourself talking to your crush. You might have had dreams about sex. There would have been occasions of waking up with conquering happiness because you just won an argument with your teacher or parents or slapped an annoying ex or got excellent service and respect from your sibling. Well, these are just a few things which you would have experienced some, or the other time.

It’s all about what images you saw in your vivid dreams. It is the most confusing phenomenon that happens to us! We do not comprehend any of it, and most of the time, we do not even remember it. People dream for different reasons, including sleep disorder. 

But, when we get up from our sleep, we have a certain picture stuck to our brains or a feeling that something positive or negative happened and we loved or hated it. This makes us wonder about the facts about dreams.

Dreams, Sleep Paralysis and More

Did you wake up with a sweat? Did you feel that you cannot move your body and someone is out there to grab you? You might be suffering from sleep paralysis – the horrible feeling when you are semi-conscious. While nobody knows why it happens for sure, there are different aspects to it – something we have discussed here. Brain activity increases significantly during dreams. 

You might even be wondering why we dream, to know the answer to that Click here!

Even the scientists and researchers are not entirely sure about the purpose and reasons behind our dreaming. Most of it has become a study of psychology. However, experiences have testified for specific facts and bang on, proved them right!

A list of Top 10 interesting facts about dreams has been curated to make your reading experience enjoyable. You sure would relate at some point and wonder, ‘O Man, I felt this just today after waking!’

1) Connection to Reality

There is a possibility that your subconscious mind and conscious mind, both are active simultaneously, while asleep. This will feel like you are dreaming about a specific thing or a person or even getting some incredible work-related idea that you desire!

At the same time, your conscious mind would be instructing you to open your eyes and note it down to remember it later or tell it to the specific person or work on the idea you got. So, the images going in the subconscious mind and the alarming bell of recollecting it by your conscious mind happen together.

This is referred to as lucid dreaming wherein you are aware that you are dreaming. You even possess some control over the happenings of the dreams if you are lucid dreaming. There is also the fact that you see only the faces of the people which you have seen in reality. You may have seen them in person or even in images or movies.

Isn’t this a great fact about dreams?

facts about dreams

2) Awareness of the Surrounding

Yes, there is a high possibility of you being aware of what is happening around you while you are asleep and dreaming. You are dreaming but are also listening to the conversations happening around you. And sometimes, when you are called, or your name is referred around you, you would incorporate that in your dreams.

The facts about dreams say that such awareness happens when it’s about to wake up.

facts about dreams

3) Déjà Vu

When you are in reality, living your daily life and conversing with people, you suddenly feel that you’ve gone through the exact situation and head the exact conversation. For a moment, you are frozen and try to recall where did you see it. This is a feeling of Déjà vu.

The moment must’ve happened in front of your eyes but in a dream. The How’s and Why’s are not easily recalled because a person tends to forget 90% of the dream within a few minutes of waking up. This is one of the facts about dreams experienced by around 80 percent of people and is normal. Some people see images in their dreams – premonitions if you will.

To Know more about Deja Vu, go to the following video.


4) Reflection of Current Mood

You would’ve experienced dreaming about a particular issue or a person if most of your thoughts were centered on it for days. For example, you dream about throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend, and when you wake up, you realize that the thought about that friend’s birthday nearing has been in your mind, since few days.

It is one of the interesting facts about dreams that the stress, mood swings, happiness, or grief which we are undergoing currently in real life, get projected in some way in the dreams.

facts about dreams

5) Paralyzed Body

It is a fact about Dreams that there are more negative ones than positive ones. We even get some weird dreams where we are running, shouting, fighting, or eating. We do not act out such actions while sleeping because our body is paralyzed.

Usually, we dream when we are in a REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep. In such a condition, our mind paralyzes the body to restrict us from moving. I am glad that the body gets paralyzed! Otherwise, think of the fear which would be created on the ones who are awake while someone is dreaming in such ways.

facts about dreams

6) Erotic Dreams

The men at an early adult stage would have come across getting erections daily while asleep and later be distraught about it. Even the women would have woken up wet with orgasm during sleep. This is a very normal phenomenon occurring while dreaming and is not a worrisome problem.

Men and women tend to fantasize about having romance or sex in dreams. Such dreams lead to orgasm in them. It is one of the interesting facts about dreams that people visualize such stuff but on a lesser note.

If you are confused about wet dreams and wish to know more, here is a video to help you out!

7) Weird Baseless Dreams

When you are asleep, you do not have control over your mind, similar to when you are awake. As a result, your mind is highly active during sleep, and it is not a prized-guessing that how powerful a human’s mind can be. The thoughts will flow like an Ocean, unrestrained and unpredictable, while asleep. The facts about dreams say that this will lead you to see bizarre dreams which have no connection with reality.

You could even get the taste of supernaturalism or baseless impossibilities. You can be a bloodsucking vampire or a magical wizard in the dreams!

facts about dreams

8) An Illiterate in Dreams

You could be a great reader and writer in your life. But, at the same time, you could be an utterly illiterate person in your dreams. You might see books or signs, but you would not be able to read it. The facts about dreams say that dreaming is an activity of our subconscious mind.

On the contrary, reading and writing are the activities of the conscious mind. So Bam! Dreams have the power to make illiterate in your dreams, even after being a P.H.D in actual life.

top 10 facts about dreams

9) The Difference in Dream Theme of Men and Women

Men and Women both face a lot of feelings or circumstances while awake. Their minds and bodies are naturally different, so their take on a similar situation would be different. This difference in gender is also reflected in the themes and types of dreams they go through.

Men would see dreams involving more of physical activity, fighting, or weapons while women’s dreams, undoubtedly, circle around the emotional subjects. On the subject of sex dreams, while talking on facts about dreams, men tend to be involved in the act of romance with more than one woman, while women dream of having a more passionate romance with someone close to them or even celebrities they adore.

10) Dreams Keep You Creative

Your subconscious mind never stops taking in and processing the things, people, or situations you experience your entire life. Your subconscious mind is even well-informed of your hobbies, activities, and routine. It will show you some really creative ideas and give you instincts about the work you are stuck on! There have been many pieces of evidence about certain ideas that unbelievably originated from dreams and changed the world!

Citing a few examples is Larry Page getting an idea for google or Dimitri Mendeleev coming up with the concept of the Periodic Table. The DNA double helix was the imaginative outcome of the vision of dreams to James Watson. Remember your dreams – t might just make you be more creative and have a better problem solving approach.

facts about dreams

Aren’t these facts about Dreams mind-boggling? It is even a fact about dreams that each one of us dreams daily. To add a cherry to the cake, we experience 4 to 6 dreams daily, ranging from 15-20 minutes.

It’s just that we do not remember it. It is even said that you will witness more nightmares if you eat late, or the schedule of your day is haphazard and hectic. While going through various facts about dreams we get, there is something called prophetic dreams. Click here to know about them further.

It is a fact about dreams that one-third of our life or around six years of it is spent in dreaming.

So, if you think you are getting some creative punch out of your dreams, keep a diary and a pen beside you before falling asleep and note down whatever you remember first on waking up. Who knows what idea or invention you could gift the world with? Try out a dream recall strategy if you feel you forgot your dream!

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