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Career Paths That Lead You to Loads of Money

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It is a man eat man world out there, and it is run on money. Your status, reputation and importance in society today is judged on your bank balance, house and the car that you drive. And why not? Money gives you that security and luxury in life which would not be provided if you were doing a job for a very low salary. Therefore, your job plays a big role in shaping the kind of lifestyle that you will live. Since most of the youth today wish for a well-earning job, we will tell you the career paths that one must take up to become a millionaire really quick in life-

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Doctors make a lot of money. Well, we all know that! According to a January 2013 report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, “The average gross clinical payment in 2010–2011 was more than $307,000 per physician.”  There are so many types of doctors and surgeons, all the way from cardiologists to dentists. However, one must keep in mind that a profession of this sort requires you to put in a lot of hard work and money.

Investment Banker:

Investment banker
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Bankers make loads of money! Most of their earnings come in the form of compensation. Being an investment banker means that you must put in loads of hours of work in a week. One usually earns in Lakhs in this profession from very early.

Engineering Manager:

An engineering manager has mainly four areas of work which are supervising engineers or engineering technologists, project management, working with clients, and providing advice and acting as a resource. Not only as a manager but the job of an engineer also happens to be one of the most sought after jobs in India today. It is safe and secure and pays very well.

Software Developer:

Software developer
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The software developer has been named one of the best jobs for less working hours, low-stress levels, and an excellent salary. At a high rank, this job pays six figures.

Product Management Director:

This job pays you in tens of lakhs in a year. So it is not that much of surprise as to why this career made it into our list of the best-paid jobs today.


Actuaries manage risk, using the past and present data to help businesses protect themselves from financial loss. The required skills for this job include specialized math knowledge, keen analytical, project management, and problem-solving skills, good business sense, finance, accounting, economics and strong computer skills, including formulating spreadsheets, statistical analysis programs, database manipulation, and programming languages. In India, actuaries are paid between five to fifty lakhs a year!

Corporate Lawyer:

Corporate lawyer
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Being a lawyer is a well-paying job, but not all types of law pay well. The best and highest paying field of law is corporate law. They earn an average salary of around 7.6 lakhs in a year!

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