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The Essentials Of Any Good Relationship

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Monimoyee Chakrabarty
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The man is a social animal. We need people around us to lead a healthy, happy life. We come across a lot of people everyday, but we get involved with a select few. They are our family, friends, co-workers- the ones we spend time with and get close to. Human relationships are complicated. We cannot read minds. We misinterpret actions and words; the smallest things can hurt us. There are just so many things that can ruin a relationship. How can one prevent that?


People need to have a minimum amount of respect and admiration for another to be involved with them. They need to accept each other as they are. At the same time, they should not hesitate to point out how the other could improve. Both need to help each grow.
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One cannot expect things to be smooth and fun all the time. There will be times when people just want to give up. One needs to put in an effort to make things right. We avoid fixing things and feel like walking away is the better option. It sure is the easier option, but a little amount of effort from both sides can make a difference. Things won’t always go the way we want them to. Both sides involved need to meet each other halfway. They need to find a way which would benefit them equally. Both need to compromise.

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Communication is extremely important in any relationship. One cannot just expect another to understand what they are feeling without doing something about it. Misunderstandings are only natural and need to be talked out. Honesty is extremely important. One lie can lead to several more and when in open can break the other’s trust.


Both need to be understanding and sensitive. If one doesn’t appreciate the things the other does or goes through, it becomes really difficult for the latter. Empathy is an important part of a relationship. One also needs to stay patient while being with another person. People are hard to deal with but one needs to understand that they are themselves hard to deal with too. Things go wrong when both lose their calm at the same time.

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When people stay with each other for a long period, they take things for granted. Bitterness increases and positive interactions decrease. They need to keep things fun by trying new things and making happy memories. It helps if both share some common interests and purpose. That strengthens the bond.






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