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5 Chelsea Football Fans Banned Over Sly Racism

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As per reports, five Chelsea football fans have been suspended for five years from all football matches. All this because of an incident that took place in Paris sometime in February, an incident that involved racism. The Chelsea FC club has seen a lot of fan moments, but this one was one of the darkest.

Chelsea football fans

The Main Enforcers Of The Incident- Chelsea Football Fans

The incident involved a black Frenchman, who was continuously heaved off from a metro carriage ahead of the Championship League match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. The men involved were five Chelsea football fans Josh Parsons, William Simpson, Jordan Munday, and former London police officer Richard Barklie. As the news reported, the black commuter was pushed by the five men and abused verbally as well. This act of racism was noticed by fellow commuters and somehow the issue reached higher authorities of both fan groups and social activists.

This is not the first season when people have been the victim of the outrageous behavior of  Chelsea fans. These unacceptable acts are not alien to the other clubs and are common for all football clubs in the world. In sports premier, the supporters often cross their limits in the name of showing support to the players and the game. For sure such experiences by Chelsea football fans are not the best for the team.

charges for Chelsea football fans

The Charges Which Were Applied:

In regards to the incident that took place, the district judge of the Stratford magistrate court, Gareth Branston commented that it was highly uncivilized and unacceptable behavior. He also said that the former police officer, along with Josh Parson, the former finance worker, was found to be the primary enforcers of this racist abuse. Barklie, however, denied the allegations saying that there was no pushing involved, and blamed the Frenchman for boarding a jam-packed train. Jordan Munday, the fourth convict who was alleged for joining the racist chants, received a ban of three years, whereas Dean Callis, the fifth convict, was banned from his role as a fan for five years.

All these incidents were captured on a British expatriate phone and have received universal criticism forcing Chelsea to ban all those five enthusiasts from Stanford Bridge. Actions of people like these 5 Chelsea football fans cannot be tolerated and the world thinks the same.

chelsea football fans

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