Colosseum In Rome: Some Fascinating Travel Places Around Italy


Colosseum In Rome and Other Such Travel Heavens In and Around Italy

Rome has been variously described as the City Of Kings due to its past splendor among the European nations for its history of the Grand Roman Empire which had stretched from the Baltic to the Aegean- the Atlantic to the Pacific. One of the oldest testaments to Italy’s history is none other than the ColosseumNo one knows the exact date when it came to exist and that makes it a part of its awe.

colosseum in Rome


The Colosseum In Rome And Other Such Places:

Apart from the Colosseum in Rome, there are other more historically significant places scattered around the city which makes it a heaven for tourists and travelers. The Roman Forum- a historically important site since it contains the ruins of several ancient government houses at the center of the city which means that it could also have been a marketplace.

The Palatine Hill- Rome being a city surrounded by hills, the Palatine Hill is next in popularity to the Colosseum in Rome. Being at the centermost of The Seven Hills located around the city of Rome, Palatine Hill is one of the most ancient parts of the city which stands about 400 meters above other nearby monuments from the time of Empire Augustus.

Another place which is similar to the popularity of the Colosseum is the Pantheon. Only other place equalling the magnificence of the Colosseum is this ancient Roman temple dedicated to the Roman God Neptune. The Colosseum has, however, has attracted the most international attention and was one of the initial places to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site buildings.

The Colosseum though ruined in large chunks due to several earthquakes that have hit the region since the time of its inception. The Colosseum in Rome was also damaged quite heavily during the two successive world wars due to bombings and other such attacks. The place has however survived the worse of it and still looks as resplendent as it might have looked in the 3rd century BCE.

The History Of The Colosseum In Rome And Its Impact on Cinema:

The history of the Colosseum is scarred in history for many believe that its huge arena was once used to watch gladiator or slave games. It has the ability to sit over a 100 people in its arena till now, so the capacity would have obviously been much more during its heydays.

The Colosseum in Rome, even if it was used for such an inhuman act of torture and death, holds a lot of valuable information about the unprecedented development in science that the ancient Romans had managed in spite of their limited scope.

The historical significance of the Colosseum in Rome is more than just what it was used for, it also represents the medium of entertainment available to ancient civilizations and how their society used to function and other such formidable historical knowledge.

The ancient plays of Aristotle, and Virgil, for instance, have been praised by several modern critics however no one really understood about the intricacies of drama direction, production and acting until the Colosseum in Rome was studied thoroughly to understand ancient dramas and how they used to be conducted.

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