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20 Benefits Of A Day Without Technology

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Imagine a day without technology!

Modern technology has taken over the world. Everything ranging from paying your bills to cooking your food has been taken over by a technological edge. Tech dependence has become a thing, and most of us depend on technology directly or indirectly for putting food on the table and running our lives.

And although many won’t be able to imagine a day without technology, letting go and taking a break once in a while can be refreshing and keep you sane.

Benefits of a Day Without Technology:

  1. Meditate

    The first thing we do when we wake up is to check our phones. We switch on the internet and check up Instagram or emails. How about a change for a day? In a day without technology, wake up and do no touch your phone.

    Wash up and brush, and find a comfortable position for meditation. Do no plugin earphones or take assistance from a meditation app.

    It will be hard initially, but just let go and let the sweet chirping of birds, the whistling of the wind, and the feeling of a new morning hit you. It will be a trance-like state for you.

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  2. Draw

    Graphic design and illustration is a new thing. It has taken over the world as a new art form—a really excellent way of making attractive and unique designs.

    I love graphic design and taking courses to learn it. But, how about going back to drawing with a pencil, paper, and eraser, it is not the old fashioned way, and many still do it. But, since it is a day without technology. We encourage you to draw, even if you are a beginner.

  3. Eat…While Eating!

    Although not a common thing for everyone, when was the last time you had food, without staring in a screen.

    Most of us watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or just any Youtube video while we are eating. This may not be the case with working professionals while they are at work, cause the boss will give you a staredown.

    Next time you’re having breakfast, dinner, or just snacking, put the phone away. Enjoy the flavor of the food you’re having, cherish it, be thankful for it.

  4. No Google Maps

    A day without technology doesn’t sound better than a day without using google maps while you are traveling. It can sound scary at first, traveling to a new unknown location. Maybe you are with a friend or just alone.

    It really does sound scary not using a digital map from the phone. What if you wander into a shady neighborhood? But then you remember, it is a day without technology for you. So just be prepared ahead, buy an Atlas, or a local guide for the place you are traveling to. Some might be very accurate. Some might not be.

    Rely on your social skills and follow the good old method of asking bystanders, fellow travelers, and locals for directions and detailed information—something you won’t find on google and maps.

    This makes up for a real adventure and challenge while traveling, instead of being completely comfortable using Google Maps.

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  5. Stock Up on Your Favorite Music Albums

    Before torrent, Soundcloud, Spotify, there were CD and cassette tapes for all the popular songs and albums. And while it may sound unreasonable and inconvenient right now, a day without technology can also mean giving up Spotify and switching to the good old CD.

  6. Write Letters

    While writing letters to your boss or coworkers might seem entirely unreasonable for you as well as them. And your boss might call you an idiot for doing that. But, we are not talking about writing letters to your boss.

    You know, a love letter was a thing, before Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, and email. Lovers and couples would write to their significant others, pouring in their passion and emotions, because they knew the letters would not reach before 10-15, depending on the distance.

    There was anticipation that the lovers felt while waiting for their letters. And although anticipation, passion, and emotions are still present today. The ease of communication has made people take their partners for granted, and often there is left nothing to talk about.

    So go ahead an extra step, take off a day without technology. Write your love letter and post it to your significant other, just be sure her mom doesn’t get ahold of it!

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  7. Meet

    Many of us are a part of a group of friends like school friends, college friends, friend groups in a particular club. But, we prefer to communicate with each other through video calls and phone calls.

    Of course, this can be an issue due to the different locations that we live in, different work schedules, school, or college schedules. But, that should not stop us from going forward on a day without technology. Just use your phone for one purpose. Okay, two, actually!

    Getting in contact with your friends and setting up a meeting place and time. Imagine how awesome it will be, just a group of old school or college buddies getting together at your cherished nostalgic location.

    Talking to each other about their lives, lending an ear to listening to their problems and issues. It is so better to do this face to face rather than on the phone—the feeling matters.

  8. Pay Cash

    A day without technology goes hand in hand with paying someone by cash. Why does it matter? Money is money as it is more convenient to pay through various online modes than carrying bundles of cash.

    But, there is always a risk of bank fraud, server error, or just a problem with your phone. Paying someone through cash again lands you to meet them face to face, which, as previously said, is a good habit unless you don’t like that person.

    But hey, who knows, maybe that person you don’t like might soon be your good friend. Also, who doesn’t like the feeling of crisp cash on their fingers?

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  9. Make Some Coffee or Tea

    No, do not use that coffee maker or that boiling pot you got from your mother/father. Make a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea, following the good old ways.

    Have a day without technology. The more effort you put it, the better it will taste and feel, believe it and give a try.

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  10. Photos

    What is the normal routine of an epic night out with your friends at the club? Or a trip to your favorite destination? Or just a normal day at the beach? Yes, we take too many photos from different angles, without different expressions, with different people.

    Yes, everyone likes pictures; everyone wants to have fun. But, imagine how much time you can save by not taking pictures. Okay, okay, that might have sounded like a grumpy old man.

    How about carry an old fashioned camera with yourself, and take a few pictures like the good old days, before camera phones? You won’t be able to see them immediately, because the film will need to be developed. So, you won’t be conscious of whether the pictures were good or not.

    It saves you time and also gives you memories. And if you want to take a step ahead in your day without technology, don’t take any pictures, just cherish the memories in your mind and heart.

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  11. Go to the Cinema Hall/Theatre

    Before the rapid advancement in technology, before the introduction of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming app, there were cinema halls. Yes, there still are.

    And many people still prefer to watch movies at a cinema hall on their release. But, the numbers have drastically decreased. So take a day without technology, forget about your streaming app and go out. Watch a movie with your friends at the theatre.

    Believe us. The feeling is better than sitting in the room alone and binge-watching a TV show or a movie. And even if it is not, just do it for the sake of change.

  12. Pursue a Hobby

    The first thing you will notice when you cut your phone time or take a break, have a day without technology is, you’ll have free time in your hands.

    Utilize it to pursue that hobby of yours, which you desperately wanted to, but couldn’t mind time for. Pick up that guitar, brush up on your skills, and tune it away.

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  13. Play Real Sport

    With the invention of modern video gaming consoles like Playstation, X-box, and Nintendo Wii, more and more people are getting into gaming. Gaming is an awesome thing. Professionals make huge money from gaming and is also a stress relief.

    But, kids today are forgetting that there is a thing called outdoor sports like Football, Tennis, Basketball, volleyball. Playing outdoors promotes your health, by a huge margin, unlike gaming the whole day in your room.

    Research has shown that obsessive gaming can lead to a syndrome called gaming disorder or addiction. It can severely impact cognizance, social skills, mental health. So if you are at risk, seek help and go out and play more.

  14. Read a Book, Not a Pdf

    While reading a pdf is not an issue, and some people prefer to read pdfs of books than paperback or hard copies themselves, continuously looking at the bright light of the screen can cause damage to your eyes.

    Some people also prefer to listen to audiobooks, a quicker and more convenient way to finish a book. It is alright, everyone has different preferences, and it hits them right a different way.

    But try reading a book… from an actual book for one day. Take a break, a day without technology. Reading an actual book makes you more invested in the book and gives you a different high altogether.

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  15. Just Be in the Moment

    Nowadays, more and more people are using fitness belts, trackers, mobile apps for counting the calories burnt. We are more focused on losing our calories, breaking our last lap, and speed record, covering more distance than actually exercising.

    Sure, the target-oriented structure of the apps can promote more progress and effort for some.

    But, what happened to just running till you felt a burn in your thigh, felt the air going in and out of your lungs like you were a horse? What happened to the enjoyment that one felt while running and playing instead of constantly fumbling on your phone to change a song, or check your speed!

  16. Go Out to Dine

    No! Do not open that takeaway app! Do not order the food online! Dress up, call a friend, and go out to your favorite place.

    Enjoy the feeling of having dinner that is not lying on your plate in your bedroom. It does not have to be every day. In fact, many people prefer to go out once a week to relax. But, this is a day without technology we are talking about, so go out and enjoy the feeling of ambiance, comfort, and socializing.

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  17. Smoke (It’s Advisable, Don’t Do It!)

    There are things called E-cigarettes and Vapes now. How far has technology come that we are smoking flavored tobacco from battery-operated tools? Put that vape down, a day without technology involves smoking a real cigarette.

    Although we do not encourage you to indulge yourself in any kind of smoking, because smoking is bad for your health, but if you are a smoker and do not mind smoking, take a toke from a real cigarette and not from a Vape pen.

  18. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

    There was a time when school children used to worship an encyclopedia and a dictionary. It was the ultimate source of information for them. Now, Wikipedia and various online dictionaries have taken their place.

    And they are pretty convenient we’ll give them that. But, nothing beats the feeling of searching about the solar system or dinosaurs in that heavy encyclopedia of yours. The joy of seeing the pictures and reading the details carefully is just satisfying.

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  19. Go to the Market

    Ask yourself again. When did you last time go to a mall or a supermarket to buy your grocery, your accessories, and your household stuff?

    Amazon and other shopping sites have taken over, and the trend has already shifted towards online shopping. But, going out once in a while and filling your grocery baskets with your favorite food won’t bring you any harm. It gives you a chance to socialize too.

  20. Be Present for Someone

    One of the most underrated advice and one that will help us all if we go even a day without technology. We are present for the people we love—our family and friends.

    We are not completely engrossed in our phones and social lives. We can ask them if they are okay, what is going on in their life.

    We will have the ability to recognize something wrong in their life, and we will be able to assist them, and the same thing will happen for you.

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Do try to go even for a day without technology, you will feel refreshed, renewed, energized, and most of all you will feel human. Do you have any points that can be added to this article? List below!

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