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4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try

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Trampolines are increasingly becoming a staple part of the modern backyards, and it is hard to imagine a time when these fun, versatile tools were not present. Trampoline games and exercises are a convenient way to enhance cardiovascular health, improve endurance and stamina, and to get your body shaped up.

For younger kids, trampoline games help developing motor skills, both gross and refined, and also better balance and coordination. Researchers have also indicated that trampoline games have a boon for bone health, and they may help improve bone density and strength.

Before I introduce you to the various trampoline games and their do’s and don’ts, let us first see how the modern trampolines came into existence.

trampoline games
Trampoline Games

History of Trampoline

It won’t be very shocking to know that trampolines weren’t developed for recreational purposes initially; rather, they were created for training purposes. Modern trampolines haven’t been around for very long either; however, various rebounding devices have been used for centuries now.

George Nissen and Larry Griswold are accredited with the development of modern trampolines in the year 1934-35 at the University of Iowa. Larry Griswold was an excellent gymnast in his early days, and later, he joined the University of Iowa as the gymnastics coach. Nissen was an extraordinary tumbler on the gymnastics team, and Larry first met Nissen at this university.

Inspired by the circus trapeze, these two men thought that the trampoline would be a terrific training tool for the team. These two soon became inventors when they first developed the modern trampoline, which was composed of the angle iron, canvas bed, and rubber springs.

Must Try Trampoline Games

1. Trampoline Whispers

I’m sure all of us have played the “Chinese whispers” and laughed till you couldn’t breathe anymore. This trampoline game is an adaptation of it. It helps improve memory and concentration and can be played with multiple players.

How to play

  • One player steps on the trampoline and performs a trick.
  • The first one leaves, and the second one enters. The second one has to perform the trick of the first player and add on a new trick from his side too.
  • This goes on, and the player coming next has to perform all the tricks in the correct order as performed by the previous players and add on a new trick in the trail.
  • If a player performs a wrong trick or does it in the wrong order, or forgets to perform a trick, he gets eliminated.
  • The one who is left remembering all the tricks and performs them in the correct order is the winner.
  • The eliminated players can serve as judges and help remember the current trick sequence.

4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try 1
Trampoline Games

2. Poison Ball

This is a fantastic game to get everyone active and jumping, one at a time. The aim is to keep jumping and get the highest bounce time among all other fellow players.

How to play

  • Everyone throws balls from outside at the players jumping on the trampoline, and he has to avoid those balls.
  • If he comes in contact with any ball, he will get eliminated.
  • Keep track of each player’s time on the trampoline until they’re out. The winner is the player with the longest bounce time.

4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try 2

3. Crack The Egg

This is an all-time favorite. To play this, three players hop on the mat. If you’re a kid, it is highly recommended that you are under adult supervision.

How to play

  • One player becomes the Egg. They sit on the trampoline with knees drawn to the chest and arms around their knees.
  • Two other players stand around the edge and jump on the trampoline while standing.
  • The aim is to make the Egg player ‘crack’ – releasing their arms from around their legs.
  • Each player takes turns as ‘Egg’; the one with the longest uncracked time wins.

4. Bum Wars

Yet another classic it is. It becomes more fun when people with weight differences play it together. The aim is to be the last one standing.

How to play

  • Players warm up a bit by jumping a few times.
  • Upon a given signal, the players fall on their bums and jump back up on their feet.
  • Each player is allowed to jump on their feet/land on their bums only once.
  • A player is eliminated if they double their foot bounce or bum bounce.
  • The last person standing wins.

Now that you know the most fantastic trampoline games, let’s walk you through some basic do’s and don’ts of trampoline games. This is very important to avoid any risk of injuries.

Do’s of Trampoline Games

  • Locate it safely
    Ensure that you do not locate your trampoline under a tree or under a low height roof. Also, check that you place your trampoline on a sturdy, flat surface and not on a sloped surface.
  • Read through the safety instructions 
    Once you have got your trampoline installed, you should definitely consider going through the instruction manuals for any major standing instructions.
    Also, make sure that you retain all the papers with you for further references in regard to assemblage or warranty.
  • Ensure product safety
    If you are using your trampoline after a really long time, ensure that all the nuts and bolts are in place, and there are no damages. Any nut – bolt left unattended has the potential of inflicting severe injuries during the play. Check beforehand if you need to order spare parts.
  • Warm-up first
    Just like the essential warm-up before any sport, likewise, for trampoline games, If you haven’t used your muscles in a long time now, consider warming them up before you jump onto the trampoline directly. Even if you use the trampoline regularly, it is still recommended that you start by jumping low rather than going on the mat and beginning to perform stunts at once.

4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try 3

  • Dress appropriately
    When dressing up for trampoline games, try wearing light clothes. Avoid wearing skirts or frocks and multi-layered items of clothing. It will only add to your hassle and will be an obstruction to your fun. Tight or adequate fitted clothes are recommended.
    Remove your footwear and socks; being bare feet could be a great option. You could also buy trampoline shoes as they will ensure the most comfortable grip and ensure the best experience.
    Empty your pockets of keys or wallets and get rid of bracelets or watches that you might be wearing as these too could injure your playmate unintentionally. Absolutely no jewelry, including ear studs, should be worn.
  • One by one!
    Avoid jumping on the trampoline in groups because your heads could collide, which is not something you want.
  • Jump in the middle
    Always position yourself in the middle of the mat because that way, there are fewer chances of you falling off the mat. It also gives you the maximum bounce.
  • Take adequate breaks
    Without a doubt, trampoline games are incredibly thrilling, but you don’t want to overstrain yourself. Take timely breaks to relax your muscles, even if you don’t feel like because you won’t feel the pain when your muscles are warm, but once they cool down, they can be really sore.
  • Supervision
    If you are a kid, always ensure you’re under constant supervision of an adult. If you’re an adult, do not leave your children unattended because it can be really perilous.

Don’ts of Trampoline Games

  • Bring pets
    Pets often have long nails, and they can damage the jumping mat. It is not a wise idea to let them join you in trampoline games.
  • Attempt tricks
    Tricks like summersault or cartwheel on a trampoline is probably a very novel way to impress your crush, but however tempting these may look, you must not try them without adequate supervision. The potential harm they could inflict ranges from a mild incision to a chronic spine ailment. So please do not attempt flips or other tricks.
  • Misuse the trampoline
    The trampoline isn’t designed for you to jump on it from a height, so don’t do such foolish acts and invite injuries.
  • Eat or Drink while jumping
    This is pretty obvious that you don’t want food choking you while you were having a gala time playing the trampoline games. Step off the mat if you feel hungry or thirsty, but don’t consume it on the trampoline.
    Also, do not indulge in trampoline games immediately after you’ve had a meal because there are high chances that you will end up puking.

4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try 4

  • Go under the trampoline
    When an individual is jumping, the mat can depress significantly, so avoid going underneath it. You could also have a ‘clearance area’ around the trampoline that other children are not permitted entry into.
  • Jump and exit
    There are a lot of chances that you’ll exit in the same flow of jumping, but this is not safe because if you lose body balance, you might fall down and injure yourself. It is advisable to use a stable ladder to get off the trampoline.
  • Use wet mat
    You should definitely avoid jumping on a wet mat because it has no grip and thus the increased chances of tripping and falling.

4 Best Trampoline Games You Must Try 5

And now most importantly, DO NOT FORGET TO ENJOY!!! Keep the above bullets in mind, and you’re set to have an incredible trampoline game experience!

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