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What Does Guardian Angel Mean And Who Are They?

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Regardless of our beliefs and religion, everyone one of us is said to have a Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is said to be a celestial being assigned to every soul ever to grace the earth. They look after us, nurture us, protect us, and help us when needed. They are our medium of connection to god.

When we were younger, we had been told that we all have an Angel who is always with us and protects us from all harm, which takes our messages and prayers to god, and we believed it. Sadly, as we all grow up, and we forget all about this invisible friend and guardian.

Guardian Angels, though, never forget us or leave our side. They are forever present as a friend, as a guide, as a guardian, or as anything we might need them to be.

Today, we will remember them through this article and understand who they are and what they do?

What Does Guardian Angel Mean And Who Are They?

Guardian Angel: What Are They?

What Does Guardian Angel Mean And Who Are They? 1

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and almost all other religions of the world believe that Guardian Angels are tutelary beings that look after the human race and earth’s creations.

Guardian Angel can be traced back to as far as the Greek gods. Many other older civilizations also believed in celestial beings looking out for humankind.


In Christianity, there are no exact mentions of Guardian Angels, but it is a belief that has developed with time. Around the 16th-century, people started believing in them more ardently. According to the Catholic church, 2nd October is observed as the Feast Of The Guardian Angels, which was added to the official Calendar of Christian holidays in the 15th century. Archangels have mentioned time and again in all religions.

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At first, the belief was that a Guardian Angel is assigned to every city, but as time went on, the idea was modified to the one we have today that every soul is given one. In Christianity, it is also believed that the angels choose their charges because they have an affinity with that soul.

Perhaps no other words would better support the fact that we all have guardian angels according to Christianity than the words said by Jesus “See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 18:10)

And today, it is an earnest belief by all Christians that we all have at least one angel to protect us and guide us on our earthly journey.


Guardian Angels

In Judaism earlier on, it was a belief that everyone has a guardian angel looking out for us from the heavens above, and they see things that we do not see, which might harm us. Still, their fear for our safety marks our hearts with fear warning us of danger beforehand.

Later on, in Modern Judaism, the belief was still there, but a bit modified, now it is believed that as their Hebrew name suggests, they are a messenger of sorts that bring us god’s messages and help us see what God wants us to be aware of. They also take back to the heavens, our prayers, and our desires. They are our direct link to god.


Guardian Angels

In Islam, not much is mentioned about them, but it is believed that everyone has two guardian angels, one on the front and one on the back. They look after us, guide us, and enlighten us whenever we ask for help.

According to Islam, we also have two more angels with us other than our two guardian angels. These are the recorded who record every good and evil did we do and report it back to god. They sit on either side of our shoulders.

Again even in Islam, the belief prevails that they are our link to Allah and that they take our messages, be it a prayer or a simple salam to Allah. When we ask him for help, the angels help us through different signs and means, letting us know what Allah wants us to know.


Guardian Angels

In Zoroastrianism,o there are also Guardian angels who look after us and guide us throughout our lives. They patrol the gates of heaven, but when necessary, they volunteer to come down to earth and help us out and even stay with us in our last days.

And as we end our earthly life, they are the ones that will be taking us to the gates of heaven or instead of taking our soul to the gates of heaven.

Every religion seems to have a difference of opinion of the number of Angels one person is assigned with. Still, every religion believes we have at the very least one angel looking after us.

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Now Let’s See What They Do

As said earlier, these angels look after us and guide us but, is that all? Let us see some of the things we know that they do in a little bit more detail.

Guarding Us

This one is relatively self-explanatory. They are called Guardian angels because they guard us, keep us out of harm’s way, warn us through signs if we are on a path in our lives that leads to damage, hurt, or pain.


Guardian Angel

Guardian angels are messengers for god. They can communicate with God and have a connection with us. So, when we make a prayer or talk to god, they are the ones that take that prayer forward to god in heaven, and When we ask God for guidance, they send it through our angel.

See, it is through them that we experience god’s unconditional love for us. When in need of help, the guardian angels deliver the aid sent by God and guide us when needed by his command.

Can you imagine asking for guidance and getting it from someone who is a specialist on you! Your Guardian Angel is a specialist on all matters related to you!

Sharing our Pain and Suffering

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel among the clouds

Yes, you read that right. Guardian angels guard us but not just from the physical harm that might happen or the emotional ones. Still, sometimes, when we are in much emotional distress and think we are alone in our pain, we should remember that our guardian angel is sharing that pain.

Like any mother, Guardians angels share our pain; they take some of it away from us so that the problem we are going through is bearable. They love us so much, and with such avidity, they can not bear to see us in pain, hence why they share it with us, so we do not feel alone in pain.

Our Ride to Heaven

Guardian Angel

Isn’t it funny that guardian angels, after staying with us throughout all our lives, saving our life, saving us from emotional, mental, and physical pain, they stay with us to the end of our days?

Many cultures believe that our angels look after us from the heavens above where they reside, but they descend from the sky and keep us company when we near our end.

They stay with us till we are on this earth and try to make our last days comfortable, and when our earthly journey ends, they take our soul away from the earth and to the heavens.

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Not Letting Us Feel Alone

Guardian Angel

One of the most significant importance of Guardian angels is protecting us from ourselves. Se e human beings are made with free will and can decide what we d, and when we do it.

They are highly respectful of our free-will. They will support our opinions and our beliefs, regardless of it being away from our religion. They respect our decisions in life, so when we make mistakes, they do not judge.

But the mistakes we make and choices we make can lead up to our own harm, this they can not prevent us from. But they never leave you alone; even when you do not have others’ support,t you will have your guardian angel.

That is why sometimes, when we feel lonely, all of a sudden, that feeling will vanish because they let us know that they are with us no matter the circumstances.

Angels and Demons

Many religions believe that a demon is also there to distract us from the path to heaven on the devil’s behest for every angel made.

Our guardian angels keep that demon away. If you think that they are just sweet celestial beings who are pure good, you think wrong.

Guardian angels are god’s warriors. They fight for us; they fight for god. Every time a demon comes in with a temptation, they fight it with all their strength and protect us.

As shown in pop-culture, they are our personal bodyguards with supernatural strength and power, and they will fight away any demon that may try and sway our beliefs. They are our magical personal bodyguards.

Leading Us On the Path to Heaven

Guardian Angels

Our Guardian angel not only takes us to the gates of heaven when our journey on earth ends, but they also try to make sure that we end up going to heaven.

They try to guide us with paths and opportunities which help us along the path of god. They try to make sure that we do what is right and that we walk on a track, live our lives in a way that God likes. They help us in collecting good deeds throughout our life.

They only intervene subtly when they see us heading down a path leading away from heaven, through signs. Again, they respect our free will, so they never force us to follow that path and warn us when we are in the wrong direction. It is up to us to follow their advice.

Bringing New People and Good Opportunities Our Way

We have already cleared that guardian angels are supposed to help guide us to the best paths. How do they do that? By bringing new opportunities our way.

They can not help us directly; neither can they guide us themselves, but they can present us with opportunities to bring us good fortune. A new job offer you might have thought you would never get.

An idea popping into your mind is that you have to write down, which turns into a great fulfilling idea. Wanting to do something that you have never done before, but still, it turns out great when you do it. Things like this happening all of a sudden is our guardian angel helping us out.

Guardian angel also brings people into our lives who will help us, be it a friend found in an unlikely place or a sudden meeting with an employer. Sometimes people walk into our lives with little to no notice, and when we are least expecting them to. Our guardian angel has sent these people as a way of help, of guidance.

And the sudden itch to write down an idea or try something new and different is the guardian angel enlightening us towards things beneficial for our future. You have to learn to see the signs correctly.

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Every culture, every religion of the world, past or present, has believed in Guardian angels being real and guarding us. They are our warriors, they are guiding light at the end of the tunnel, and they are the unconditional love we all desire. They are the best friends we all need.

Guardian angel is our personal invisible bodyguard that also acts as our guidance counselor and mothers at times. We all should take time, thank them whenever possible, talk to them, and try and communicate with them as you would with a friend.


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