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Euthanasia: A Debate

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Euthanasia is the hot topic in today’s world. It’s a topic in debate for some time now. For those who are coming across the word for the first time, Euthanasia means; ending one’s life, who is suffering from pain and timeless trouble. It is basically a method in which the death of the patient becomes painless.

Euthanasia can be further classified or sub-divided into three categories,

  1. Involuntary Euthanasia
  2. Voluntary Euthanasia
  3. Non- voluntary Euthanasia

Involuntary Euthanasia means, ending one’s life without the consent and will of the patient.

Voluntary Euthanasia means, ending one’s life with the consent and will of the patient.

Non-voluntary Euthanasia is where, the consent and will of the person, is unavailable, such type of practice is illegal in the entire world.

What’s the debate about?

A lot of people across the globe believe that Euthanasia should be legalized, whereas there are people who, do not believe in such practice and want Euthanasia to be prohibited. For me, I have come across a lot of people who are in support of Euthanasia, but who give no heck about it. They just want to talk over it and be “for” it as it makes them look “cool” and as it is in the fashion. I have also seen people who are least bothered about what’s going on and why.

Before we draw up some conclusion we must know the right’s and wrong’s, let us analyse and study the topic. We already know the meaning of Euthanasia, and its different types, there are two different houses, one who believe that taking someone’s life for any reason, is playing with god’s will and creation, they also believe that the person opting for Euthanasia, will have to suffer hell after death.

There is one house which believes that, the patient is going through timeless trouble and pain, and should be relieved with death.

The government of India and many other countries, believe that killing anyone with whatever purpose, leads to criminal homicide, and is a punishable offence. The major issue stands in the method of killing the patient, it shouldn’t be something in which the dignity and pride of the patient is hurt.

Well, my opinion on Euthanasia is very clear, but deep and difficult to understand. Euthanasia is a situation where in the patient is asking for mercy, by ending his life forever, it’s not something that the patient can reverse tomorrow if it doesn’t go well for him. There are many reasons to stand against Euthanasia- the growth of medical science will surely be affected and will surely portray a picture to the common man, that there is a way out, or rather a short cut in life. It will only leave his/her (patients) family disgusted and sickened, about the fact that, they did fall short somewhere. It’s basically like we are legalizing a planned murder.

The loop hole for Euthanasia to be legal and practised regularly is only one-


If you read carefully, Euthanasia is to end someone’s life who is going through a lot of pain and suffering, now how do you measure PAIN? Pain is not something that can be measured cardinally, like fever is measured by a thermometer, do we have a device for measuring someone’s pain? It’s all about the will power and the willingness to live. Well the court of India has legalized passive Euthanasia, passive Euthanasia is where the necessary antibiotics and drugs are kept away from the person, which are necessary for his/her life. Whereas the court of law doesn’t allow active Euthanasia, where in the patient is given a lethal injection to end his/her life.

Now, seriously tell me, would keeping one away from water be more painful, or giving an injection that releases you in seconds would be more painful? Of course active Euthanasia is better than passive Euthanasia, something which our court of law doesn’t understand, and maybe it can’t see.

Euthanasia- as a whole concept is acceptable, but I think there are no sentiments in the court of law. If you don’t feel and don’t understand, what one is going through, how can we take a decision which is going to be irreversible? Before the hanging of Yakub Memon there were people who believed, hanging him is wrong knowing the fact that more than 300 people died because of him, then how can we take such an irrational decision for a common man?

Obliviously, a person in pain and sorrow will look for an easy way out, but isn’t it our responsibility to look after them? Instead of letting them die, the government must take charge of their medication bills and, support their family.

Certainly not something that is going to happen in my country soon.

There are people who have been in a vegetated situation for years and somehow after so many years, they start improving with their health, and are now living a happy and stable life. We can’t just lose hope and take such an irrational decision. I have a genuine question, think about it. How does the family or the doctor take the consent of the patient, where the patient can’t move his body or talk?  Patient who are bed ridden for years, and cannot move their body parts and give signs, and signals, how do you take their consent? Also there are so many people who stay in coma and can’t feel anything, and are not going through any pain; they are like a ZOMBIE, or a DEAD BODY, in real life. Why would you want to kill them? Giving Euthanasia, to people who are damaged beyond cure is understandable.

It’s a matter of fact that a person who is in a vegetated state, for years is surely a burden on the family. The medical bills and taking care of them daily, making them bath, feeding them, looking after everything becomes very difficult, and also humiliating for the patient itself. No doubt that they can’t show what they are going through, but anyone would mind it, when there is any interference in one’s personal life.

Surely the government must take care of such patients, by paying their medical bills, and supporting their family. The concept of Euthanasia, to be accepted and followed must answer the questions, and critics. If we sit and analyse, and separate the situation, where the family has to take care of everything, and the government comes in the picture and takes control, nobody would want to give Euthanasia. Leaving and letting go, is easy, but standing there and supporting, and caring is difficult.



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