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Features To Look For When Buying A New Phone

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It’s really difficult to make the decision of which smartphone to buy. There are just so many options to choose from, each one as good as the other. As soon as you feel like something is good enough, the next big thing comes along. There are just too many choices, it’s really confusing. What one can do is check the features of the phones available within their budget and buy the most suitable one for themselves.

  • Screen Size- The screen size of a phone did not really matter before as people used phones for calls and text messages. Now, we use our phones to read eBooks, watch movies, browse the web. One needs a big screen to do all that work conveniently. Phones with big screens are hard to hold and often don’t fit into pockets, but they are worth it.
  • Battery Life- One cannot expect their smartphone’s battery to last as long as the older phones. But then, the battery should be strong enough to survive one day of moderate use. One needs to make sure that the phone has at least a 200 mAh battery and a talk time of 15 hours.
  • Display–  The screen size won’t help much if the quality of the display is not good enough. The determining factors of the display quality are resolution and display technology. Buying a phone with at least a 720p display and a 300ppi pixel density is advisable.
  • Camera- We cannot even imagine having a smartphone without a camera. How else would we capture the most cherished day to day moments? Without the front cameras, how are we going to click selfies? We cannot let the quality of the camera ruin those perfect moments. One can check out sample photos and videos uploaded with the reviews of the smartphone before purchasing it.
  • Storage- Our smartphones store all of our images, documents, songs, videos, movies, games, etc. But then, phones with more amount of space are more expensive. One can save space by using cloud storage services. One should buy a phone with expandable storage.


One can never be satisfied with the phone they buy. There is always something better in the market, and the prices keep dropping. 


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